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A few months back I posted some news about Mike in China. So I was just checking up if there’s any latest.  And it looks like Mike is getting more gigs in China.

Beside Mike, Pong Nawat is also one of the top fave Pra’ek in China. He already have one which was aired over the China TV network a few months back and another lining up next year.

I’ve compile and summarize a little on some of the recent air and upcoming project of our fave thai pra’ek in the china small screen. 


It is announced recently that Mike will be starring in 小情人 Little Valentine. The drama is about relationship between family. It have not been disclosed what character that Mike will be playing. If he’s going to be the main actress boyfriend or just maybe close friend. They are now shooting in GuangZhou. Well at least it’s a modern drama rather than the previous two which are period drama.

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Pong have a main role in Love Jewelry which was aired last September. This is also Pong’s first drama in China. Also starring is HK star Gallen Lo. This drama is an adaptation from MBC’s drama Pots of Gold.  The 42 episodes drama is about the family relationship and personal life of the 3 sons of Gallen Lo, who all have different moms. And the cunning 2nd wife who chased Pong’s Mom away (1st wife) and who’s trying to make his son the heir of the family. You can read more of the synopsis from here. Also I guess you might be able to guess how the story go after watching the 9mins trailer! :p

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重生之名流巨星 The Reborn of Super Star an adaptation of the novel of the same, is another upcoming drama of Pong which will be airing winter 2016. Pong will be playing the entertainment circle veteran actor. The drama tells the story of how the star (马可) was reborn after a major setback.

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幸福又见彩虹 Happiness Meets Rainbow. Hmmm… not sure if Tae would fall under this post as he haven’t been acting in lakorn for a very long time. He’s probably more active in Taiwan and China comparing to in Thailand but I do saw him appearing a few times in variety show tho. I started paying attention to him ever since I saw him in Secretly Loving You and The Legendary Sibling 2 with Jimmy Lin. 😀
The story revolve around the life of Xu Chai Hong who have to take care of her family when his father passed away. And unexpectedly just a few days after she got married to her longtime fiancé, he ended the marriage. Leaving her to raise his ailing son alone. Tae plays the ex-husband. And George Hu plays the main lead who came into her life and is always bickering with Xu Chai Hong!
p/s: I’m going to put this into my must watch list! XD


3 Comments on “Pra’ek in C-drama

  1. Do I spy Ma Ke in Love Jewelry??!! *squeals*

    Okay back on track. Mike is definitely receiving a lot of work in China. I had no idea Pong has also been receiving love calls^^ Happy for both of them!!!

    BTW, do you have any idea if either of them speak any Chinese?

    That drama if George Hu is sofort on my radar also 😀

    • Ma Ke will be staring in The Reborn of Super Star 😛
      I know Mike speaks a little mandarin but not so sure about Pong. Haven’t been stalking him heheheheh! 😈

      • Hehehhe!! I haven’t gotten over the cast of Hua Qian Gu (The Journey of Flower) yet lol
        LOL!!! The thing with Chinese dramas is most of the actors get dubbed over. Thanks for the info^^

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