Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak แผนร้ายลงท้ายว่ารัก

Paen Rai Long Tai Wa RakPaen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak แผนร้ายลงท้ายว่ารัก
Complete subbed  July 13, 2017
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Total Episodes : 30
Airing Date : 1st June 2017 – 11th July 2017


ขอบคุณยังน้อยไป / Khopkhun Yang Noi Pai (Thanking still too little) by In Budokan
สายไปหรือยัง / Sai Pai Reu Yang (Is it too late already?) by Ant Emotion Town

Ep Air
Time %
1 06/01/17 100% 100% 06/06/17 LINK
2 06/02/17 100% 100% 06/07/17 LINK
3 06/05/17 100% 100% 06/07/17 LINK
4 06/06/17 100% 100% 06/09/17 LINK
5 06/07/17 100% 100% 06/10/17 LINK
6 06/08/17 100% 100% 06/11/17 LINK
7 06/09/17 100% 100% 06/12/17 LINK
8 06/12/17 100% 100% 06/14/17 LINK
9 06/13/17 100% 100% 06/15/17 LINK
10 06/14/17 100% 100% 06/15/17 LINK
11 06/15/17 100% 100% 06/17/17 LINK
12 06/16/17 100% 100% 06/17/17 LINK
13 06/19/17 100% 100% 06/20/17 LINK
14 06/20/17 100% 100% 06/21/17 LINK
15 06/21/17 100% 100% 06/22/17 LINK
16 06/22/17 100% 100% 06/24/17 LINK
17 06/23/17 100% 100% 06/25/17 LINK
18 06/26/17 100% 100% 06/28/17 LINK
19 06/27/17 100% 100% 06/29/17 LINK
20 06/28/17 100% 100% 06/30/17 LINK
21 06/29/17 100% 100% 06/30/17 LINK
22 06/30/17 100% 100% 07/01/17 LINK
23 07/03/17 100% 100% 07/04/17 LINK
24 07/04/17 100% 100% 07/05/17 LINK
25 07/05/17 100% 100% 07/06/17 LINK
26 07/06/17 100% 100% 07/07/17 LINK
27 07/07/17 100% 100% 07/08/17 LINK
28 07/10/17 100% 100% 07/11/17 LINK
29 07/11/17 100% 100% 07/12/17 LINK
30 07/12/17 100% 100% 07/13/17 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by chuon chuon canh sen/neko^^| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. Thank you for your hard work subbing these. I’m so glad I found this site.

  2. I may be a little late in saying thank you for subbing this beautiful lakorn. I have just started watching it and I am happy to say I have watched most of your subbed lakorns except for action ones.

    I wish I can add my thanks to alwaysmeena as I notice some of your projects has her collaborations. Best regards

  3. Hello Neko,
    Guilty of watching your sub shows on other sites DC, DM, YT, Etc. I am always so greatful when i see your meowmeow logo 😻
    Finally found your website. When i come across another show with your logo ill come look for it and watch it here.
    What can a fan do to help promote your site and sub videos. Im not sure how web traffic works. But i assumed it has something to do with views ads, etc.
    Just found Paen Rai Long Tai Ea Rak. Ill be watching it here.
    Let me know what I can do as a viewer to promote your site.


  4. Man I love this Thai drama this is like the 3rd or fourth time I watch it. Thank you so much for subbing ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. I’m watching this drama again for the 3rd time it’s one of my favorites, so glad you sub. It.🙏🏻

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  9. Thank you for your hard work, I’m enjoying this drama thanks to your sub.

  10. Thank You for subs! 💕 Thai lakorns!!! xox fan from New Zealand 💖

  11. I wasn’t going to watch this since I don’t recognize both prak’ek and nang’ek, but after Game Maya, I’m glad watching this. The girl is pretty good and the story so far is interesting…

  12. Thank you for all of your hard work Neko.
    I loved the drama. It is now one of my favorite lakorns, which is rare. I have ones that I like, but very few that I love. On the other hand, my plerng of vengeance for Jee has nowhere to go. 😭
    Again thank you so much. 🙂

  13. รัก❤ รัก❤ รัก❤
    I really like this kind of lakorn❤

    I’m always grateful to nekomeowmeow team, because you guys sacrificed your time only to make us (the viewers) happy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUCCCHHH

  14. Thank you so much to neko meow meow& team for subbed this lakorn. I really appreciate it. All commentators in here for convincing me to watched this lakorn. I read all you comments LOL
    I like the storyline. Good job for Pat chatborirak as tawan. You potray your character well. Although at first i hestitate your acting:p

  15. hi Neko! thank you do much for sub this lakorn
    at first, I hesitate to watch because the pra’ek & nang’ek are not familiar, after I try 1st episode, I become addicted especially when Uncle Neung smile 🙂
    I have completed this lakorn in 3 days.. thanks again for your hardworking

    • That was exactly my thought too! It was my first Aun’s (Uncle Neung) encounter. At that time I was itching for another new project after completing So Sanaeha. It was either this or Gypso & Oil Thana’s Homestay. But I’m glad I pick this one up 😉

      • I’m also glad you pick this lakorn 😀
        I love the development of every character in this lakorn even though the end of story, Tawan became single again 🙁

        I already finish watched So Sanaeha, honestly So Sanaeha not my type but I’m appreciate your hardworking, its not easy to sub lakorn

        And, can you suggest to me, a similar lakorn like Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak.. thanks ka

        • When subbing So Sanaeha, I almost turn into Khun Nai Linjee! LOL! If you like “Raeng” lakorn, then you might like this one. As for myself, I prefer to watch then to sub “Raeng” lakorn. 😛

          One lakorn which came to mind right now which give me the similar feel of PRLTWR is Son Yuke & Pang’s Hua Jai Reua Puang. It’s one of my fave too. It’s completely subbed by Chobling and is available for download at Alwaysmeena

          • Neko – HJRP was my first Son lakorn! Such great expressions with his eyes, despite the overwhelming need to cut that hair!
            I’ve since watched Sah Noi with View, Tawad Tud Burapah with Pong and Mo, and Tae Pang Korn. He’s become a favorite actor of mine!

          • almost turn into Khun Nai Linjee? 😀
            sometimes I also love to watch “Raeng” lakorn but this time maybe Khun Ramet sooooo ‘kind’ to his mother that I can’t accept

            Hua Jai Reua Puang? I’ve already watched it.. yes, It’s my favourite too. I became a fan of Son Yuke after watching that lakorn 🙂 now waiting for Tae Pang Korn complete sub

  16. Dear Neko Meow Meow… thank you for subbing… your are the besttttttttttt…. looking forward to your next project/lakorn… once again, thank you…

  17. Yay. The end!! Thank you for subbing this.
    Btw, is there any other lakorn subber site other than this site? Haha, i am in the mood of watching lakorns. I have been following alwaysmeena, thippy, sjdk, and rainbow on fb. I am just wondering is there others. Most site i found by googling, i cant enter it 😥

  18. I can’t believe this lakorn is over already. I ended up loving this lakorn a whole lot more than I thought I would. xD Thank you so much for subbing! You’re the best!

