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  1. Sorry Neko I don’t know where to post this one actually… I just want to ask, what lakorn was that video playing in your headline’s homepage??? i’m kinda intrigued…. T.T

    • Nope! I didn’t enjoy the ghost part of the story. I find it dragging and boring. The only fun and FIN part is the scene of Bank and Pim!

  2. Hi Neko meow meow ! sorry yes i know there is no sub request here 😉 If u don’t mind, i just wanna know if there is other subbers will sub Toong Sanaeha?? Really want to watch this lakorn because Oom eisaya there 😊 Love her in Kaew Klang Dong and Bad Genius 😘 and can’t wait for keb pandin 2020 airing soon 😊

  3. What r u planning to do first in the next year..??? ☺☺
    the lakorn of ur choice..
    By the way- happy new year though it’s not yet came 😘😘😘😄😄

  4. Thank you so much for subbing Game rak ao kuen i love this lakorn very much and waiting for the next episodes ♥️thank you neko loving your effort😘😘

  5. Can u please subtitle for drama SAO NOY ROY LAN VIEW (2019)..thanks a lot for your workshop..

    • The links for NGAO ASOKE 1999 with eng subs – are not working, can these be fixed or do you have files I can download ? Happy to pay for them

      • You are at A Neko Meow Meow Project website which only contain projects which are subbed by neko! So there’s nothing I can fix on projects which are not subbed by me!

    • NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED! <—– is it hard to understand???

  6. pls translate the episode of nang barb and bai mai tee plid plew to english episodes can not understand thai language thanks julie chen

  7. I would like to ask you a question … do you know who was or going to sub Lab Luang Jai

  8. I LOve the work you do and the time and patience you use to bring us entertainment. Because of you I found 2 other great sites I never heard of. All in all, you are greatly appreciated, thanks tons. Will you tell me please if you or anywhere else is or will be subbing Mia Tuean? I hope your work continues long into the future. Is there somewhere I can go to donate to your work?? 🙂

  9. I can understand that you really want to watch this lakorn (I also do actually), but neko has already sayed many times that she will only sub what she’s interested in. Please, do respect her choice.
    You should wait patiently for justanothermuse team to release the episodes or become a member by contributing if you can’t wait any longer.

    • Hi! Please read thoroughly neko’s house rules for you to continue the perks of a free eng sub of your favorite series..many times it has been told that neko will not sub HJS for the reason that another subber , (muse) is subbing this lakorn..pls also visit muse website but wait cant have an access until it is completely subbed unless you donate if you can’t wait for it to be completed and you can binged watch

      • Fyi,we can still bale to access even if we dont donate. For hjs fans we still hve to wait for the subber to sub that series

    • If you look at the top neko has already said NO subbing request will be entertained. She also has on her page that she will not sub Hua Jai Sila. It is being subbed by someone else.

          • Do you know the link of Muse website?

          • Muse stop subbing it……I don’t know how can I watch it with engsub….when I come to know that neko doesn’t sub it I feel cry……..

          • She stopped subbing. Does anyone know, if there are other subbers ? I’d love to watch this, but won’t start unless I know that it gets subbed to the end

          • Muse stopped subbing Hua Jai Sila for a long time, it seems permanently. I wonder if there are any other websites that’ll sub it instead 😢😢

  10. pls…english sub the hua jai sila 2019 because I cant understand THAI language….I really like this lakorn…thanks

  11. can somebody to help english sub for “homestay or nee ruk pai puk jai” jeab lalana drama please !!!!!!!!

  12. hi, please sub hua jai sila 2019 😍 pretty pleaseeeeee thanks in advance!

  13. Anyone knows how to watch huajai sila on muse? Its forbidden tho. Tried to contact them but slow respond too.

  14. Hi thanks to all the drama that you have subbed, could you translate prakasit kammathep

    • Happy New Year!!!❤🎉❤❤😳
      No Request. Just a Thank you.. My cancer has become a new different kind ofcancer now. So your Lakorns make the weak & sick days easier to tolerate.
      The ways to watch are so limited. I have an Amazon Fire stick. Great with voice controlled remote. Navigating the Silk browser is difficult at best. Wow you ahould get your Dailymotion lists filled up or get yourown channel on Amazon prime. Tje choices for Thai programing so totally devastating void….

