[Short Film – ENG SUB] How Are You? NUM KALA feat Pon & Ferny (Updated)

I’ve always been a fan of NUM KALA. My all time favourite would be ปล่อยมือฉัน (Let go of my Hand). If you have never heard of NUM KALA, but you are an avid lakorn fan, this song might be familiar to you. นานเท่านาน (As Long as Possible) OST of Son Yuke & Pang Onjira’s Hua Jai Reua Puang. Which is also one of my all time favourite lakorn!

As I was browsing youtube today. This little surprise show up in my feed. And I thought! Oh why not…. So here’s the teaser. Featuring Pon Nawasch (Trabab See Chompoo and Ferny Nopjira (Hua Jai Sila). This pairing look good together too. The short film for the MV will be on air on the 23.09.19.

Update 23rd September 2019
And here’s the short film…. Enjoy ^^
p/s: I just realise I miss Pon’s smile! Is nice to see his work again!
Next update would be for the MV. To be released on 25th September 2019!

Update 25th September 2019
Updated MV. Click CC for Eng Sub. Just as I expected!

18 Comments on “[Short Film – ENG SUB] How Are You? NUM KALA feat Pon & Ferny (Updated)

  1. It’s so sad people don’t treasure and appreciate what they have in front of them until it’s too late.

  2. I didn’t expect her to have someone else either. I was really hoping they get back together after major groveling from him.

  3. Thank you neko for subbing it… I was expecting happy ending but it’s not… I miss pon and fern.. they are pairing is cute.. I would wish to see them together in a lakorn…

  4. It’s even. Why you want to say ‘I miss you’ at the end? She have someone already.

  5. Wow, thanks for the subs. I am a die-hard or incurable romantic person. I must have watched this short film five times. Cheers

  6. OMG! Just finished the MV, lowkey did not expect her to have a bf lol but that scene where they faced each other, oh my broken heart

  7. Funny I just saw a teaser of this unsubbed on Facebook and thought, oooh, Fern! I want to watch! Lol.

    • That was it to the film? There’s no happy ending? 🙁 Oh wait, is the MV you mentioned a continuation of the film?

      • We will find out later today. The MV is schedule to be release in youtube at 6pm Thailand time.

        • I hope there’s a happy ending (with the two together LOL) but she makes him work for it. 😂

          • From bit and pieces of the song I have a feeling it won’t! But we’ll see! 😛

      • It would depend on the ex… I think I’d ignore all but the most recent one.

    • I would definitely ignore him too, especially if he cheat on me and I caught him Lol. It doesn’t look like he treated her well, even though she wanted to spend time with him but he keep ignoring her and then end up cheating on her how sad. I wouldn’t even want to look at him or shed another tear for him.

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