Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 Ep01-Ep04 [ENG SUB]

Ru Hua Ru Tu

Hello nekolings!

Sabai de mai? A lot have happened while I’m away from nekoland. New job role, the excitement of camping at cdramaland and getting absorbed by whatever by product that comes with it, new baby (my handsome ragdoll name LV) are some of the stuff that have been keeping me busy. Overall, neko is doing just fine.😺Thank you for those who have been showering neko with love while MIA😘

However neko’s head is still not exactly back into lakorn. TBH subbing have been taking a toll on me. Every time I tried to sub I end up being sleepy. It have become a burden as I don’t find it as fun as it used to anymore. Sorry nekolings!

But on one fine day, I come across this short clip series in kuaishou (one of the by product from cdramaland which I’m currently obsessed with apart from douyin & china version of IG – xiaohongshu) that I have the urge to share and FIN it together with nekolings! I love these series. Each eps are about 2mins. Mainly focus on the CP (or what we call pranang in Thai). FIN and fast pace!

neko is taking baby steps to return back into subbing with Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 🤞 which I hope nekolings will enjoy it as much as I do. As for On-going project, it will be resume once I get my head straight with lakorn! 😜

Ru Hua Ru Tu 如花如荼 starring 李璐璐 Li Lulu and 林泽辉IRON Lin ZheHui is a story about heroine Hua Ling, who accidentally entered the world of novel. Knowing all the plot of the novel, she needs to find ways to prevent Demon King FuTu from destroying the world. However things doesn’t goes according to the script which causes all the plot to go wrong. Can Hua Ling, a stubborn girl who refuses to admit defeat, successfully defeat the villain Demon King and save the world while holding the incomplete script?








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