  19. Neko thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. You did an absolutely amazing job with the prompt subs. I truly enjoyed this lakorn more than I thought I would. The cast was a riot regardless of being good or bad they all delivered on their respective roles. I do look forward to seeing them again.

  20. Neko, muito obrigada por traduzir esse drama. Eu realmente virei sua fã. vc realmente ajuda a quem gosta de assistir dramas tailandeses mas nao compreende a lingua.
    Obrigada de coração, querida(o).

  21. Hi just wanted to say THANK YOU so much! Im a fan of this lakorn since you started subbing it. I watched it even without subs on youtube lol the story’s just light hearted and fun to watch. Thank you so much! You’re so fast in subbing that i couldn’t hardly wait to go home and be ultimately happy to see the subs are already out! Thank you once again, fell in love with Thai’s beautiful culture through this 😊 PS: im so glad you’re subbing Peak’s new drama, i became here fan after so sanaeha! More powers to you neko!

  22. Thank you for subbing this drama really enjoy it and I’m going to miss it

  23. Ahh we’ve finally come to the end! Definitely gonna miss the whole cast. Since most are new faces, i do hope they get a chance to act in a primetime lakorn with the A-listers. Who knows one of them might even be a primetime lakorn n’ek and p’ek someday. 😄 Seriously rooting for Nuk to be p’ek as I am not that keen to seeing uncle neung as p’ek.

    Anyway, thank you so much Neko. You are like the fastest lakorn subber in history. 😄😄 Its a pity you wont be subbing Ra Rerng Fai. Im dying to watch that lakorn and waiting for subs adds to the torture.

  24. I just want to say thank you so much for subbing this series and subbing in general. You’re so quick and so dedicated. I’m so thankful because I love watching lakorns but it’s difficult finding them subbed but you guys take the time to do it even though you have your own lives.
    This lakorn was such a refreshing and funny drama and I just can’t believe that it’s finally finished.
    I can’t want to see what’s next.
    Thank you!!!

  25. Thank you very much, Neko. You are the non-native saviors. you promote the beauty of Thai language as well. god bless you.

  26. Thank you Neko . . . You are the best!!! I really enjoyed this lakorn because your quick subbing. I am a true fan. I could actually wait because I knew that by a certain time the next day you have it ready. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next lakorn.

  27. Thank you soooooooo much for subbing this lakorn and for subbing it so fast ! It’s definitely one of my favorite ever and I couldn’t have watched it without you ! I’m french and fortunately I understand english enough so that I can watch lakorns (cause no one is subbed in french…). I find it unfortunate that there is the language barrier that prevents us from enjoying the culture of other countries but thanks to you, we can at least enjoy some good lakorns ! Thank you so much again and keep doing your fantastic job 😀

  28. As always, a lovely lovely job, Neko!! Thank you very kamsa. [blows kisses]

    Now that you’ve helped me discover AunW, I’ve gone back to watch Sar Phusa, from 2009. Which also had to be the worst era for Pra’ek Hair ever! That horrible fluffy, KPop-wannabe bangs with spiked sideburns. Even Son and Film looked scary in it!

    Rumor has it that he will have a side role in Ra Raerng Fai with Ken Theeradeth and Nune. If he does, I hope he keeps his current hair style, and gets to smile a lot!

    Now it’s time to watch Weir and Aom. Do you think they might do some tactical stuff shirtless? I’m asking for a friend…… [innocent look]

    • Hahaha! Frankly this is my first Aun encounter. And from the preview he looks even better in Ra Rerng Fai. So stay tune!

      What I like best about this evening lakorn is the sibling bonding. It would be great if they would continue with the story of Tawan and then Nap Dao with the same cast.

      If you are referring to Parakit Rak The Series. It’s definitely a big “YES”! LOL! And Louis Hesse look so good in this one! <3 <3 <3 I find myself rooting for him at some point. Hehehe!

  29. Nuk was so cute and naughty when he said he learned his lesson lol but so lonely at the end …

    • Elnaz –
      I heard that the story was from a trilogy, and that the channel has picked up the production and broadcast rights for the other two! So maybe both Dao and Tawan will get their happy endings on the small screen! We can always hope.

      • But I was told that they’ll not use a same cast! 🙁 They’ll be using Mai Warit and Mint Chalida for the Nu’Dao story. I’m so disappointed, I really am fond of Jack-Lena (Dr. Wayu-Nu’Dao). I hope I’m wrong… [sigh]

  30. As always, you rock neko! Thanks for subbing. You are my favorite lakorn subber. 😉

  31. I can’t watch ep 29 as the video was not playing (tried reloading 10tims). Anyone here have the same issue. I’m dying to watch uncle neung and hia silly tricks

  32. Hi! I haven’t watched ep 29 yet but can anyone tell me why it is only 33 mins? Thanks in advance!

    • I don’t know, but I skimmed it and everything from the Raw seems to be there. Also it is about 33 mins.

    • It’s about same duration for ep 30. Probably instead of 29 episodes, we have 30 so last two episodes script need to be spread sensibly so as not to have a 44-min ep 29 and 22 min episode 30.

      Perhaps Neko could explain better.

  33. *Definitely contains Spoilers* Ep. 29. Khun Neung really? I can’t believed he followed her and secretly gave her flowers again. (You are not in the 3rd grade with a secret crush.) It was even a stab to my heart when Fah couldn’t find him.:'( Khun Neung we’re through. … Not really, I still want my happy ending. He really should have consistently sent flowers even when she went back to Chang Mai because Fah had an idea that he was up to something, even if she didn’t know what. I think sending flowers with unsigned notes like I love you, Wait for me, Trust me, I will protect you, would have been cuter and endeared me to him even if I didn’t agree with his methods. I really want to know what Pin or whoever was thinking sending that wedding invitation to Fah. They must have forgotten Nuk’s wedding and her infamous red dress. Red for her “lover Nuk” and black for her “husband” who is getting a second wife, killing their marriage. Ha. I really hope Neung makes it up to Fah in a spectacular way. Fah don’t go easy on him.

    • Pin wasn’t thinking when she sent the invitation, because her brain is as empty as her heart is black. I’m sure she sent it to rub it in.

      As for Fah, if I were her, I’d collect all the roses, especially with thorns, and bash Uncle over the head with them until unconsciousness. Then maybe, just maybe, I would forgive him a tiny bit.

      I don’t even understand why Uncle carried the ruse to the extent that he did in the previous episodes. He has proof that his ersatz wife is verrrrry good at acting. He could have told her the truth and let her play out the “helpless female” role and totally BS everyone.

