Prom Pisawat พรหมพิศวาส

Prom PisawatProm Pisawat พรหมพิศวาส (The Destiny of Love)
English Sub Completed as of Sep 09, 2020
Total Episodes : 16 Eps
Airing Date : July 20th , 2020 – Sept 8th, 2020 (Every Monday & Tuesday)





Track Title Original Singer/ Cover by Stream
01 รางวัลจากฟ้า (Rangwan Jak Fah) Prize from Heaven Pim Pimprapa LINK
02 คนที่ถูกรัก (Kon Tee Took Rak) The person who is loved Bodyslam/Pim Pimprapa LINK
03 สิ่งของ (Sing Kong) Thing Klear/Pim Pimprapa LINK
04 Music Lover Marsha Vadhanapanich/Pim Pimprapa
05 เลือกได้ไหม (Leuak Dai Mai) Can I choose? ZAZA/Pim Pimprapa
06 นอกสายตา (Nok Sai Dta) Out of Sight Katreeya English/Great Sapol LINK
07 ชายคนหนึ่ง (Chai Kon Neung) A Man Peter Corp Dyrendal/Boom Kitkong LINK
08 เจ้าหญิงในนิยาย (Jaoying Nai Niyai) Princess in Fairytale Beau Sunita Leetikul/Pim Pimprapa LINK
08 เสียงของหัวใจ (Siang Kong Huajai) The Sound of Heart Pim Pimprapa & Boom Kitkong LINK
09 ฉันเลยโอเค (Chan Loey Okay) So, I’m okay! Penpak Sirikul/Pim Pimmada
10 OK นะคะ (OK na ka) Ok, please! Katreeya English
11 สายลมที่หวังดี (Saai Lom Tee Wang Dee) Good Wind Sine Charoenpura/Pim Pimprapa


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Ep Air
Sub Date
01 07/20/20 07/23/20 LINK
02 07/21/20 07/24/20 LINK
03 07/27/20 07/30/20 LINK
04 07/28/20 07/31/20 LINK
05 08/03/20 08/05/20 LINK
06 08/04/20 08/06/20 LINK
07 08/10/20 08/11/20 LINK
08 08/11/20 08/13/20 LINK
09 08/17/20 08/18/20 LINK
10 08/18/20 08/19/20 LINK
11 08/24/20 08/25/20 LINK
12 08/25/20 08/26/20 LINK
13 08/31/20 09/01/20 LINK
14 09/01/20 09/02/20 LINK
15 09/07/20 09/08/20 LINK
16 09/08/20 09/09/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN

89 Comments on “Prom Pisawat พรหมพิศวาส

  1. Just completed ep 2 and already throwing hands up in despair. One pretty girl with real talent of music, one young man who wants to make his dream a success and lo..the whole world is up in arms against them! The worst is the ‘Mom’ who gambles away the daughters’ hard earned money and then gives a lecture on good/bad behaviour! My heart goes out to Pan’s friends as well. What a mess, for once I wish the lead pair did not act so well. The helplessness and hopelessness in Pan’s eyes and the anger/frustration in Khun Pol’s eyes makes this mess too real for me!

    And what beautiful music! I could keep playing the songs over and over again and still not have enough of it.

    Thank you Neko, for subbing this drama and translating the lyrics in English as well and also for providing the official videos of ‘Bodyslam’ etc.

  2. After this drama, I’m now a follower of Kitkong Khamkrith’s lakorns…I don’t think the reason he hated the girl was strong enough but it’s all good…

  3. Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to Neko for taking the time to sub this lakorn. You are greatly appreciated for all that you do! I have just finished these series and I just can’t seem to find the love for it everyone else seems to have. While I really enjoyed the beginning of the series, the amazing chemistry of the leads and soundtrack, they lost me with the storyline towards the end. Starting this series I was really loving it, I felt like they really laid the foundation for Pan and Pol’s romance but as the story progressed it went downhill for me.

    Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers
    Pol was no angel throughout this drama, but Pan knew he had past trauma and troubles when she began there relationship. While he did some terrible things, I really felt like when he found out she was pregnant he was trying to change and be better for Pan. You could see how much he loved her. But, then Pan faking a miscarriage right after Pol’s father dies was too cruel for me. Then his mother dies, while she was not a good person at all, she was the only family Pol had left; yet Pan still refuses to tell him. Then six years later she has become who Pol used to be, someone filled with stubbornness, selfishness, and hatred. Yet, it is Pol we need to forgive after he gave her a divorce because it was what she wanted… even though she hid his kid from him, then continuedly denied paternity and constantly threatened to run off with there son. How no one said to Pan, when Pol took Tawan to Korea, you were planning to do the exact same thing… take your kid and run, separating father and son. Ugh I just have issues with the whole ending storyline! It really turned the drama sour for me. Still Neko you are amazing and again I thank you!

