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The tsunami which hit nekoland is finally over. Mr. Rain is slowly going away, Mr. Sunshine started showing himself bit by bit at the same time bringing Miss Rainbow as his date! 😀 And when unicorns, cats, snakes and crocodiles are here to stay. (That’s because neko likes cats, snakes and crocs!) Then you can say that nekoland is back to it’s original state! Kekeke! That is how neko visualize nekoland.

I would say that nekoland is about 90% back to normal. All broken link have been mapped. Invalid link have been deleted. All projects have at least one video hoster which is working with exception of Payak Ka. Neko needs to update this with HD video so everyone can enjoy Iang’s chocolate bar in HD! 😛 Most of neko’s translated OST video are still down. I need to rework on those again, as I did not keep a copy of the video files.
I have yet to fix the broken image link for the post. There’s no definite timeline for that. I might not even bother to fix that anymore! Perhaps just for a few important post!

The tsunami which hit nekoland this time causes quite huge damage especially to video hosting. Gone the good old day of hosting video in the server or “pop up free” video. I did some research and even look into vimeo premium but the monthly cost is too expensive to bear and before you suggest membership or anything of such, let me be clear that I have no plan to do that. This is just a hobby and not a business. neko likes to sub stress free and make it as cost free as possible for everyone. And as you know there’s no free meal in this world, so that’s where all the ads come in! Feel free to install ads blocker or anything as such. And before you start complaining, just bear in mind that the ads is basically the thing which keep the site and video alive!

Now neko have more or less shortlist a few video hosters. Thanks to suggestion from fellow subbers ^^
Main video hoster will still be DM due to their no deletion policy. Unless it’s being detected by CR police!
Neko have identify 3 video hosters and have name them server1, server2 & server3. If you are watching King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng you might have notice this already. Now neko wants to know which work better for you as it might be overkill to manage 4 video hoster. And here’s some comment that neko have for each server.

pros – fast upload, fast encoding
cons – video will be deleted after 30 or 60 days of inactivity

server 2
pros – fast encoding
cons – slow & unstable upload, video will be deleted after 30 or 60 days of inactivity

server 3
pros – fast encoding, upgrade to premium for unlimited storage (fair-use) & no deletion from inactivity
cons – slow & unstable upload, for free account video will be deleted after 30 or 60 days of inactivity.

Other than DM, I really hope that server3 works for most of you. I’m seriously considering their premium plan as it’s pretty affordable and so I doesn’t need to deal with any re-uploading of video due to inactivity. I know that DM is not available for Russia. So if any other server which is not available at your country, please comment which server and also let me know which country you are from.

The plan would be to have 2 servers per project. Neko’s ideal would be
“DM + server3”
“server3 + server1 or server2”

The poll will give neko an idea of your preference.
If you want to check out which server work best for you, you can test it out by watching from this page.

Thank you to those who have been keeping neko caffeine-drated! It does help to lessen the burden of the house moving! ❤️❤️❤️

One last plea from neko! Please watch/download the video directly from the source page. This will help solve the problem of video deletion due to inactivity. Also for various other reason, please do not reupload any of neko’s project. Neko is trying to keep nekoland under the radar from being hit by another wave of tsunami or earthquake. Neko only have 6 out of 9 life left! The troll took one. The CR in DM took another one not too long ago. And the most recent, one was taken by WP!

Thank you!


53 Comments on “Poll : Video Host

  1. Hi, all three worked for me from France on my iPad. And I closed the popup so fast, I almost did not noticed them. Beside I prefere quickly closed popup to 15seconds ads at the worst moment.

    I’ve had an Anonymous Blue 2001 shaped hope in my Lakorn lover heart, so I would love the possibility to download and save my favourites Lakorns.

    • All the videos are working. It might be because of your ads block.

        • i don’t want to trouble, but you see before maintenence, server 2 was working for me, but now only ep 1 is showing that also in server 1,other servers are not showing for anymore episodes.Thank you for your hardwork, even if it’s not working for me it’s alright, i just wanted to inform,once again thank you.

  2. I voted for server 3.
    Server 1 have good quality but since i mostly watch videos offline (I do not trust my internet to not turn off in the middle of watching) it didn’t get my vote although from a subbers point of view it’s probably the best.
    Server 2 have not so good quality of video at least for me.
    Server 3 was the best for me, you can choose quality of the video from sd to 1008p, and it’s downloadable. One thing i notice is that when i was using firefox i only got low quality video but on chrome i could choose the quality myself but it could be because of some addons or scripts i have installed.
    The commercials for all were very erotic I must say (even porn like in some cases).

