[Short Film – ENG SUB] How Are You? NUM KALA feat Pon & Ferny (Updated)

I’ve always been a fan of NUM KALA. My all time favourite would be ปล่อยมือฉัน (Let go of my Hand). If you have never heard of NUM KALA, but you are an avid lakorn fan, this song might be familiar to you. นานเท่านาน (As Long as Possible) OST of Son Yuke & Pang Onjira’s Hua Jai Reua Puang. Which is also one of my all time favourite lakorn!

As I was browsing youtube today. This little surprise show up in my feed. And I thought! Oh why not…. So here’s the teaser. Featuring Pon Nawasch (Trabab See Chompoo and Ferny Nopjira (Hua Jai Sila). This pairing look good together too. The short film for the MV will be on air on the 23.09.19.

Update 23rd September 2019
And here’s the short film…. Enjoy ^^
p/s: I just realise I miss Pon’s smile! Is nice to see his work again!
Next update would be for the MV. To be released on 25th September 2019!

Update 25th September 2019
Updated MV. Click CC for Eng Sub. Just as I expected!