Rak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน

Rak Gan PanlawanRak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน
Subbing Completed as of  December 10, 2017
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Total Episodes : 14
Air Date : 3rd Nov 2017 – 2nd Dec 2017 (Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

ฉันจะรอ / Chan Ja Ror (I Shall Wait) BY Nine Naphat
ฉันจะรอ / Raeng Deung Doot (Gravity) BY Room39
ไม่สมมติ / Mai Sommoot (Not “What If”) BY Sugar Eyes

Ep Air
Time %
1 11/03/17 100% 100% 11/06/17 LINK
2 11/04/17 100% 100% 11/10/17 LINK
3 11/05/17 100% 100% 11/13/17 LINK
4 11/10/17 100% 100% 11/15/17 LINK
5 11/11/17 100% 100% 11/17/17 LINK
6 11/12/17 100% 100% 11/20/17 LINK
7 11/17/17 100% 100% 11/22/17 LINK
8 11/18/17 100% 100% 11/24/17 LINK
9 11/19/17 100% 100% 11/26/17 LINK
10 11/24/17 100% 100% 11/30/17 LINK
11 11/25/17 100% 100% 12/04/17 LINK
12 11/26/17 100% 100% 12/06/17 LINK
13 12/01/17 100% 100% 12/08/17 LINK
14 12/02/17 100% 100% 12/10/17 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by Kites_T-Zone & neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

152 Comments on “Rak Gan Panlawan รักกันพัลวัน

  1. Sorry. The song title playing when Toon wake up and saw PNat . Actually Toon slept on Matt lap/tight.
    Thank you

    • Ah! I know which one already. I’ve already listed under Featured Song
      ไม่สมมติ / Mai Sommoot (Not “What If”) BY Sugar Eyes

      • Thank you so much. I love that song but can’t find it. Thank you

  2. Hi. Anyone can help me? What is the song title playing in episode 6 when both of them working overtime and Toon slept on Matt’s lap. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for all your hard work it is much appreciated.

  4. Nine Naphat is SO HOT!!!!!!! and omg his age is shocking…He looks so mature and handsome like around 27-28 years old…I couldn’t imagine that he is only 21 !!! Btw thank you for subbing this…if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Naphat”s hotness xD <3

  5. This main male actor Ceo slightly remind me of Got7 Yugyeom eyes,nose, lip.. ^^

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  7. Neko, thanks a lot for subbing this lakorn.. really appreciate you hard work.. 🙂

  8. Thanks 4 subbing. It was cute 😳. Can u try barb rak talay fun it looks interesting plz 🤗

  9. Loved this drama…it was so sweet, also loved the fact they were no real evil bitches….and oh gosh how cute was the male lead with his deep voice 😍.

  10. Nemo please sub love stories love series to be continued 🙂

  11. Thanks for subbing this show! But can you also sub La Ong Dao 2017? I really think that the drama is interesting. If it is already subbed by someone else, can you tell me where I can watch the drama.

  12. Hi, thank you for your work! I am able to enjoy the drama because of the eng sub!!! You guys are so awesome! on another note, I have looked at alwaysmeena for download link. However, it is still not available there.. Do you guys know the timeframe that it’ll be available? Thanks!

  13. Hi, neko, please sub another Ice dramas. Fabulous 30 the series… thanks before…

  14. I’ve watched two times now, and I am going to download it. They resembled each other😣😣😣💞💞💞💕💕 almost thought they are siblings/cousins. They perfect together.

  15. Thank you from Luxembourg for subbing this lakorn
    I loooove it and watched it twice already … I think I am mental … no answer needed 😉

    This and “You’re my destiny” are …. mmmmmh …. THANX

  16. Hi Neko . Was checking out the alternative streaming link you have provided but am not able to make it full screen on the iPad . Just wanted to know if you have disabled it for some reason or there is some magical tech way I can watch it full screen on the iPad . Sorry for so many queries . Thank you

    • I just tested on my ipad. Put your thumb and index finger over the player and expand it will automatically give you full screen 😛

      • 😀 did not quite mean like that but thank you . Appreciate all the help .

  17. Serious case of LOVE DRUNK from watching this lakorn. ALL sorts of feels!!! Thanks a mil for subbing in English!

  18. THIS IS BY FAAAAR MY FAVORITE THAI SERIES! You and your team put in so much dedication to this project and all of the rest. I’ve been watching you for so loong but I rarely leave a comment. I fell in love with your website the moment I saw its name. I love cats! Sending lots of love and appreciation from NY!

    I just started watching a new series called Reang Tawan but was saddened to see that it has only beed subbed up to episode 6. Would it be possible for you to consider subbing the rest of the episodes?