    • adding to my comment on server 3: it seems that it was ad-block i was using that was blocking better quality in this server on firefox and when i switched to different ad-block I could choose better quality so if someone have some troubles with this server maybe you should try different ad-block or switching it off altogether.

  3. Hi Neko, At first Server 3 worked for me, but now it doesn’t work anymore! I think its because of the ads? I already voted for Server 3. Sorry about this. 🙁

  4. Hi Neko, I know that you are hardworking… and I’m sorry but I can’not watch neither download on any of the 3 server because of adds. Really sorry of this news 😭

  5. I have one suggestion, not sure if that is viable or not.
    I suggest to upload the completed project (may be after a given time frame) to any popular site like etc, or let them pick up your completed work. In this way the major load on your primary site will be low. You can keep ur projects with you for say 6 months, and then let them be uploaded to other sites. Other sites can then maintain the projects and you need not bother about them.

    Just my 2 cents!!!

    • The sites that you’ve suggested are very much frown upon. Thus I have edit it out. They have been uploading subbers project without permission and earning advertisement money out of it!

      • ok, this I was not aware of. U can find some good sites if possible.
        and thanks again for all the hard work you do to sub thai lakorns for us!!!

  6. Thanks for your hardwork🤗.Only server 2 works for me, so i prefer that😊.

  7. I can download only with server 2, so I would like that server thank you

  8. server1 and server2 doesn’t work just server 3 work with me i tried alot to be able open both othem not work neko you can choose anther server may be server openload or streamango both of them are graet and have adifferent quality just like server 3 i still like it , it’s easy to use thanks neko

  9. Server 1 + Server 3 = Not Working
    Server 2 = Very Very Slow = Takes lots of time in Loading & Buffering Videos, we cannot choose the quality of the video
    The better option is to Shift to Dailymotion (DM) + Server 2

    Thank you for Hard Work

  10. Hi , Neko Really thank you for your great effort and for my server 3 is agreat for me itُs easy to use raelly no one of the 3 them work with me than server 3 so really hope you can keep it Su Su

  11. I already voted…. butttt…. I need to comment as well… 😛
    All three servers work for me, I had add block so I didn’t see any ads (no porn, nor anything) But we have to consider that sometimes we have to stop the blocker in order to watch the videos 😛
    Regards from MX 😉

    Server 1…
    Watchers are not able to download, so your work is protected 😛
    (some people are gonna kill me for saying this kekekeke)
    You are able to see the playlist so you can jump from ep to ep very easy 😉
    Cons –
    I know it has so many pop ups… but what can we do? 😛

    Server 2
    Although I voted whatever, this is my favorite…
    Pros –
    Chromecast button is available, and you can watch in a small window if you are working in your PC
    Cons –
    I’d say the ads, but whatever… These days it’s the way the things work.

    Server 3
    Pros –
    You are able to download… Usually this server shows different quality of videos, so people with no so good internet connection can choose a low quality video for a better streaming experience.
    You also can watch in your PC if you are working 😉
    Cons –
    Inappropriate ads in some countries

    Well… I hope the result of your poll comes up well 😀

    Su su Neko!!! Keep the great work!!!
    We will try to protect your remaining lives 😀

  12. Neko, you’re wonderful! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this site. I love watching these dramas, and your subbing is so good. All 3 work for me (I’m in Canada)

  13. hi neko… i am from India. server 2 works pretty good for me… other 1 and 3 server dont work for me… i want DM + server 2… thank you for your hardwork..

  14. Hi neko,
    For me only server 2 works,I live in India. But the download link dosent pop up like before. I have to watch it by buffering in your site.
    Server 1 and 3 dosent show up at all, i tried chrome, mozilla and internet explorer but dosent work for 1 and 3..
    Thank you for all your hard work, hope all will turn out well for u❤️❤️✌️✌️

  15. I had the same issue as mentioned by Ana Paula (I’m from Brazil too), but I waited a little longer like you suggested and worked. I think the quality is very good and just need to wait to load. So I vote for DM + server 3 or 2 (this one loaded faster, in my opinion) rs.

  16. Hi Neko! All server (1,2 and 3)are working in our country . I’m from the Philippines. Thank you for your hard working.God Bless.

  17. Thank you so much for your effort… And everything your decision we will support you… Thank youso much…

  18. Dm +server3 I agree with you I think it’s the best… and Thank you

  19. Thank you so much for your hard work! You solved the problem at flash speed, that must have taken a lot of effort. Thank you!!! As regards the servers, number 1 is definitley the slowest. I prefer number 2, but 3 works fine anyway. I am from Argentina, by the way.

  20. First, I’m so glad that you are back and have found a good home.

    Second, I think your ideal option of DM +Server 3 sounds like a good option.

    Finally, thank you for the subs!

