NRNKF FIN I can’t do it!

I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this scene. Despite my busy schedule this week, I just got to share this with all Nai Noi’s fan! 😻


10 Comments on “NRNKF FIN I can’t do it!

  1. Thank you. It is always great to laugh! it is my favourite thing to do!!

    A general note: I smile when I imagine the dressing rooms for the cast of the dramas. It seems to me from the shows I have seen that there is a core group of about 15 or so perfomers who play the main senior roles. I imagine them meeting on the set seeing who is ” married ” to who this time, who is “evil” this time, and so on…. By now a number of them must have been married to one another multple times!! That’s just my imaginings but it makes me smile. Thank you for all your efforts, they make me smile too.

  2. OMG!!!!!! That was hilarious. The wig, the take cloth of , the force kiss….HaHaHa….Finally a woman is doing it to a man. So funny


    OMG, that wig!

    I was happy cuz I thought I was gonna see PLOT but not the PLOT that I wanted hahahaha

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