Poll : Video Host

The tsunami which hit nekoland is finally over. Mr. Rain is slowly going away, Mr. Sunshine started showing himself bit by bit at the same time bringing Miss Rainbow as his date! 😀 And when unicorns, cats, snakes and crocodiles are here to stay. (That’s because neko likes cats, snakes and crocs!) Then you can say that nekoland is back to it’s original state! Kekeke! That is how neko visualize nekoland.

I would say that nekoland is about 90% back to normal. All broken link have been mapped. Invalid link have been deleted. All projects have at least one video hoster which is working with exception of Payak Ka. Neko needs to update this with HD video so everyone can enjoy Iang’s chocolate bar in HD! 😛 Most of neko’s translated OST video are still down. I need to rework on those again, as I did not keep a copy of the video files.
I have yet to fix the broken image link for the post. There’s no definite timeline for that. I might not even bother to fix that anymore! Perhaps just for a few important post!

The tsunami which hit nekoland this time causes quite huge damage especially to video hosting. Gone the good old day of hosting video in the server or “pop up free” video. I did some research and even look into vimeo premium but the monthly cost is too expensive to bear and before you suggest membership or anything of such, let me be clear that I have no plan to do that. This is just a hobby and not a business. neko likes to sub stress free and make it as cost free as possible for everyone. And as you know there’s no free meal in this world, so that’s where all the ads come in! Feel free to install ads blocker or anything as such. And before you start complaining, just bear in mind that the ads is basically the thing which keep the site and video alive!

Now neko have more or less shortlist a few video hosters. Thanks to suggestion from fellow subbers ^^
Main video hoster will still be DM due to their no deletion policy. Unless it’s being detected by CR police!
Neko have identify 3 video hosters and have name them server1, server2 & server3. If you are watching King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng you might have notice this already. Now neko wants to know which work better for you as it might be overkill to manage 4 video hoster. And here’s some comment that neko have for each server.

pros – fast upload, fast encoding
cons – video will be deleted after 30 or 60 days of inactivity

server 2
pros – fast encoding
cons – slow & unstable upload, video will be deleted after 30 or 60 days of inactivity

server 3
pros – fast encoding, upgrade to premium for unlimited storage (fair-use) & no deletion from inactivity
cons – slow & unstable upload, for free account video will be deleted after 30 or 60 days of inactivity.

Other than DM, I really hope that server3 works for most of you. I’m seriously considering their premium plan as it’s pretty affordable and so I doesn’t need to deal with any re-uploading of video due to inactivity. I know that DM is not available for Russia. So if any other server which is not available at your country, please comment which server and also let me know which country you are from.

The plan would be to have 2 servers per project. Neko’s ideal would be
“DM + server3”
“server3 + server1 or server2”

The poll will give neko an idea of your preference.
If you want to check out which server work best for you, you can test it out by watching from this page.

Thank you to those who have been keeping neko caffeine-drated! It does help to lessen the burden of the house moving! ❤️❤️❤️

One last plea from neko! Please watch/download the video directly from the source page. This will help solve the problem of video deletion due to inactivity. Also for various other reason, please do not reupload any of neko’s project. Neko is trying to keep nekoland under the radar from being hit by another wave of tsunami or earthquake. Neko only have 6 out of 9 life left! The troll took one. The CR in DM took another one not too long ago. And the most recent, one was taken by WP!

Thank you!