      Than you again !! Best wishes &
      Cordially looking forward to new shows!
      Victoria Drake
      Ft.Worth, Tx.76106 USA

      P.S. any idea who subbed Nadech’s My Love From Another Star ? And where it’s being up loaded?

      Thanks again Nekko

  15. Hi thank you so much for the sub
    Can you sub ruk jung eoi ( taew and ter)
    I think the lakorn is funny and different from the rest
    Thank you

  16. can you sub or just find Tard Ruk Taranong for me please please please ? I have search this lakorn for ages T.T

  17. Can you guys please please please translate huajai Sila 2019
    I can’t access it through just another muse. Please please please

    • Neither can I…On JustAnotherMuse, at first it worked but now its not working. I’m watching it without eng sub which I don’t mind, but I still want eng sub to fully understand what they are saying. Please anyone who know where to watch it with eng sub please tell me. I am so desperate to find the eng sub of Hua Jai Sila 2019.

    • and I’m tired of people requesting me to get it subbed! I tend to ignore it but it’s become repetitive on my blog and instagram as well! It’s unfortunate that majority of the fans can’t access the videos but it’s beyond my control and Neko’s control!

      • Very well said! Well I’ve even listed it under “NOT” subbing list in my Future Project page. But I guess no one bother reading and just keep on requesting every where in the blog! SIGH!…. 🙁

        • Can you please sub khon la lok 2015 please please please..its really good lakorn

          • I would that one too, there are others too that need to be sub but she doesn’t take request, I hope it happens

        • Hi. Do you know why when I try to play the video, it redirects me to naughty sites? At first it was working then it just stopped and keeps redirecting me. Am I doing something wrong?

      • Can you please sub khon la lok 2015 please please please..atleast just check it out

        • Hii neko
          I am from india
          And i would like to recommend you a hindi daily soap bcoz u always watch only lakorns
          I would recommend you, my favourite show “RadhaKrishna” its an eternal love story of lord krishna and his beloved Radha..
          I know it might sound old… and you might nt understnd much. You can check out its promoz in youtube under the channel ‘star bharat’ it has many promos… watch the oldest one..
          Thank you 😘😘😘😘

  18. Could you please translate Huajai Sila the 2019 version. I checked just another muse just as you mentioned in the previous comments but I cannot access it. Could you guys please translate it I really want to watch this show

  19. Hi, could you please translate Hua Jai Sila the latest 2019 version

        • Soo..just because you are impatient and do not want to wait you are asking Neko to sub it? Be happy it is being subbed in the first place.

  20. Hi ! Thank you so much for the sub. Can you sub KONG KRAPAN NAREE ? Thanks.

  21. Hey where can I find Kong krappan naree eng sub I really wanna watch it…

  22. Plz add english sub to thaui tele drama the illicit wife(Mia Tuen).Best wishes from Sri Lanka

  23. Will you be subbing Matt & Rome’s reunion project Buang Nareumit?

    Or do you know if some else will ?

    Thanks always for your hard work ❤

  24. helloo neko meow meow, i know may be u tired for request subbing drama wkwkw, but i hope u and your team want to sub thai drama
    “NAHKARK KIEW / GLASS MASK” 🙁 sorry for make difficulties, thankyou soo much…

  25. Hello First I just want to thank you for your hardwork and dedication for subbing those lakorn. I am wondering if you will consider subbing Nakee 2 the movie, brother of the year or buppae saniwat?
    thank you

  26. Thank so much for all that you do I just wanted to know if you knew when alwaysmeena will start posting again?

  27. Can you please sub prakasit kammathep
    Thank you for all the fast subbing

  28. thank you so much for working on Sweet Trap na ka❤ anyway, I was wondering, are you planning to do the sub for Baifern and Tao new GMM Drama?
    thanks na ka;)