      Just think, it could have been the two of them in an Oscar-winning performance “fighting” with each other by day, then have lots of nighttime snuggle moments for us to squee over. [sigh]

      • My vote to you for a better script, Ms Shukmeister. This way, we’ll have the best of both world, a day of fun fight and a night of cuddle snuggle from our praek & nangek. Wow-wow-wow!!!

        A unexpected twist for Jariya’s to die at the hands of her husband, Aipwat. It has to be her karma for killing 3 lives, or 4 if she killed Pink’s mom too, her meanness in ill treating Hathai & son, not forgetting the escaped death of Nuk, Fah, Pink & Dao. For Apiwat to misunderstand her hard attempt to bail him out of jail obviously showed his mistrust of her.

        Don’t think Fah will give Neung a hard time. Looking at how fast he instinctively jumped to protect Fah, Fah no longer has any doubt in his love. Fah has shown equal concern for Neung too.

        My wish for Grandpa Jao Sua to accept Hathai & Wut into the family should come true in final episode. With this, the desire for Wut and Pink to be paired will be realised too.

        Will we know Pink’s mom’s killer, her secret & that of the Prakaypetch’s? What happened to Neung’s dad in the past. I’m dying to know them. Anxiously waiting for subbed version of the final episode. Waiting to watch raw at You-tube 2 hours from now, Malaysian time.

        Many thanks to Nekko & Team for the sub and granting us this space to share our thought, feeling and excitement over this well plotted Lakorn.

        • The escaped death includes grandpa Jao Sua.

          Would like to add here. No matter how hard a woman is, she is still the best mother in the world. Even in her last breath, Jariya had pleaded to grandpa Jao Sua to treat her kids well.

      • Like. I can’t click the like option, since I’m not registered here. I would definitely like your version better. It should be a suggestion if they make a remake.

  34. neko thanks for our subbing ! really owe you for this as an international indian fan !

  35. O ep 28 but I still don’t understand why Fah shouldn’t know.

    • You know, I am not entirely sure. I think that there are several reasons, but my first instinct is Me Tarzan, Me protect woman. I have been watching the Raws and skimming through the subbed version to confirm if I understood, so there’s a lot I may have missed. I am on episode 20 in the subbed version. From what I understand, first Neung views Fah as mischievous, which may place her in dangerous situations by accident. Ironically, he is the one who placed Fah in danger in the first place by letting her be ignorant to the mother-daughter pair. Second Neung does not want the family to hate Fah because she lied about her intentions, pulling her into the plans may have exposed her secret. I am still not sure if Paat knows that Fah and Dao are sisters, bringing Fah in would have definitely exposed it. Third the secret makes the plot move forward. 🙁 Regardless, I still like the story. Maybe someone else can think of other reasons or something different.

  36. Just finished watching ep 28 and I must say we are now in the annoying “let’s hide our feelings and hurt each other” stage between the leads. Not to mention the cliche of p’ek marrying n’rai lol😒 Been watching lakorns for years and I still hate these parts haha.

    But hey the end is almost here. Given how evil our villains are in this lakorn, especially Pin who looks like she’s ready to kill everyone just to be with A’Neung lol. Im pretty sure there will be some bloodshed (its not even a lakorn if there wont be any guns and fightings or kidnappings in the end lol) before everything will be set into place and we’ll finally get our happy ever after for all the main casts.

    • Michiko – Please consider using the word “SPOILER” when talking about a brand-new episode that few people have watched yet. Whether or not they are cliche’d, you should afford everyone else the right to enjoy these scenes for the first time. Thank you.

    • @michiko i know the feeling. I sometimes fast forward these scenes and jump right at the ending >.< too bad cant do that this time because lakorn is ongoing. Wondering what will happen to the mother daughter tandem. Jail seems too gentle of a punishment yikes!

    • Uhh.. I don’t see any spoiler in my post as all of the scenes that I mentioned are vague and not well detailed as these scenes also have been going on earlier than episode 27 last week including a’neung’s flirting with Pin. If that is a spoiler then I say kiel77s comments describing scenes in detail about ep 27 is considered a spoiler as well? Ya? Lol. Kidding aside, if you feel like they’re spoilers then ok. I’ll take note of that next time.

      Julia – Aunt jee mostly might head to jail since she’s committed crimes in the past. Only my theory though.

      • Oh. I’m sorry if my previous comment is a spoiler. I always have a thought that people watch it first b4 commenting or read comments. Sorry, my bad. I tried to delete that comment but i dont know how. Wont happen again. 😅

  37. I really don’t know why Neung is listening to a bachelor, Kadech, who is a possible workaholic. He has never been married buddy. Also I know it’s mean, but Paat’s marriage wasn’t exactly great as well. Paat is also suffering from guilt and trauma from his wife’s death. Don’t listen to them. Of course this is a drama, so Neung and Fah will still end up together, but I would be tempted to leave. Neung you already confessed your love to Fah, it’s not fair to leave her out now. I know karma, since Fah left him out of the loop too, but they were strangers and not really committed to each other. Neung you should have kept your word or tried to find a good balance. This is why divorce rate is so high. Yes you’re the man and must provide and protect, but you should protect both physically and emotionally. Ironically, if they decide to break up Neung and Fah my mind would be blown (not happening). I would protest to all of my family and go on a lakorn strike. I guess I just can’t be pleased. Love the show. Thank you so much Neko!

      • I’m having a good laugh too. Gigi, I loved the way you expressed your emotion.
        I am angry with Neung too for giving Fah so much pain even though he has been ill advised by inspector friend and Paat and just an act. It’s truly exasperating to see them going to the extent of having Neung marrying Pin just to lure the murderer.

        BTW Neko, noticed episode 30 added, is the drama extended?
        Another episode would have ended the drama more completely.

        Thank you for your prompt subbing.

        • Manager (website) states 29eps. But looking at this week ch3 broadcast schedule it should be 30eps. Looks like we’ll need to see Fah being tortured a while longer! 😛

        • Thanks. It is exasperating. I don’t think it should be that difficult. They should have gotten Nuk to plant some listening devices around the house, while making Noy run an errand. Aunt Jee thinks she’s infallible, so she would never check. Then continued on because they wanted her to confess to other incidents, such as Nuk’s mom murder. It would have made the Neung needing to “marry” Pin more plausible. They have different lakorns with police involved, who seem to catch the criminals way better. What is going on?

      • Any time. 😉 Sorry I don’t have your cute emojis.

        • Well I take that back, since it automatically changed. :$ (hope this comes out as the blushing/embarrassed emoji)

  38. Lolol. I am laughing so hard when watching the last part of ep27. The aunt is seriously not smart at all. Why is she trying to threaten the one she hire with something like “i will tell them you kill them”(sort of) when she is the one who hire that guy. Its not like she has some sort of backup when she mostly depend on that guy for all the bad thing.

