See Mai Karn สี่ไม้คาน

See Mai KarnSee Mai Karn สี่ไม้คาน
English Subbing Competed as of Oct 17, 2019
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Total Episodes : 30 Eps
Airing Date : 4th Sept 2019 – 15th Oct 2019 (Every Monday – Friday)
ไม่ต้องมีรัก / Mai Dtong Mee Rak (Doesn’t Need Love) by Pla Thanapol & Nan Kaewkarn
จอมขมังเวทย์ / Jom Kamang Wayt (Magician) by Aum Baby Bull


Ep Air
Time %
01 09/04/19 100% 100% 09/05/19 LINK
02 09/05/19 100% 100% 09/09/19 LINK
03 09/06/19 100% 100% 09/10/19 LINK
04 09/09/19 100% 100% 09/11/19 LINK
05 09/10/19 100% 100% 09/12/19 LINK
06 09/11/19 100% 100% 09/13/19 LINK
07 09/12/19 100% 100% 09/14/19 LINK
08 09/13/19 100% 100% 09/15/19 LINK
09 09/16/19 100% 100% 09/18/19 LINK
10 09/17/19 100% 100% 09/19/19 LINK
11 09/18/19 100% 100% 09/20/19 LINK
12 09/19/19 100% 100% 09/21/19 LINK
13 09/20/19 100% 100% 09/22/19 LINK
14 09/23/19 100% 100% 09/26/19 LINK
15 09/24/19 100% 100% 09/27/19 LINK
16 09/25/19 100% 100% 09/28/19 LINK
17 09/26/19 100% 100% 09/28/19 LINK
18 09/27/19 100% 100% 09/30/19 LINK
19 09/30/19 100% 100% 10/02/19 LINK
20 10/01/19 100% 100% 10/03/19 LINK
21 10/02/19 100% 100% 10/04/19 LINK
22 10/03/19 100% 100% 10/06/19 LINK
23 10/04/19 100% 100% 10/06/19 LINK
24 10/07/19 100% 100% 10/09/19 LINK
25 10/08/19 100% 100% 10/10/19 LINK
26 10/09/19 100% 100% 10/11/19 LINK
27 10/10/19 100% 100% 10/13/19 LINK
28 10/11/19 100% 100% 10/13/19 LINK
29 10/14/19 100% 100% 10/16/19 LINK
30 10/15/19 100% 100% 10/17/19 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

49 Comments on “See Mai Karn สี่ไม้คาน

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  2. Thank you for subbing this, Loved Ko Vasin because of KGRKGR and loved his character here since it’s much better compared to as Pawee. But just wished the ending is slightly longer or that Kaew and Rut has a longer screen time as an official couple as the other three had been official long before the ending. The loveline between P’Nong and P’Em was unexpected though.

    On that note, I would love if you can subbed or translate the whole song of “Jom Kamang Wayt (Magician) by Aum Baby Bull”. I really loved the song from the bits that you translated for the episodes and would love to know the meaning of the whole song. Thanks a lot

    • I’ve replaced the link with the sub video as per requested.
      Me love that song too! It was in my repeat list during the month that I was subbing SMK! At first I have plan to make Fan MV of Rut & Kaew and Putt & Phikun using this song. Then I got disappointed with the ending and new project took place that I totally forgot about it! ^^’

      • Omg thanks for the fast reply and doing this favour. Tbh, I’ve been replaying the song many times these past few days after finishing the drama but sad that I can’t understand it. Glad to know that I’m not the only one kinda disappointed with the ending.

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  4. Hi Neko , jsut some feed back. For the first time Server 2 failed and left message The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. You might be able to fix this error by installing Adobe Flash, install latest version.

    I might just wait for Grumpy Cat. Wishing you a great day, Thank you for everything Lyn

    • For which eps? I was having difficulty to upload to Server 2 for the past few days. Not sure if it’s temporarily or it’s going to be permanent!

      • update info below I tried ep 29 and ep 1 KAEW KLANG DONG Server 2 and worked fine for both of them but same message still with ep 30 Cheers Lyn

          • PERFECT!! Another bit of magic from our star. I always like to show my appreciation for your subbing, selection of shows, reviews etc but I neglect to praise your tech skills. I still think of how you almost disappeared earlier this year and your mammoth efforts to restore it all. I was ssoo scared you had gone,

            Thank you for the fix !! PS google drive works great !! Grumpy ….never!!

      • ep 5 ,11,27 are the ones that are not working in server 2 if you could please reupload it in server 2 thanks again for all your hardwork .