  29. thank you so much for subbing lakorns… looking forward to see your new projects…

  30. I just ask if you team can sub slap/kiss drama example Rang tawan,Barb rak talay fun and Mai sin rai fai sawart because many people want watch this kind drama with sub i hope your team can make it for us

  31. HI can we leave suggestions ? well hahah i would like to watch love at first hate but the subs don’t make any sense can you please rectify them cause i know you sub very well

    • They’ve already subbed that one, type it into good and it should come up under dailymotion

  32. Please add this drama with English Subtitles
    “jao sao jum yorm”
    Thailand Drama. Hero is Mik Thongraya

  33. Plz plz sub reang tawan it’s an amazing drama
    And it is subbed only upto 6 episode plz sub rest of it

  34. Neko i just want to ask,, will you sub game sanaeha? thank you so much for your hardwork.. :))

  35. Good evening, After watching an awful drama, I wish I had a collection of it. I just would like to know if you are selling your english sub Thai dramas?

    Thank you.

    • game sanaeha is in english sub at youtube on ch3 thailand english subtitles page.

  36. Goo eve neko, can you please sub lilawadee plerng? Thank you 🙂


    • can i ask the link of the eng sub or meu prab jao hua jai? i am very eager to watch the remaining episodes.. ive only watched until ep 3

  38. hey neko! can you translate THE CROWN PRINCESS by nadech and yaya plz..

  39. Hi Neko.. can u translate Meu Brap Jao Hua Jai (2017) for 8,9 and 10 episode. Please 😭

    • I’m also searching for Meu Brap Jao Hua Jai english translation, but i can’t find it!!! So please Neko translate it !!

    • can i ask a link where can i find eng sub of the meu brap hua jai

  40. Helloo
    will you english sub likit ruk ?? the crown princess?? if yes pleasee tell us

    thanks xx

  41. Hi neko, will you sub mister merman because its a really interesting drama and I am sure everyone will love it. So I’m begging you, please?

  42. Neko can you sub luerd ruk Torranong please. Thank you so much

  43. Hi neko,

    First of all thanks for all the work.I am a bit different from all the commenters here as I am trying to clear my doubts.
    Feel free to delete my comment if you think it is posted at the wrong place.
    I recently started helping the rubbers by timing subtitles. It was fine in the beginning but all of a sudden something went wrong with my aegis. Hopefully you can help me out.
    As you know the video plays and the audio is marked in 1 second intervals. Initially it was the same for me but somehow now it shows up in 0.1 sec intervals so it has become nearly impossible to differentiate words and sounds.
    How do I change it back I tried almost everything but nothing worked and there is nothing when I tried googling. You are the most active rubber around so I thought you might know the solution.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Sorry dear! I might not be the right person to ask because I don’t use Aegisub. I’ve tried a few time and I just can’t wrap my fingers around it. So I ended up with Subtitle Edit. With some customisation on the short cut key, it works like a charm for me. 😛

      • May ur team open link for telegram, so that we are can watch every episode that ur team upload…😁

  44. hi neko

    are you going to subtitle the lakorn Barb Rak Talay Fun ? or do you know if someone will sub it please ? thanks.

  45. Hey, would it be possible for you to sub one of Mario Maurer’s dramas? The drama is called Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode (2012). No ones subbed it yet even though it’s been so long.

  46. club friday the series 3 trial term love
    make this eng sub please
    i allready check everysite

  47. I am curious to know what other lakorns you are thinking of subbing?

    • Hi there did u find sub lub jub abb with eng sub because i’ve been searching with no results

  48. Hi neko. Do you translate Plerng Rak Fai Man and Krungthep Mahanakorn Sorn Ruk? Thank you so much🙇‍♀️

  49. Hi. I am a translator from iran. We translating your lakorn with our team for our people. But some lakorn dosen’t have any english subtitle and we can’t understand tai language. Can you introduce a person who can speak english and help us for translate the spectacular lakorn?
    #Dao_Lhong_Fah_Phupaa_See_Ngern . This is our project. If you help us we will be so happy🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️we love this lakorn😍thank you

  50. Neko thanks to you I can see lakorn as Mussaya that I really liked, in the future you could translate the lakorn Saluk Jit please. Thank you very much for your effort and dedication to translate the lakorn.