  39. Obviously wavelength are not in line when comments are misinterpretated (LoL). I’m enjoying the drama for sure. Looks like Grandfather Jao Sua is given a 2nd chance in life, hope he will now realize his mistaken value that life is not only abt wealth & status. My heart now breaking for Wut. Hope nothing untowards happen to him. Want him out of police suspect list to hve a better life as he deserved. His mum too. Still want him to take care of Pink & their twin.

  40. Lol, I find the comments stating Dao has deeper feelings with Nuk. Seriously guys? You can clearly see in the recent episode that Dao is still so young and looks up at Nuk/adores him only as a brother. She is even giggling with Nuk and Pink’s sweet scene at the house’s couch. In a hospital scene wherein Dao is visiting Nuk with Dr. Wayu, you can see that they are holding hands, the camera even focuses on it. Fah, Nuk and Dao only loves each other as siblings and nothing else. I hope we stop the delusional expectations with Dao and Nuk because the thought of it is so silly.

  41. I’m a little confused about some things, so… Is Nuk’s mom also Pink’s mom? Because there was something about Nuk’s mom being married to Khun Paat, but Khun Paat and his wife are the parents of Pink. So is Pink and Nuk suppose to be half siblings or…. Am I missing something?

    • Pink’s mom is different from Nuk’s mom. If you’ll recall there is a scene wherein Pink’s dad is talking at the picture of Pink’s mom and he said something like he may not love him the most but err something I forgot the whole sentence lol sorry. But bottomline is I think Nuk’s mom is probably his first wife(?) Or the woman that he loved more than pink’s mom. Something like that.

      Dont worry we are all confused with the family relations in this lakorn especially during the first few episodes, everything is so confusing. They should totally put up a relationship tree in their asian wiki!

      • Haha, thank you! That helped a lot! And yes, someone should make a relationship tree to show how everyone is related or connected to each other.

    • Nuk’s mom was engaged to Paat, but I guess she fell in love with Nuk’s dad and left or ran away from home to be with him. Paat then married Pink’s mom. The night Pink’s mom is murdered, she tells Paat that he never wants to go anywhere with her. He tells her that everything he has belongs to her because she is his wife. Pink’s mom then replies that everything he has belongs to her, except for his heart. Paat says something along the lines of he cares for her and Pink’s mom says that’s enough, she is satisfied. Paat really loves Nuk’s mom, but he care and loves Pink’s mom to a lesser extent, I guess. I guess Nuk’s grandfather was embarrassed because his daughter broke or ran away from her engagement, so he is happy he gets a second chance with Nuk and Pink. I knew exactly what you were talking about with your question. I think I like this show a little too much. I guess it’s time for me to go back to reality, until Monday when ep. 28 RAW comes out.

      • It’s all making sense now. Can’t wait to see how it ends!

    • Pink mom is completely different from nuk mother..
      Pink dad loved nuk mom and they are engaged.. but nuk mom loved nuk dad.. so nuk mom eloped from home to marry nuk dad.. which is completely against by nuk grandpa..
      Then pink dad married pink mom.. but he loved nuk mom.. not pink mom..
      Fah had seen the engagement photos of nuk mom and pink dad.. and asumed pink dad order to kill nuk dad and nuk mom ..

  42. *May contain spoiler* Nuk really just needs to get a bodyguard for his grandfather. Is everyone in that family naive? Aren’t there way too many accidents for it to be accidents, unless the family is cursed? Neung and Fah are keeping secrets from each other, which is why there are so many problems. I guess if they didn’t keep secrets there wouldn’t be enough material for the lakorn. My own prediction is that Neung and Fah will end up together. Nuk grandfather will recognize his daughter, giving Wut and Pink the chance to finally be together. Pink really loves Wut and vice versa and are having twin boys, I think. They deserve to be together. If she really wanted to abandon Wut, she wouldn’t have married into his family. … Also I really would like the grandfather to finally stop being labeled naive or an idiot by viewers, I admit to be one of those viewers. Most likely he will wake up because, he is now aware who is really sincere to him. Dao on the other hand, may really begin to realize Wayu’s feelings and return them. Nuk may find a potential significant other or it may just end with his adoptive family and biological family finally getting along. However, I was thinking that there is a possibility between Nuk and the Inspector’s niece, since she is the only new female introduced. She may end up saving Nuk or someone he care for, creating appreciative and possibly romantic feelings. I really want to know what happens to Wat’s family. Will Jee go to jail or will she end up having a tragic death? Also who murdered Pink’s mom?

  43. If only fah tell the truth much earlier 😥. Now that fah secret is out ,hope there will be many sweet n cute thing between fah and uncle 😜. As for tawan story, i am divided! I want him to end up with pink but for the baby its better for pink end up with wut but why are pink and tawan so sweet in episode 23?!!! I dont know anymore!!
    Haha, no matter how cute all of them in this drama, they cant fight the cuteness of paan 😆😆 paan is so cute!!

    • Finally found another pink and nuk shipper haha! Im losing hope because they show too much scenes of Pink and Wut interactions but in the recent episodes looks like Tawan’s feelings is developing from friendship to love to the point of being protective of Pink. I also giggled at their cute scenes together! I like how Pink’s character made a full turn. If tawan mentioned that he will bring Dao to live in their house during the few first episodes, Pink would’ve probably shrieked at him but wow she didn’t even questioned him at all.

      I do think though that Pink will still end up with Wut in the end (since he’s the father of the twins and grandpa knows about it) -_- So let’s just savor the sweet moments that Nuk and Pink is having at the moment.

      • I though I’m the only one hoping for Pink and Tawan… I’m glad their relationship start to be batter.. I like how Tawan protect Pink from being slap from that aunt.. Pink also start to show some good feeling for Tawan… how I wish they end up together.. But as all of us know Wut is the father for her babies… (T.T)

      • count me in.Hihi

        there is a possibility that Wut dies towards the end, leaving the mother of twins in the hand of Nuk.

        • Actually, call me super mean (sorry!) But I’ve been secretly hoping that Wut will somewhat die in the end lol. Because sadly that is the only way that Tawan and Pink will end up together. I think i’ve became this biased bec of the actor that plays Wut is really annoying. I really can’t stand the sight of him. His acting, facial expressions everything! Sorry for ranting lol. It probably would’ve been better if it was a different actor. I might support him with Pink.

          Btw, watching episode 25 raw and it looks like he’s leaving the household. Let’s see what happens.

          Lastly, as for the main leads, im starting to lose interest with the two of them that i tend to fast forward the scenes. The happenings at the other household full of tiger, lion evilness is much better to watch 😛

          • surprisingly not only both of you hoping that Wut will somehow die :p hahaha (count me in if you call our hope is mean) well at first I quite dislike how Pink use Tawan as the scapegoat plus I feel it is weird for her to do so.. Now we already in ep24+ suddenly I keep wishing twist in their story development and giggling over their interaction.. >_<

          • I also somehow hope that Wut will die, I have a feeling that he wil have some heroic death like taking the bullet for someone.