  5. thanks for subbing this Neko really njoyed it alot but wanna ask if u will upload it on server 3 like your other dramas.

  6. Cant play the video in server 1. i know im not in the position to request but can it be downloader in verystream. thank you very much

    • Verystream is currently down. I’m not sure if it’s temporarily or permanent!
      If you can’t use server 1 your other options would be to wait till this is being released for download at

  7. sever 2 was working fine but its blocked in my browser and also i tried to open it through change the vpn but nothing happening can smone help me with this.

  8. Oh I can’t believe this series is almost over! It was such a great ride and plot. Thank you Neko for subbing this project so fast! I’m going to be so sad when it’s finished

  9. Omg! Can’t wait for ep 17, I want to see how phikun would react when she will know the truth that putt isn’t really the father. I hope he will not get mad to putt bcos he lied to her.

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  11. Hi, first of all, I want to thank your team for the great work you’re doing (and I’m so glad that you’ll be subbing Maturot Logan !). But I would like to request your help about something : how and where do you find raws to upload from channel 7 ? I’m asking because I’m a Youtuber and I make MVs and if it’s possible, I’d rather make my MVs with good quality RAW videos. Thank you in advance ?

  12. Hi Neko. Interested in your thoughts re the performance of Ko Vasin this time after King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng. I recall your wondering if he would improve in future performances . I am a fan of KGRKGR . Once more but with true sincerity, THANK YOU as I love watching your work. Have a great day!!!!

    • I have a soft spot for Ko Vasin since So Sanaeha. No matter if his acting is good or bad. I will still sit through it! 😛
      In KGRKGR, the thing is I can’t stand Pinkploy! ^^’

  13. Dear neko even though you dont encourage sub request this is the first time I am excited and enthusiastic to introduce thai lakorn named “LIKHIT HANG JAN” currently airing in ch3. I have watched first 2 episodes so far. And I tell you the female lead is awesome in her dual role acting. If you have time plz check out the episodes. After watching if it captures your attention and get interested to sub this lakorn then it should be a treat for nekolings. Plot is somewhat similar to Bhuvanee sanniwat. And I must say I’m a fan of your lakorn selections and my new fav lakorn is Kaew Klang Dong.

    • I’m not proficient enough to sub anything boran or you can say anything of Bupphe Sanniwat era!

      • Oh thats ok dear even if u don’t have any proficiency yet you are still awesome with your subs as I know you are a non native subber. Kudos to that 🤗👏😀

    • Perhaps you might want to volunteer to time/segment before you question for the next episodes! One doesn’t need to know Thai to time/segment. You’ll just need to sit through the entire eps and make sure you capture all the conversation. And here’s the guideline that you can start with. Timing with Aegisub

      • Thank you fr telling abt timing !!!!!
        But i was just curious abt the nxt one….
        I didnt mean to disrespect ur hardwork….

  14. The trowback to when grandpa Jai and grandma Laupuan (or whatever her name was) was young was so funny. The wigs were epic.

  15. This was the most hilarious comedy drama i ever saw……
    Just the first ep made my day…. ❤❤❤
    Cant wait for another 29 episodes
    Thank you neko fr subbing it in english…..

  16. OH MYYY GODDDD!!!! THANK YOU FOR PICKING THIS UP!!!!!!!!! I was so heartbroken when Thippy dropped this and I just watched yesterday the first 3 episodes raw and it made me hunger for more to know what they’re talking about…. I was really caught off guard but mostly happy that I saw this one in your current project ‘coz I didn’t see this in your prospective projects before…. I was really looking forward to this because Mameaw looks like Mint Chalida and the storyline seems hilarious!! REALLY REALLY THANK YOU!!!!!!

  17. Niko , where is server 3 i waited for this alog time please upload it on sever 3 rak ka

    • I’m having trouble uploading to server 3. So server 3 will have to wait.

  18. i watched the teaser and liked it, thanks for subbing this lakorn 🙂

  19. Man I am surprised that you are subbing this one with Ko Vasin in it. After kinda of getting burned with KGRKGR. Although for my money he really wasn’t the weakest link in that lakorn. It was Pinkploy who I just couldn’t warm up to. She did grow on me but I don’t know what was missing here maybe heart? She played fierceness and stubbornness really well I appreciated that they fleshed out the story more in the latter episodes but the writers cut some really crucial funny scenes. I love the older version so much so maybe I was bound to be a little disappointed. And Naruemon as crazy mom was fine. She played crazy pretty well but I still prefer crazy funny Jarunee. She was the bomb!

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