  51. Hi Neko! ^__^ Do you know if anyone is subbing Buang Bunjathorn ?
    Thank yoou

  52. So many demand request from viewers who will ask but not volunteer to assist. Subbing is not just typing out translations. I wish those that demand or ask will learn to assist too. I just bought you a small cup of coffee. Enjoy. Thank you very much.

      • Neko, sorry to bother you. But I noticed Kitkat have not post on her site and even twitter. Do you know if she is well? I understand you both work together sometimes.
        Just concern from a follower of her works. Hope she is just taking a rest.

        • She’s very busy with school, exam & assignments lately so she can only do whatever she can. However she did update some videos in her FB page. Only that she still haven’t have time to work on the blog. 😛

          • Thanks for your quick reply. Glad to hear she is fine otherwise…

      • i can help u in adding subtitles.but i dont know thai language.i can do software support for u if u dont mind.i am a part time i have time to help u.

  53. do you plan to work on “Lying Heat” (“Jai Luang”) in the future?

  54. Hi Neko,
    Do you know anyone who is subbing Tae pang korn?? If not and the project was dropped is it possible for you to sub the drama?

  55. Can you please provide us with english subtitles for thai larkon petch tud petch.
    I cannot find its some episodes particularly ep 8,9 and 10

  56. Can you please provide us woth the english subtitles for thai serial petch tud petch.
    I cannot find its episode 8,9 and 10.

  57. Hi Neko, Are you planning to complete Nang Ai or you dropped it?

    • Nang Ai is not neko’s project… its danseurella’s project in collaboration with kitkat. You can find it in alwaysameena’s dailymotion channel… but its only halfway done, but has recent updates within this month … so i think the subbing is not yet dropped.

  58. Hello, I’ve been waiting for Tai Ngao Jan to be subbed, it was subbed by alwaysmeena but she never finished, did she drop the project or will she continue subbing?

  59. Hi,
    Just wondering if you know where I can view the show Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart ep 8 and onwards with eng sub. I’ve only been able to view up to ep 7 eng sub. It would be greatly appreciated if you could sub it or know where i can view it sub. Thanks in advance.

      • Are you looking to watch MSRFS online, or can you download? Those episodes were subbed by Keyhui Team on FB. I don’t know if they are still available or not, though.

  60. Hi, Neko. Can you please sub Mia Tuean (the illicit wife) starring Rattapoon.

    • You can find it on youtube if not, just look up on google “Mia Tuean eng sub” it’s a good drama btw.

          • Hi. Hey actually am not on FB and whenever I search for the drama Mia Tuean on alwaysmeena I never got to watch. Please send me the site so that I can watch it. I am very interested in the drama

  61. Hi Neko, will you continue with subbing Nang Ai until episode 15?

  62. Please engsub muad opas season 1 and season 2 its greats lakorn or u can give me site to downloane engsub for muad opas

  63. hye neko neko…i want to recommended you a short series by OPPO TH which are My Secret Friend.
    I am a big fans of the hero in this series since I watched May Who? I hope you can consider this in you list.
    It’s very short,even shorter than Gosahug, but I really want to watch it or do you know any website that sub this series?
    Thank you for your attention…>_<

  64. Your collaboration project Nang Ai is dropped out yet…. Already fall in love with Nychaa and Great but posting between one episode and episode is longer than I had expected so. Thank you! Always support you.

  65. Did you dropped subbing cupids series ken & chompoo part? Who’s going to sub it? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • As this lakorn air 3 eps a week and at the same time slot as Nieow Huajai Sut Glai Peun. It’s impossible for me to focus on two projects at the same time. And Thippy have agreed to take over this project. She’s a real lifesaver. Do headover to her fb page to give a big shout out to her.