        • Wut has left the house. He may not be easily tracked but I certainly don’t him killed off by the production team. Next episode Pink will disclose to Uncle Neung, Wut is the father. Her family would want to right their wrong. I don’t want Pink to end up with Nuk not because I want to be an angel but I want my favourite guy, Nuk to have someone more special, not the inspector niece either. Nuk is still young, let him enjoy the reunion with his 2 siblings in trouble free circumstances and develop himself further to take over the family business. No doubt Pink is good to look at, elegant, refine and skilled in her profession but still the ideal in me does not want her for Nuk but more for the deserving Wut. He has truly loved Pink by keeping silent so Pink can have her way. Once Wut has his love and status back he will be an alive Wut not half dead as he is now due to his suppression from all sides. He dared even to hit Nuk when he found him neglecting Pink. His mother, no doubt a good woman, but in my opinion she has not inculcate the right values to Wut. No one needs to humble himself to that extent irrespective of station. To me, we may not be born into wealth and prestige but we can certainly choose to get out of it if we want to.

          Not forgetting my utmost appreciation to Neko & Team for making it possible for us non-Thai lakorn lovers to comment our thoughts, views & predictions of the drama. A thank you to the subbing team.

          • Regret some errors to correct.

            We may not be born into wealth and prestige but we can certainly choose to get out of our humble beginnings if we want to.

            A big thank you to the Subbing Team.

      • I find it eww though she’s his brother’s (blood cousins) lover/mother of babies and they are still in love and emotional relationship. She is technically Nuk’s sister I don’t believe in piece of paper if you’re going to mention the marriage certificate. I find it gross that among all possibilities she forced Nuk to marry her !

      • If I count it right, i am pink-tawan’s 7th shipper here. Count me in as well! >.<

  44. I like Khun Tawan attitude. he is so kind. he has a killer smile and sweet voice. hope to see him with a partner, not as a scapegot.

    • Looks like Dao loves Tawan more than a brother. Let’s see if they will end up together.
      Sorry for Dr Wayu if this happen.

      • Looks like it. But from Tawan’s side, seems like he’s protective of Dao only as a brother. Same with how he worries for Fah. On today’s episode shows a lot of interaction with him and Pink. He’s starting to be protective of Pink and Fak Fah teased him that it looks like he’s inlove with Pink already. I am getting curious on who will end up with who in the end. (Except for the main leads which will obviously end up together) lol

        • Oh dear, hope Pink & Nuk will not end up together. Would rather leave Pink & Wut alone. Not even Dao, she is too immature for Nuk. Would prefer Nuk, my favourite gentleman to wait for a more special lady, an apt person to complement his position as the heir to the family business, a special someone strong enough to repent the villains with compassion (lol). Nice to be dreamy with my ideals here. Please bear with me.

        • agreed. We didn’t see lovey dovey much except the main leads. this is not normal for lakorn where there are more than one couple paired up.

      • NO FREAKING WAY! they have pure sibling love ! where did you even see that? Plus Dr Wayu and Dao are already on can’t you tell ?

        • I agree. The only sign I can think of is the fact that she waits for Nuk all day, but she did the same when she went to Chang Mai to see Fah. I don’t even know if Dao really thinks of herself as a women yet. She seems to just want her siblings love and attention at the moment, but that may change with Dr. Wayu becoming her hero. I am not 100% on my interpretation since I’m on episode 18 subbed and episode 23 RAW. I only catch a little of the conversation.

          • well she waited because her brother said he’s going to pick her up. I’d be not only waiting but also worried dead if similar thing happens between me and my brothers. I assume whoever ships Nuk and Dao does not have a sibling or is not even slightly close to them.

          • Please fast backward to Ep 9 at 31.27 min to 32.43 min. The bouquet of flowers in her hands were presented by Nuk to her at end of Jewellery show. Based on this scene & Ep 8 where she brought out her kit and gazed at Nuk’s birthday card so nostalgically, it did seem that Dao has deeper feelings for Nuk, perhaps more than brotherly. Nuk is an adopted brother not a biological one and Dao is obviously aware of this non blood tie. Well, this was just an initial feel, that’s about it. As for Nuk such feelings for Dao apart from a brotherly affection has never been observed yet. Hope this will justify the initial shipping of Nuk & Dao.

      • tbh hun still no. they are family! you get your family member a bouquet when they achieve something that’s a given no point there. she had a show and they’ve been out of reach for a while but a good brother goes to support and also he was asking for forgiveness . and yes she would look at the photos very fondly as anyone else would looking at old family photos. because it brings back memories and nostalgic feelings of childhood specially with the whole situation of danger, going back home and finally being reunited again after years.

  45. Yes, that scene and another one too! Ahhhh no wonder i found the house so familiar! Are these like company houses that they buy to film or do they rent them for filming? They look so grand! Any idea?

    • Rey Devan –

      I actually started tracking all the houses used in different lakorns. Grandma’s house is called Location 9 in my list. I have found it in thirteen shows going back to 2010. The other two main houses are also on my list. The beach house is brand new to my eyes.

      As for their RL locations and identity, one I’ve found is a resort outside Pattaya that was used in at least three lakorns. One is an industrial business that makes textiles.

      The others could very well be private residences rented out short term for filming. In fact, I think this is more likely as frequently you only see a few rooms of any given location. Or just the exterior.

      If you are interested in my research, it can be found here. Let me know if there are any that I missed!

      • LOL! Awesome list.
        At a glance, I think Location 16 is also Fah Sai’s house – Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai
        I think I might have a few to add to your list. Will do that when I have the time!
        Now need to start working on subbing PRLTWR23 before I got flooded with work emails! 😛

        • Neko, it’s a labor of love, much like my obsession with finding Eiffel Towers in almost every Asian drama I watch, whatever the nationality or origin.

          As I said, any additions are welcome! I also have several more houses I am still compiling for posting. ^^ But the important thing is Uncle and his vests and goofy smiles, and his unrequited love for a certain spitfire wedding planner….. ^^

          • I’ve been a non-thai lakorn fan for awhile now. Am attracted to many of the natural scienic sites filmed. Wondered if they are the natural sites in Thailand or made up ones. Any idea, any one? If they are real, will find time to explore them.

          • Lynlim –

            – There are literally thousands of temples in Thailand, so it’s nearly impossible to find a specific one were something was filmed. I think most shows are filmed on location, and not on a set.
            – Dusit Palace figures in a lot of lakorns set in the 1950’s.
            – Several recent ones (such as Cupids-3 and Jao Ban Jao Ruen) featured Rama VII Park, located at the base of Rama VII Bridge.
            – Several of the schools are real places, mostly in Chiang Mai.
            – Hua Hin is used a lot when a beach or coastline is needed for the storyline.
            – Pattaya City has been recently used for sailing or boat scenes such as Cupids-1, recognizable by three tall skyscrapers on a peninsula close to a large yacht marina.
            – Several shows feature real resorts. For example, Hu Jai Rua Puang was filmed at Rancho Charnvee near Saraburi.