    • Thanks! Yeap! I’ve enjoyed this one too. And still having a bit of hangover on this one! 😉

      A lot of people have been asking for Raeng Tawan or some other unfinished lakorn. But unfortunately it will be a big “NO” and “FULL STOP”! I’ve have enough of cleaning up other people’s shit at work. So I’m not going spoil it for myself when it comes to hobby. 😛

    • Hi, if you can read chinese you can watch Raeng Tawan wit chinese subs on youtube.

  19. Thank you sooo much for your hard work!! Now I cannot get over from this drama.. especially with Nine. OMG he is sooo handsome!!

  20. Thank you very much Neko for subbing this Lakorn it was funny and refreshing i couldn’t stop watching

  21. hi neko i need some advice i want english subb indian shows can u tell me how i can do it without them blocking me or any site where i can get this information

  22. I hope you consider subbing Mai Davika’s Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae

  23. Thank you very much Neko for you hard work…. Really love this lakorn….:)

  24. awww so sad and happy at the same time loved watching it.

  25. Thanks for all your hard work! I’ve enjoyed this lakorn very much

  26. Thank you for subbing this series! I love it so much that it’s in one of my top fave lakorns. It was a feel good romcom
    and Nine/Ice have such an awesome chemistry. It’s really nice to find a lakorn that it’s less stressful and the leads look so good together. So much feels in this lakorn especially on Nine’s character. Definitely recommended especially when you are recommending a lakorn for someone who hasn’t seen a lakorn.

  27. Thank you very, very much for your great work!!! I’ve liked this drama a lot. You’re awesome for doing this. Kisses from Barcelona.

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  29. Thanks neko & team for wonderful sub. I enjoyed it immensely
    Kob khun ka

  30. Thanks alot Neko for subbing this drama really liked it alot thanks again neko for your another great work .

  31. gracias gracias .. muchas gracias de veras…. por fa raeng tawannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  32. Thank you Neko for subbing this great drama!! I look forward to all the episode clip releases. So fast! Your translations are wonderful. Thank you, again!!

    • I also meant to say thanks to Neko’s team for helping with the timing and editing. I know how hard and underappreciated that can be as well. Kudos to you guys!

    • Neko your fan from Greece <3
      thank you for your wonderful job

  33. RaRerngFai 2017 ken and noon lakorn do u know who is subbing this

  34. How is pinky realated to matt?
    btw thanks for subbing this lakorn.

  35. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you Neko! Enjoy your coffee!! ^_^

  36. hi!
    can you give me srt sub for re-translate in persub?

    please 🙁
    E01 and 02

    please contact with my mail

  37. Love you neko ! And people if we Love her work then let’s buy at least coffee for her ! A small appreciation token to her hard work !

    • Yes please everyone show appreciation for her hard work!

    • Im all for contributing. That’s a lot of work she and her team are doing. And so good too. How can we go about it?

  38. Thank you for this speedy fast subbing !!! It’s like your 10 or something AMAZING! I watched up to ep 4 and stopped. I will wait until you finish it to enjoy it I am SO glad someone chose to take this drama on. As soon as I saw it on MDL I knew I had to watch it. Instant love :)))

  39. Muchas gracias por subtitularla, en Tai no me entero de nada, al menos en inglés me entero de la mitad de las cosas, a ver si consigo verla sub. en español y ya la entenderé al completo, jajajaja estoy deseando que llegue el fin de semana para saber como acaba, voy por el capítulo 11 🙂

  40. This is the bestlakorn I’ve ever watch! the plot is interesting, the actor and actress also good looking (hehe) thank neko for subbing this 💕💕💕 kiss tjup tjup😘

  41. Thanks for always subbing these amazing dramas and always subbing so quickly as well! I’m glad you’re subbing this drama! Nine & Ice are SO cute together. Kind of sad that it’s ending soon this week 🙁 I even skipped ahead to ep 12 cause I can’t get enough of Nine

  42. This is my first time commenting.
    Thank you very much for what you do.
    It was your site that first introduced me to Thai dramas.
    Please take your time subbing. I would rather you not be stressed when subbing. You are providing a great service to non-Thai’s like me.
    Thank you!!!

  43. Thank you for good work Neko-san ! Sorry to request ep 9 can combine to 1 ep ?

  44. Thank you for subbing.I really love this drama it is simple and full with comedy along too.I really hope you could sub it till the end.


  45. Thank you so so much for subbing this😘
    Does this show just have 14 episodes?

    • Most likely she still work on the subtitle/time. If you watch the progress of her work you will see it. It is not an easy job. But she is one of the best and she is super fast in her work.