  66. Would be great if Mai sin rai fai sawat continue its englush subbing from episode 9 onwards. Thank you.

  67. Can you sub engglish for muad opas season 2 many fans from indonenesia like the drama and stupid cupid please i beg you

    • Stupid cupid have been completed subbed long time ago by Thippy. You can watch it from neko2play or alwaysmeena fb. Download link available at kitkat’s twitter.

  68. Hi to all of you and thank you so much for the hard work u put into the subs.. Enjoyed game payabaht so much.. Thank you 😘
    I saw a series called Stupid Cupid seems like a fun drama. I wish u all would sub it someday.. Thank you..

  69. Can i request something? Actually i love lakorns. There is one lakorn i really want to watch but…. English subtitle still no complete. The title is Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawab. I found it at dailymotion. I hope you will hear my favor 😀.

    • Yess pleasee. That lakorn is the best but unfortunately the sub is iscomplete.😭

  70. hello!!!!! First i must tell that you do a wonderful job. Thank you very much for your hard work, you’re the best. Second, can you please pleaseeeeeee sub the kong krapan naree? I’m waiting for months but they never continue it. Please. Thank you.. <3 <3 <3

  71. Hi are u going to sub the 4th series of The Cupid series?

    • Waiting for it ….and plss sub the episodes of 3 rd series

  72. hello,my name is yus…i wonder if you guys can sub the collaboration thai drama between korean and thai called LOVE AND LIES..the leads are JUNG IL WOO AND MILD..i really want to watch that drama coz i like both of the leads…PLEASE DO SUB IT WHEN THE LAKORN ALREADY ENDED..i looking for to hopefully you guys can SUB IT ASAP…hehehe

    • As much as I like both the leads. This one is a BIG NO! Not a fan of melodrama. Couldn’t stand the sound of dubbed Jung Il Woo. I can’t even finish watching ep1.

  73. hello there i want to thank for all your hard work to draw a smile in our faces thank u a lot do u know if some one is subing barab rak ta lay fun it s very lovely drama

  74. Hi! Thank you very much for all your hardwork. Please sub atm 2 and opas 2. Thank you very much.

  75. Can you please sub khun nu chantana… I am a big fan of this but I cant find anything with subtitles… I will greatly appreciate it if you cn sub it… Thank you

  76. hi Neko, can you please sub Fai Ruk Game Rorn.. I can’t find any website that have full episode with eng sub. Thanks! 🙂

  77. Hi Neko 🙂 Do You plan to sub or happen to know if someone is planning to sub Koo Zaros Zaap with Min and Weir? I adore this duo together so much that i wish someone would pick up their new drama to sub 🙂

  78. Hi :DD If you have time, can you please sub Phet Tud Phet? Currently, I don’t think anyone is subbing it since I can’t find a subbed version :)) Thank you <3

  79. Woa, I seen new teaster .😚😚 Do you know the schedule yet . Thx neko 😍😍😍

  80. hi do you know where i can watch the fai ruk game rorn with eng subs? since sjdk closed down before they finish subbing this show i was wishing someone else picks up 😢

  81. Hello,

    Can you please please please sub “Petch Tud Petch”?


  82. Do you have marrasom sawad eng sub? I’m trying to find the english sub of this lakorn…

  83. Hi 😜 do you have atm 2 series or any link for me to watch? I still longing for it with english sub lol. Thanks a lot ☺

  84. Hi, thank you for the great work done to translate these great thai drama
    Can you upload weir sukollawat full drama with eng sub please

  85. Hi! I wanted to ask are you gonna sub Khun Krating? Or do you have any link for that drama in english subtitle? cause i cant find at all. sorry to bother you

  86. Hi Neko.. do you have any plan to sub the Fang Nam Jarod Fah (Jao Wayha series)?
    I know that someone is subbing it but the video is not accessible in my country and the subbing progress was stopped at ep 6. It was not been continued anymore.