            Your best bet may be to skim the end credits to look for specific locations.

          • Thanks alot Mr Shukmeister for your prompt response. I am more interested in the nature scenic sites such as the elephant ride across the forest, other lakorns featuring waterfalls and lakes surrounded by giant trees. Not so keen on the concrete sites (temples and heritage buildings). Seen them when I was in Bangkok but the night cruise along the Chao Praya was awesome.

          • Lynlim.
            Miss not mister. 😀
            Unless you see a sign in the background, it’s hard to find those natural areas. As for the waterfalls and pools, I’ve never been quite sure I see the same trees and such from lakorn to lakorn. But I’m sure you can probably use the internet to find “waterfall resorts” or “elephant tours” and see if the pictures look familiar.

            I probably won’t be visiting Thailand in the near future. I want to make sure the government is stable, so I will wait until the final mourning ceremonies before planning any travel.

          • My apology for the wrong address, Miss Shukmeister.
            Guess if I visit the countryside, there will be a number of such scenic sites in Thailand. Plenty of rain forest there. It’s just that some of the natural spots filmed are so inviting. Many thanks for your advice and warmest regards to you.

  46. Enjoying the lakorn so far…The male lead’s new drama with Ken is coming up soon. Can’t wait. Btw is it very hot at the filming site or what? Seriously i have never seen anyone sweat so much in a drama before, both the 2 leads in this case. But the male lead’s in this drama is the worst, it looks so bad with water droplets falling off his face and his shirt soaking wet. I wanna throw him a towel seriously! LOL!

    • LOL! I guess you must be referring to the bathroom scene. He used up all the towel on Nang’ek! Hehehehe! 😛
      Anyway, don’t you find that Grandma’s house look familiar? It’s the same house that they use to film Game Payabath – Chatchabaa’s house!

    • Rey Devan – I get distracted by inadvertent sweat droplets and the occasional crawling bug on a shirt. Those things would just never ever be seen in Stateside shows. And I would certainly not be above toweling off Uncle Neung. 🙂

      • Damn. Pin and Pa’s mom really did everything for them, I cried so much.. but whatever! Thank you for subbing this lakorn!!! Loved it!!

    • I actually think that it is done on purpose. He sweats after fighting with Fah from the bathroom to the bedroom after finding her fake belly. Fah on the other hand is completely sweat free and her make up is fine. The other sweat scene is when Neung ties her in the bathroom after she put the whole house to sleep, except for Khun Yai, and sneaks out. Fah sweat there too, but not as much. Fah also starts to sweat when she is scared to go into Khun Yai’s house. I noticed sweat on Nuk’s grandfather when he has a heart attack. Maybe the sweat is supposed to mean a lot of stress or emotion. I really have no idea.

  47. Yap, good to note Nuk and Pink are a lot friendlier now. I love Nuk personality too. He is so straight forward & kindhearted. After discovering Pink & Wut loves each other, he realised Pink is not as self centred as he thinks & goes all out to help her and Wut. Michiko, let’s not be heartless (lol), taking away the woman Wut loves. Wut already is suppressed being the son of the servant daughter. He can’t be his own strong self out of love for his mum. Too bad his mum allows herself to be abused, humiliated and bullied by the family with no direct bloodline to the Owner. Let’s hope things will turn better for both when the Owner awakes. Looking forward to next week for the continuous episodes. Ending soon so all secrets will be out, no more need to speculate. Though a 2nd rated lakorn, the plot is good. I do enjoy it very much. The “pra’ek & na’ek, though not so smooth in their acting are just as cute bantering each other.

    Thank you Neko & Team for being so up to date in your subbing.

  48. Thank you for subbing so quickly. I had to learn to wait for encoding. I was so eager to see the next sub. However, I learned that on my own. I understand that subbing and all it entails takes time. I appreciate what you do for real. Keep up the good work!!

    • Hello! Even completed subbing the video need time to be encoded! If you are that impatient go watch the RAW or learn the language! >:( >:( >:(

  49. Am I the only one rooting/shipping for Nuk and Pink to be inlove for real in the lakorn? Lol. They seriously have great chemistry and look so good together. I am even annoyed whenever there’s a scene with the real baby daddy Wut! Something’s off with him. As for Pink, I can never recall a scene wherein she’s ugly. Siri (the actress that plays the character) is super pretty and acts so well! Her and Nuk is so eyecandy to watch. I know my ship might not sail for long but seeing them being a lot friendlier with each other in the recent episodes makes me happy 🙂

    Btw I read that this lakorn was filmed 2 years ago. Just a little trivia 😛

    • If Pink didn’t genuinely love Wut, I might have been on the Nuk and Pink team. I think Nuk really is just trying to take care of his siblings (Fah and Dao), help his grandfather (with the business and from greedy family), and enjoy his youth. I don’t think he is in a place to have extra responsibilities. Wut on the other hand, loves Pink as well and is ready to be a father to his kids. I don’t really think there is anything off with him. I think he is just someone who is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is used to not having a real voice in a family that treats him and his mom as servants. I think he just defers to the women he loves. He stayed at the company and the house because his mom refuses to leave. He doesn’t say that the baby is his because he wants Pink to be happy. Although, she is sad because he is being mistreated. Wut and Pink try to protect each other in their own confusing way. I guess I can’t really be a Pink and Nuk fan because she trapped Nuk into marriage. Nuk is the type that probably would have tried to help her if she told him what was happening. I do think that they can be great friends and cousin-in-laws.Sorry I tend to go on a comment binge when I like a show.

  50. Gosh, this plot getting more thrilling. Have to expose the killer/instigator(s) of Paat & Nueng’s dad as well. 4 murdered deaths, ie Paat’s father, wife, Tawan’s parents & Fah’s father. Who killed Paat & Nueng’s father??? Putting my detective mind to work now.
    My appreciation to Neko and team. A big thank to the Team for subbing, truly help non-thai drama addicts like us to understand the plot better and able to analyse the various situation. My favourite pass time is analysing situation & solutions in dramas, where appropriate, apply them when counselling. Thank you so much, have also enjoyed the lighter part of the drama, grooming of actress. Love their fashion and hairstyle, particularly Kun Pink’s strong elegant personality.

    • I think it was Fah’s and Dao’s father that died not Paat’s and Nueng’s. His breaks were cut or something. I feel like the person who killed Tawan’s parents is the same one who killed Fah’s parents. It is probably Aunt Jee. She wanted the wealth to just go to her family. Also she seems to try to harm people in the same circle, like when she tried to make Fah and Pink miscarry. Obviously she is way too complacent. She should have tried a different method like an abortion concoction to mix it up, but then it might have been harder to catch her. I am curious as to why Paat’s wife was killed. Her murder is still a mystery to me. I have a few possible guesses, but based on my experiences with lakorns they are probably wrong. I hope they don’t leave her death as a plot hole.