  4. Feeling so stressed tonight with the announcement of new lockdown restrictions and finding it difficult to concentrate on the easy watching Korean and Chinese dramas I’ve been watching lately. The best way to relieve stress is a good cry so I’ve decided to watch this drama again as it’s my favourite ever and a pure cry fest. Thank you neko for helping me through 2020

  5. Even the mother is forcing them together, Pan is so against Pol now, you can’t force her to accept him back. Maybe Tawan can get in an accident, Pol have to donate blood and from there her heart get softened.

  6. Have to say the drama is getting draggy esp at ep 14 onwards. Too much going on until there’s no chance of reconciliation. Pol kidnap the son to Korea, I think you need a passport to travel to Korea. If I’m Pan, I won’t forgive him too.

  7. hello neko.. when I had watched karn la krang neuang nai hua jai from that series I always rooted for Pim and Boom to watch a lakorn of them.. they are my favorite from then.. Prom Pisawat is an amazing lakorn I just loved it… In india when thee is movies released there is lots of songs and music released like a music album.. for this series I felt like that ( lakorn is amazing and songs and music is beautiful) i would like to thank neko very very much for subbing the lakorn and most important subbing songs with english subtitles and thai transaltion in english… because of that I could learn the songs and sing it.. i almost learned 4 songs to sing in thai… thank you for your hardwork, dedication… bless you and stay safe.. su su ka

  8. Thank you so much Neko. I really enjoying this drama and I love Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn very much she is good in acting.

    • Dear Meow team,
      Thank you so much for your hard work.
      All the best & stay safe and be healthy

  9. Dear Meow Team
    Big thank you from Germany – love and enjoy your work, 🥰😘
    Especially the quality of the sub – great and so fast after release ❤️👏❤️
    Please go on I will watch more happily
    Love this story

  10. thanks neko for giving us the opportunity to watch this series till the end

  11. Thank you sooo much neko for the hard work… may god bless you and keep safe always … we love you neko ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Thanks for all your hard work, Neko! This is my favorite lakorn this year (so far). Really appreciate how they took time to lay down the foundation of the romance before the major conflict. I rarely see a lakorn where the romance is the main focus more than the revenge or other elements. Pim and Boom have great chemistry and really breathed life to Pan and Pol in the best way possible 😉 The songs are good too.

  13. Thank you so so much for uploading this series! I’m so hooked haha I was going to wait until it was over but I couldn’t, I never hated a male lead so much in a lakorn lol

  14. Thank you very much for subbing this series! Really appreciate it. This lakorn is unexpectedly really great! The cast are awesome and so are the OSTs. The characters are very real indeed.

  15. Well I’m convinced!! I watched the first episode and decided this was not for me and chose Baan Sila Daeng. But as I always tick to get the new comments I find that I have been receiving rave reviews about this drama , several per day. As soon as I finish another two I am watching I shall return and watch some more!!Thank you everyone for spreading the news. AND OF COURSE, thank you to Neko and the team yet again for what so many tell me is great work for another great choice!! Stay safe everyone.

  16. Thank you for your hardwork. I really apprecaite your work .

  17. IDK about you guys but this drama is making me all worked up about many mixed emotions.. I hate him but I can feel his love for her too…. he is such an a$$ in here but I can’t help it but to fall in love with him as well…. Why P’Pol why????…. anyways just wanted to share that…thanks Neko for your hard and amazing work…. I am dying to watch the next episodes but I will wait each week for it….^_^

    • I agree! Sometimes I want to hit the main guy because he’s so selfish and reckless but at the same time how love for Pan is so real. The actors who play the main leads chemistry is absolutely amazing!

  18. Hello Neko!
    I have watched many of the lakhorns you have subbed and think you are doing a great job with the subbing!Thank you so much for your time and effort to do this for Lakhorn Lovers.”Prom Pisawat” is my current addiction.I totally love watching Pimmy and Boom co-star,their chemistry is on fire!!!

  19. thank you so much for your effort 💕
    really appreciate your hard work for sharing this lakorn eng sub with us all thailakorians from other countries. Thank you so
    much .. we love and live for thailakorn .
    Love from Malaysia 💕

  20. i want to thank you for everything you have done. I love you soo much for subbing this. I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart. Bless your beautiful soul

  21. The next episode will for sure a sad one, but I look forward to seeing it. Thank you Neko for subbing so fast! You are the best!

  22. Thank u neko for the fast sub …. love u moreeeeeee ❤❣✌

  23. you are the best, dont know how you can manage to sub so many series at once ! respect 😉

  24. awww you are the best! You never disappoint and it amazes me how you do it. I shared your link and said you were the fastest subber ever and i bet anyone who followed your link to watch believes me that indeed you are the ishhhh and on top of your game. kudos nekomeowmeow!!!