    • No. And Subber’s Paradise will continue FNJF because she just finished Sorry, I Love You according to her recent post.

  87. Hi, will you be subbing Love Songs Love Series? That one looks interesting! ^^

  88. Hello Neko!!! Nice to meet you!!!
    Lakorn “Look Mai Klai Ton – ลูกไม้ไกลต้น” of Min and Om will be back on the air on the next time. Do you design to do Engsub for that film?
    If you have a time, please do Engsub for this film. Beacause We want to translate from English into Vietnamese for fan Vietnam to watch. Thank you very much!!!!

  89. Hi neko. Don’t you know who’s gonna sub raeng tawan i saw the first episode and it was so good and interesting ? Thank you for everything

    • I’ve only watched the preview so can’t comment much! I’ll probably do a marathon once it’s finished airing! 😛
      Sorry, I’m not sure if any subber is picking this one up!

      • Oooooh i am so sad, but anyway thanks for replying dear and i wanna tell you that deep in my heart i wish that you or sherrijames will pick it up.(but it’s fine if not) .
        Hope you and all subbers will have a great summer full of joy and sunshine and full of love. really really I appreciate your wwork and I know it’s hard. May GOD bless you and thank you all

  90. Hi neko I would just like to ask if you know any site where I can watch the fire series 2 talay fai? and if you or anyone you know will be subbing this one?

  91. Hye neko, i want to ask you something about the oc thailand that esther and mouse batcha part is a drama or variety show? i don’t really know about it as i only follow the ig fans, and they write in Thailand language(just imagine how i read it >_<)'s look very interesting for me.. do you know anything about it?

  92. hye neko, i have a short series request for you. i’ am not sure if this series gmm25 will make subtitle or not…i don’t really know the real English title of the series
    >Love Songs Love Stories เพลง ไม่แข่งยิ่งแพ้
    Do think about that….

  93. hai neko,, can u please sub lueat tat lueat?? because i can’t find that movies with eng sub.. thx .. 😀

  94. can anyone tell me where can i watch kaen sanaeha with sub..
    really desperate looking for it..some of video not working on viki..

  95. Dear neko..i not really know your work, but i am sure your also have real work than doing this awesome translation for international fans like use. i just want to suggest a new Thai series,if you interesting to make subtitle for it. if not, can you give me link, if you know any translator doing this project? i really want to watch it, thank for you, now my thai series is more compare to Korean. good job neko

    the series is: Gasohug >_<

    plez neko, do consider my suggestion thus other series also almost meet it's ending. plez neko…

    • The Official Trailer looks interesting!
      Unfortunately it’s only showing in LineTV right now. I can’t access LineTV from here. So will have to wait till a good quality RAW is being uploaded to streaming sites or etc.
      I’ll need to watch a few episodes to see if I really like it before I decide to sub or not! 😛
      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep this in mind!

  96. i had drama request for you since no one sub this drama. i watch the trailer and it very interesting. i know the actor and actress not your favorite but please consider for an international fan like me. i even use google translate to know the English title for the drama
    >Mali dear friend . . Power Baroque .[มาลี เพื่อนรัก..พลังพิสดาร ]

  97. neko..i had request to you since no one sub this drama…i really like school based drama. i hope you put this drama into your consideration, and i know none of this actor or actress are your favorite…..but please consider!!! the trailer very interesting
    > มาลี เพื่อนรัก..พลังพิสดาร [Mali dear friend . . Power Baroque .]
    i even use google translate to know the em\nglish title 🙁

  98. wow..neko, you wish to sub devil lover? wowwwwwww!!!!! i am very excited!!! thank because take it into consideration.. neko fighting!!!

  99. Hi! I just want to ask when u gonna finish or upload the rest of NNS >_< I really want to watch it!! But thx again for ur work hard💪💕 susu

  100. after subbing i wanna be sup’tar can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sub lom sorn ruk…..plz…!!!

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