  46. thank you soooooo much for subbing this show, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW AND SUPER STOCKED ABOUT HOW FAST YOU SUB!! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE PERSON 🙂 KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK 🙂 THIS IS MY FIRST THAILAND SHOW mostly because the ones i would like to watch usually have to subs 😦 anyways thanks again, hope you had an amazing day, and if you didnt I wanted to let you know that you are amazing and i will forever grateful 🙂

  47. Thank you for subbing this lakorn. I like it, it’s so funny !!

  48. At last I’m her thank u so much for subbing this drama and many thanks to the one who helped me where to find it looking forward to watching it 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  49. OMG.. i just found out u subbed this series!!! i have hard time watching it in chinese sub T.T
    thank you!i love this series!

  50. Thanks Neko, I’m enjoying this one although I wouldn’t let any of them run a zoo.

  51. Thank you for subbing and keep up the great work
    Ps i love this lakorn 😍

  52. Thks so much for the great work for subbing this larkorn. I really loved this drama so much. Once again gd job and thks so much! 😡

  53. Jeez I can’t stop watching the series!!!!!! this is unbelievable,

  54. Thank you for subbing this drama and this is my first Thailand drama and I love it.

  55. Loving every episode of it! Love the chemistry! Love the fact that he is falling for her first 🙂

  56. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, not only on this project but all of your other work! We really appreciate you! ❤️

  57. I was wondering if you have ever thought of subbing Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Raed? It looks like such a fun drama to watch. Andrew Gregson is the lead in this drama and I also liked him in Sailab Rak Bpuan.

  58. Thank you for subbing this Lakorn, really nice chemistry between the main leads.

  59. Thank you sooooooooooo much for choosing to sub this lakorn. I’ve been looking forward to watching it several months before its release date and wasn’t sure if someone was planning on subbing it. So thanks for putting the effort and time on this lakorn and all others. 🙂

  60. It has been awhile I’m lurking around your site for subbed lakorn but never left any messages (SORRY!)
    I’m so thankful for your hard work subbing these wonderful lakorn for us
    Keep up the good work~

  61. hi, thank you for subbing this series. idk what came to me that i suddenly went crazy over ice lol its hard for me to find anything related with thai that are subbed heheh, so yeah thank youu

  62. I like more about P’Pimmy and P’Sean, they are so cute together.

  63. Thanks a ton for taking up this project…..its lovely story so far.
    BTW, what does the title means?? Rak == love
    what does kan panalwan means?

  64. Dear Neko, the song Raeng Deung Doot (Gravity) BY Room39 linked to Chan Ja Ror (I Shall Wait) BY Nine Naphat.

  65. Thank you for the subtitle. Greatly appreciated else no chance to enjoy the lakorn n the handsome couple.

  66. Thank you for subbing this series! Love the visuals between the two leads.

  67. Thank you for subbing this drama..you’re the best! Luv you <3

  68. Thank you for picking up this lakorn. I always liked Ice and thinks she’s underrated. I love her in your subbed project Gasohug and in the movie I’m Fine thank you.
    I know she has comedic timing so will do great in lakorn that are funny and with comedic moments.
    Neko you are on a roll! Which is amazing!

  69. Thanks Neko, you’re working hard again I see. Don’t forget to take the time to smell the roses now and then so you’ll feel refreshed.

  70. Hey neko, I just wanted to give you a head’s up in case you can fix this before making a full episode version. The cats in 1.7 go by the common name jaguar/panther in English; they aren’t cheetahs.

    Thanks so much so subbing this. The first episode was so cute!!!

    • Well if you notice there’s Cheetah and also Black Phanter in the same clip. And the Thai translation is only using general “Seu” Which can refer to Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Phanter, Jaguar…. I think you get the idea, right? 😛

      p/s: Or maybe I’m wrong that it’s Leopard instead of Cheetah 😛 Anyway you are too late. Already hardsub!

  71. I liked the first episode a lot! You are good at choosing tv shows 🙂

  72. Wow! Excited when is the next update. Please please please update soon

  73. Aaah! I was so excited after you subbed this trailer that I’ve anxiously waiting to see who’d pick this up. So glad it’s you. Ty ty ty!!!

  74. Haha! Honestly, this is better than Mario Maurer and James Ma’s lakorn. This looks really good. It’s like watching a collaboration between kdrama and thai lakorn.

  75. omo!! just found out that this is the n’ek of Gasohug…love her in that series… and am currently watching her in Leh Lub Salub Rarng……

  76. omg omg omg i wanted this one done so bad….ty ty ty ty ty ty ty

  77. I am sooo excited to watch this! thank you for choosing this lakorn 😀

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