  51. Thanks so much for subbing this drama! Sendig big hug on your side of world.

  52. Just wanted to say thank you for subbing. I’m love watching it

  53. Thank you so much for the subtitle… you make my day..

  54. thank you so much for you’re hard work to sub this lakorn….

  55. Me too. Can’t wait for the cat to be out of the bag. Now deducing my own conclusion. Pointing my fingers to the adopted DIL. Supporting actress, Kun Pink acted naturally, just love her facial expression. However, can’t say that for the main actress. To me she is over acting or is this her role character? Thank you Neko for your speedy subbing. Anxiously awaiting the next episode. Thank you again.

    • I think the main actress is new perhaps? I check at mdl that this is her second drama. I guess thats why her acting is a bit awkward.

  56. Lol. I really like this lakorn that i keep checking like almost every hour for new update 😆😆 thank you neko for subbing this 🙌🙌 and keep subbing more good lakorn 😄😄 if you free.

  57. I really can´t express how thankful I am!!! You are subbing this lakorn so fast..and I can´t get enough of gets better and better with each episode. I just love this OTP.

  58. Uncle’s smile! Uncle’s bright face! I’m smitten. Dramarathoned the first 9 episodes in a 48-hour period. I never saw a synopsis but thought the posters looked like a potential SSK. But what a fun romp so far! Lots of couple teasing just makes me happy!

    No doubt it will turn dark, but right now, I am really enjoying the interaction of our pra’ek and na’ek. This is my first lakorn for both, but I’m already checking out some of Aun’s older works. If his smile was this pretty back then, it’s a wonder he’s not my first ThaiLove. (Although Chakrit has that spot forever)

    As always, Neko you are a beam of fantastic brilliance and speed, and have my thanks yet again for your hard work and the work of your team members. Su Su Fighting!

    • OMG. Ep 13 had me squealing like I was in high school again, which, trust me, was deep into last century. But Uncle surprise when Fah reached out to him, and his quick action covering her hand with both of his….[sigh] I’m really shipping you two kids! Stay strong!

      • Lol! It’s also my first time watching anything of Aun’s! And I’m liking the Nang’ek Mae too. This lakorn really got me looking forward every Monday till Friday night! 😛
        I miss Chakrit in lakorn too. Now only get to see him in sitcom Pento!

        • I saw something with Chakrit and Tik that looked like some sort of upcoming show. But of course, without knowing the language, I had to shrug it off. I think it’s called “คู่ล่า 2 โลก”.

          He (and Tik and KenT) have tripped that dangerous “40” mark where the channels dump their hot ahjusshi’s into older brother or villain roles, sadly.

          I mostly watch Chakrit on Iron Chef Thailand. ^^

      • Love your post lol have me a giggle yes I’m quite into uncle too an he’s in my age bracket so I don’t feel like a dirty old perv grinning ear to ear watching him 😉
        It’s starting to get all exciting now especially since uncle knows why fak fah is really there. He’s just so besotted with her but when he catches himself being soft he tries to be hard again or teases her! So cute. It’s my first time watching both Aum an May. I really like them both they have great chemistry together.
        I’m so confused on the whole who killed the parents of tawain an fak fah’s dad. I don’t really feel it’s uncles brother. It’s to easy obviously there’s a story with the mother of tawain also a story behind pinks mother’s death. Now to piece it together an watch the evil plan ends with love.

        • Boo, my last long comment disappeared. Double boo.

          Aun is awesome in this, and out pra’naek is so cute together. The relationships in this lakorn are very twisty and complicated. Here’s a short list of my WAGs. Some overlap and some don’t even relate to others:

          (1) Fah and Wut are related through their father as half-siblings.
          (2) Nuk is actually Paat’s son because his mom was already pregnant when they broke up.
          (3) Wut’s mom is a daughter-in-law. Wut’s dad ran away from home because he was sick and tired of Evil Gramps emphasis on servitude for those beneath him. He didn’t realize she was pregnant at the time and Gramps blames her for his son’s defection and eventual death.
          (4) Wut and Nuk are half-brothers. Their dad was assassinated and the reason he brought in that Cray-Cray Dysfunctional family unit is that Gramps felt he needed an heir from his bloodline. Wut was out of wedlock, and Gramps didn’t discover Nuk until the police reached him of his son’s death.
          (5) Wut’s mom is Gramp’s biological daughter with a maid. Rather than get forced into a marriage of Gramp’s choosing, she ran away only to come back as a pregnant widow.

          • LOL! You got pretty close with point number 5. Half of it is right. 😛 Should I just say it…. Hahahaha!

            Here’s the spoiler. Highlight text to read! 😛
            Tawan – The son to Itthitpon & Suthasanee Ritlueprakarn (Jao Sua Itthit’s daughter). Because of different of status that Jao Sua Itthit doesn’t agree to the relationship between Itthitpon & Suthasanee Ritlueprakarn. So they ended up fled/leave the family. Itthitpon & Suthasanee Ritlueprakarn was murdered and Tawan was adopted by Fak Fah & Nu’Dao’s family. And they grew up as siblings.
            Hathairat – Daughter of Jao Sua Itthit with a servant. Jao Sua Itthit thinks that the servant purposely trap him and therefore dislikes Hathairat too. Hathairat got married however her husband died when she was expecting Wut. And when she was trying to leave the house, she was gang raped while pregnant with Wut. (This is what Jariya is using to threaten Hathairat at the end of ep12) That’s why she went back to Jao Sua Itthit’s house and he welcome her back but in the status of servant.
            Apiwat – Pink & Pa’s father is just a child of a distance relative who Jao Sua Itthit adopted and was once promised to give his inheritance to. (That was before Tawan went back to stay with the family)

          • Neko – Thanks for the spoiler! It actually helps me with the motivation, or at least some of the interactions, between characters. That adopted branch of Evil Gramp’s family needs to be lopped off and thrown into the midden, for realz.

  59. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. I’m such a fan of this. Keep up the good work!

  60. Thanks so much for subbing this drama! How many total episodes are there for this drama? I can’t find that information anywhere.

    • Usually Thai channel doesn’t announce the number of episodes up front. But from the trend of evening lakorn, it would be around the 30ish mark.

      • Thanks so much for answering my question! I didn’t know that Thai dramas don’t announce the number of episodes. 30 episodes sounds like a good number to me as I’m not a fan of the really long dramas. I also watch Korean dramas and some of those can be 100 episodes! This drama is just right length for me with 30 eps. Really enjoying the drama. Thanks for all your hard work!