  25. Thank you Neko for subbing this! I’m enjoying and loving it so much! I hope you are too!

  26. Thank you for your hardwork! I’ll patiently wait for the next episodes 😊😊😊

  27. Thanks Neko for taking up this project!!….loving it so far!!

    One thng i am hating in lakorns and other chinese series, the girls shamelessly chasing guys….its okay to take initiative bt most of the time the methods r so shameless, even if thts by side charecters

    • HI Lina me too not even the girls, but even the main lead is acting like a molester, you cannot just start to kiss anyone in public, I think some of kiss scenes were put for no reason, I hope the story line changes.
      I really appreciate Niko, and I lobe her work and patience, U really appreciate that she share it with us.

  28. Thank u soooo muchh neko for ep 7 love u so muchhhhhh …. muahhhh 💯🤩😊

  29. Thank u so so veryyyyy much for subbing prom pisawat i love pimmy so damn much n thank u again patintly waitng for next ep to be subbed thank u again love u so much …muahhhh ❤❣💯✌

    • Thanks for your effort neko meow meow I I’m so much satisfied for your work waiting for next episode 🙂

  30. Tq neko meow meow for subbing this series….so excited to watch next ep love the couple and tq too for lyrics in their song fall in love with the song as well…

  31. thank you much for subbing this drama and for putting romanized lyrics, appreciate it a lot as I like singing along the song 🎶

  32. Am i the only one who is not able to plau video with subtitles or everyone is facing same issue

  33. Thank you so much for the subs 😊👌 keep it up.. Godbless 🙂

  34. Thank you very much for subbing this lakorn and also for putting romanized lyrics on the mv because i love singing along the songs 🎶

  35. I’m so addicted to this series, can’t wait to watch ep 4:))

  36. Thank you Neko for subbing this. Looks good from first 3 episodes.

  37. Thank you so much for subbing this Lakorn 🙂

  38. Thank you for subbing this particular lakorn! Wasn’t expecting much but after watching episode 1, I became hooked. Thank you again!!!!

  39. Thank you for this! For some reason, I’m not able to see eng subs. Am I the only one? Is there something I have to enable?

  40. Thank you so much for subs. Can’t wait to watch ep :)))

  41. still lurking lol…. waiting for it to be finished before binge watching…kekekeke
    i really love the character chart… thanks for this neko!!! 🙂

  42. Thank you so much for all your great work, it is greatly appreciated. You are awesome!!!

  43. You are the best…. Love this lakorn so far…. and thank you very much for putting up all the songs that the main girl sing… I was trying to look for them… Thank you again for your hard work… can’t wait for the next video.. ^^

  44. Thank you so much Neko! Okay so we’re off to….a messy start, lol. I was kind of missing dumb angry pra’ek’s, but I think I got more than I asked for! Also a lot of terrible women in this one already, oh boy. Still, an interesting plot, fantastic chemistry, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. It seems like we’ll get lots of great scenes from those ending credits! I also really loved the scenes of our nang’ek singing! What a beautiful voice!

    Meanwhile…did anyone else think that Sara was like, out loud terrible? I thought that was the point, but then the leads kept acting like she was actually a good singer?? Don’t gaslight me, drama lol

    Anyway, thank you again, Neko! Su su! <3

  45. Thank u for episode 1 a fresh start and im in love with this pairing already!

  46. Congratulations on your new position. You certainly deserve good fortune. I hope you achieve enjoyment and fulfillment in your new role. Well done. And of course all nekolings will be patient and purr softly!!

  47. Thank you so much for picking this lakorn. I am a fan of boom since once upon a time in my heart lakorn.. and in my heart a bit I shipped this both to do a lakorn together.. thank you 🙏🏻 will wait patiently for the lakorn because it had got delayed because of covid I am happy it will be aired soon 🥰 thank you for your hard work

  48. Thank you for choosing this one! I’ve wanted them to be the main couple since “Krang La Krang Neung”. They had better chemistry than the leads for me lol

  49. Thank you so much for picking up on this project and Mia Archeep. Can’t wait for both of them to air. Su Su ka P’Neko.

  50. Thank you soo much finally 😘😘😍

  51. Thanks for choosing this drama 😊😊..btw they have started the filming of this drama

  52. I am looking forward for this lakorn 🥰 thanks for choosing this lakor

  53. thank you neko for choosing this lakorn 🐱‍👓..boom is my biased 😍😍😍

  54. Was this lakorn supposed to have Mik as the lead but was changed to Boom instead

  55. Thank you so much for picking this one 👍😊 The teasers look very interesting, looking forward to watching this. Appreciate your hard work 🙏

    • Thank you so much neko for subbing this lakorn so quickly. The work you do is very much appreciated and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do 😊 I cannot wait for the next episode…. Keep up the great work. Neko is the best 👍💕

  56. I am so excited to watch this drama. Hope this will be a good one:)

    • Thank you so much neko for subbing this lakorn. been waiting every week for this 😻 i am definitely in love with boom and prim!! thank u again neko more power ✨

  57. yayyyy!! Thank you so much for choosing this lakorn. Love the cast and storyline, hope this lakorn will be interesting ^^ so excited!!

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