Seal of Love 浮生印

Seal of Love 浮生印
Total Episodes : 24 Eps
Airing Date : Sep 01, 2022 – Sep 17, 2022 (Every Thu, Fri, Sat)
Cast :李菲Li Fei, 明加加 Ming Jia Jia, 黄宥天 Hyde
Fu Sheng rescued the distressed Demon Lord Jing Yuan in Fengming Mountain and take him in as his disciple. And by doing so offended Immortal Qing Chen. He came to demand back his disciples only to find that Fu Sheng look exactly the same as Immortal Xi Yun who disappeared thousand years ago in order to protect the people. Qing Chen left Fengming Mountain with doubts.
On the other hand, Goddess Mu Yao vow to get rid of Fu Sheng. Qing Chen agrees to marry Mu Yao in order to protect Fu Sheng. But Mu Yao refused to let Fu Sheng go.
Jingyuan in order to protect Fu Sheng, reveal his real black dragon body to resist the catastrophe and fell into the seal world with Fu Sheng.
After a long time, Qing Chen finally found Fu Sheng and Jing Yuan. For the sake of justice and people, they decided to work together to deal with Mu Yao who had been swallowed by desire.

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Ep Air
01 09/01/22 LINK LINK
02 09/01/22 LINK LINK
03 09/01/22 LINK LINK
04 09/01/22 LINK LINK
05 09/01/22 LINK LINK
06 09/01/22 LINK LINK
07 09/01/22 LINK LINK
08 09/01/22 LINK LINK
09 09/02/22 LINK LINK
10 09/02/22 LINK LINK
11 09/03/22 LINK LINK
12 09/03/22 LINK LINK
13 09/08/22 LINK LINK
14 09/08/22 LINK LINK
15 09/09/22 LINK LINK
16 09/09/22 LINK LINK
17 09/10/22 LINK LINK
18 09/10/22 LINK LINK
19 09/15/22 LINK LINK
20 09/15/22 LINK LINK
21 09/16/22 LINK LINK
22 09/16/22 LINK LINK
23 09/17/22 LINK LINK
24 09/17/22 LINK LINK

Subbed & time by neko^^

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