  61. This lakorn getting more and more interesting, thanks to the timely english subbing. Thumbs up to the subbing team.

  62. Hey Neko
    Wow can’t believe you guys have already subbed ep 13 definitely owe you few cups of coffee 😉
    Btw I noticed dramanice has uploaded this lakorn with your subs. I put a message to those that had commented asking them to please support you an team subbing etc an to watch it at your site as you are the original eng subbers for this drama. Hope that’s ok. I want to help support your efforts in bringing us great subbed lakorns. Without you guys we couldn’t enjoy any lakorns 😀

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    Thank you for your efforts, thank you for your hard work, thank you for your patience, thank you for subbing such wonderful dramas.
    thank you from the bottom of my heart ^^
    keep going

  64. Thank you once again for your effort on the subs Neko! I am surprised that i am enjoying this lakorn with unknown leads. I like that the female lead is not the usual damsel in distress and fights for herself and those she loves. I usually cringe at trying-too-hard funny acting but i love her acting here. Did anyone else LOL when the male lead keeps sweating so much when he is angry? Especially in Ep 10 right after the bath tub scene where he kind of almost forced himself on her after getting super angry? I like his anger parts, seem so real. XD

    • By the way, i wonder why she can’t just tell him the truth? That they are siblings?

    • LOL! He’s so protective of Khun Neung and I think he’s also rooting for Fak Fah to be with Khun Neung. I like it how he doesn’t allow Pink to enter the hospital room and also his disapproval look when Pink is leching on Khun Neung! 😛

  65. This lakorn is hilarious. I love the protagonist and all of her antics, especially her close relationship with her siblings. Honestly, I wish there was more of the three siblings diving right into trouble just to “protect” each other. I can totally see why Neung is so taken by her in spite of everything, believing that everything she does, as reckless and foolish as it may be, she does to protect the one she loves. And it’s beyond cute how he can’t really make himself think bad of her for more than five seconds. That guy has NO chill.

    THANK YOU so much, Neko. I’m forever thankful for your endless kindness and good taste.

  66. Hey Neko
    Two reasons I love your site… You are obviously a cat lover!!!! And you guys are plowing​ through this lakorn so we can enjoy it. Thanks heaps 😀

  67. Thanks for your hard work. It is very much appreciated.
    I am enjoying this drama very much.

  68. We are enjoying every single scene from this lakorn thanks to you <3 <3 This drama is sooo interesting and the chemistry between the two leads seems sooo cute and lovely !! When they are acting shy I feel it too Hahhahahaha Thank you one more time !! We can't watch this without you. In both ways we are having fun and learning some of thai language and thai culture . I'd really like to visit Thailand some day. Your #1 fan from Tunisia 🙂

  69. This is one of the best lakorn I’ve seen since I started watching them. You are doing an awesome job at subbing. Thank you!

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    • Have you read the house rules?
      Rushing for sub will just make it a burden for me and won’t make me sub any faster. On the contrary it just put me off!
      And before a video can be subbed, it needs to be time/segment by our timing team. So instead of asking, why not volunteering to do something!
      I know that this series is starting to get interesting. And I’m already subbing as fast as I could. So if you can’t wait, you can always watch it in RAW from youtube or learn the language!

      • Don’t worry, most of us know you are doing an amazing job ! I mean we got two episodes yesterday. Unlike other lakorn, there is one episode each day, and even if it’s mean a lot more work, the episodes are sub most of the time one or two days after the airing (which is incredible i think). So, thanks again for your work and take your time (even if we are impatient, it’s better to wait that to have nothing to watch. A big thank you again !

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  82. Thanks for taking this on – I’ve been surprised a lot so far! Sometimes, that is a mark of a good show – when you can’t figure everything out at once.

  83. Thanks a lot for your work. I”m French and like a lot of people here, I don’t understand thai, so I’m really thankful.

    I really like the first episodes of this lakorn, it’s not what I had imagined it’s better. You are really subbing very fast the episode, so it’s really a pleasure to watch this lakorn.

    Thanks again for your hard work (I don’t know how you do to have a life, you must probably not sleep a lot, because you are doing a huge work)

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    may I ask something?
    why ep 4 is 100% sub but there no streamming for ?
    Will you sub all eps and then post the links?
    Thank you.

    • After completed subbing, the video need to be encoded. So 45mins video will need 45mins to complete encoding and a few minutes more to get uploaded. And you’ll see the link when the video is uploaded!

  86. Wow another project already!! Can’t thank you enough for all you do for us. I am liking this one so far. And five episodes per week! Is it a channel 3 thing?? And that step sister, the way she says mummy kha, it’s so annoying lol.

    • This is not a prime time lakorn. It’s an evening lakorn that air 5 day a week. If your new, its not a ch3 things. Ch7 also have lakorn that air like this too. Lakorn that air like this is usually not A list actors or top actors lakorn.

      • Oh I didn’t know that, thank you. Most of the lakorns I watched were aired twice a week so I thought it’s same for all lakorns.

        • Yes the one that air twice a week like Monday & Tuesday or Wednesday & Thursday also Friday to Sunday, three day a week are prim time lakorn that A -list actors or top actors lakorn. No not all lakorn are the same. It also depend on the Channel too. For both ch3, ch7 and ch.ONEHD, GMM25 they line up their lakorn like that since they going again each other in the rating to see who watch their lakorn more. For other channel they only air one episode per week. I hope this hlep you a bit more.

          • Thanks for explaining about evening vs. prime time lakorns. I had no idea they existed. Good to know.

          • JL, i see in a lot of lakorn at asianfusewiki rating in Channel 7 with A-list lakorn has higher rating than Channel 3. they can reach total mean 7& more than 11 in one episode. it is because they upload their lakorn in their official youtube so their fans still can watched later?

  87. This one seems very interesting. I’m hooked already. Thanks for your hard and fast work.

  88. So far loving this drama 😍😍😍

  89. Watched the first ep can’t wait to see more 😀 can anyone give me a basic rundown on what it’s about. No spoilers please. I couldn’t find info anywhere. Thanks for subbing Neko really appreciate your hard work.

    • It’s the story about 3 siblings who sworn to stay by each other and help out each other. Errr… if no spoilers then you’ll have to watch ep2. As more things are reveal in ep2…

      • Thanks neko since watching up to ep 4 I’ve got more of understanding what’s going on. Ur doing a gr8 job subbing this one so fast. Thanks heaps appreciate the fact you do this in your own free time…😄

  90. Omg Yay!Thanks for taking this one as a project! <3 I will be waiting for it, since I finished Game Payabaht today! I super loved that one! Once again thank you so much for the hardwork on subbing!

  91. The teasers look good, but what the devil is this lakorn about? My usual go-to synopsis places don’t list it.

    PS. Thanks for subbing! You guys are amazing.

  92. I saw the trailer and I would love to see it thank you for subbing this drama looking forward to watching it

  93. Goodie. New shows. What is this about?

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