  21. Glad to see that you are up and running. Appreciate all of your work…thanks and “here comes the sun”…

    • I’m really Thankful for your work, every day is harder to do what you do so that we can enjoy the lakorns.In my opinion, it would be DM + Server 3 sounds like a good option.

  22. Thanks Neko for the alternative video hosting. From my experience watching from the 3 servers:

    -easy access but can’t seems to find ways to download

    *my preference*
    -easy to load, watch and download
    -for 1080p vid, the size can be considered small (around 500~600mb)

    -easy to load, watch and download
    -have 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p
    -BUT the size for 720p vid is larger than 1080p vid for SERVER2

    Once again you save the day Neko, not to mention my hard drive. TeeHee. I know some preferred DM, but for me, DM vids take up too much space. Sometimes 1~2gb for 1h++ vids.

    So sorry for the long post, just wanna share.^-^

    • Hi , are you able to help me with information re “how to download” from the servers 2 and /or 3. I am not very good with technology and my usual methods are not working. I may not be the only one who would find this infoirmation helpful but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to put on the page. Perhaps I should not ask????

      • In my opinion, as long as you don’t reup the vids in any pay site and use the downloaded vids for yourself should be okay. Because for me, I keep rewatching my fav lakorn, and using internet everytime will be hard sometimes; no connection, haven’t pay the bill etc.

        I use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to dl. The dl links usually pop up when you play the vid. Or if not, try the chrome extension, Video DownloadHelper.

        So sorry Neko if this post is out of line.

        • Thank you so very much for your help. I have no intention, or skills, to reupload anything anywhere. I, like you, store them on my external drive and rewatch my favourites eg in the last few months, Trabab See Chompo, Buang Rak Satan and my old favourite Neung Sai Suang have been revisited along with my new dramas.
          At the risk of sounding too silly, I find myself grateful again for the joy Nekos efforts have brought me. I soo enjoy the sense of community I feel with others who come to enjoy Thai dramas. Have a lovely day everyone, especially you Neko and serahunny.

  23. Sorry about the double post, there was a hiccup in the system and it decided to post itself the second time. Weird, or I could have just had a senior moment which is not unheard of in this house.

  24. Lyn you sound just like me, I’m an older Australian as well and take my laptop with me whenever I’m babysitting overnight to watch Mum’s strange movies/dramas. All those servers worked for me although one was slower than the others. I love Neko’s site for Thai dramas as her subbing is so well done. Hope you enjoy your binge watching.

  25. It doesn’t really matter for me as m viewing will be curtailed as none of them allow me to download. I am a senior citizen in Australia and use my son’s intenet ( with permission) when I am at the big house. I have downloaded all those taht did have alternate links and retruend home to binge watch into the wee hours of the morning ( yes, older people have odd sleeping patterns).
    I may continue to watch at a much slower pace. During a baby sitting period I did the last Weir drama slowly and enjoyed the process. Thank you again for all your hard work. I have definitely added Thai dramas to what the family refer to as “Nana’s (grandmother’s) addiction to Asian film.

    • Lyn you sound just like me, I’m an older Australian as well and take my laptop with me whenever I’m babysitting overnight to watch Mum’s strange movies/dramas. All those servers worked for me although one was slower than the others. I love Neko’s site for Thai dramas as her subbing is so well done. Hope you enjoy your binge watching.

  26. Neko I’m from Australia and our family loves crocs and snakes as well. All the servers worked for me but 2 and 3 were quicker to load. Thanks for all your hard work and welcome back from the storm.

  27. Dear neko only server 2 works pretty well in my country. I’m from India. Other servers don’t even appear.

  28. Thank you for your work.
    Server 1 still loading after 5 min, server 2 loaded after the ads, server 3 loaded fast but it had some inappropriate ads.
    I’m from the US.

  29. All three work for me but server 1 took a bit to load.

  30. Out of the 3 I prefer server 2. It seems to work the best for me testing all the servers. Su Su Neko!

  31. Your post always makes me chuckle haha. Creative!
    Hmm…as for servers, server 3 sounds like a good deal but I can’t play the video. Like it’s loading (unless it’s still processing). But whatever the results are in the end, I wish you luck and hopefully no more tsunami. And please, on my behalf, I don’t want any natural disaster coming to my haven either LOL! Fighting meow meow!

    • Kekeke! I always imagine that in Sweet Haven, there’s a huge Ark pilot by Captain Thippy! And everyone would join the sail together with Captain Thippy’s along with the theme of the month! 😛

      Yeap Server3 look like a good deal. I read that a lot of anime site is using it. However it seems like they do have some downtime from time to time!😐

  32. I think server 1 and 3 are not available in my country because they appear as they do not exist.
    I am from Brazil

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