Singha Naka สิงหะนาคะ

Singha NakaSingha Naka สิงหะนาคะ
English Subbing Completed as of April 21, 2020
Total Episodes : 21 eps
Airing Date : 23rd March 2020 – 20th April 2020 (Monday to Friday)
คนไม่ดี /
Kon Mai Dee (Bad Person) by Golf Pichaya
ขอบคุณที่อยู่ตรงนี้ /
Kob khun tee yoo dtrong nee (Thank you for being here) by Joy Jeerapat AF8


Ep Air
Time %
01 03/23/20 100% 100% 03/27/20 LINK
02 03/24/20 100% 100% 03/29/20 LINK
03 03/25/20 100% 100% 03/30/20 LINK
04 03/26/20 100% 100% 03/31/20 LINK
05 03/27/20 100% 100% 04/01/20 LINK
06 03/30/20 100% 100% 04/02/20 LINK
07 03/31/20 100% 100% 04/04/20 LINK
08 04/01/20 100% 100% 04/05/20 LINK
09 04/02/20 100% 100% 04/07/20 LINK
10 04/03/20 100% 100% 04/09/20 LINK
11 04/06/20 100% 100% 04/10/20 LINK
12 04/07/20 100% 100% 04/11/20 LINK
13 04/08/20 100% 100% 04/11/20 LINK
14 04/09/20 100% 100% 04/12/20 LINK
15 04/10/20 100% 100% 04/15/20 LINK
16 04/13/20 100% 100% 04/16/20 LINK
17 04/14/20 100% 100% 04/17/20 LINK
18 04/15/20 100% 100% 04/18/20 LINK
19 04/16/20 100% 100% 04/18/20 LINK
20 04/17/20 100% 100% 04/18/20 LINK
21 04/20/20 100% 100% 04/21/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

25 Comments on “Singha Naka สิงหะนาคะ

  1. Thank you neko.i have watched some very memorable subbed shows by you. Thanks for all the hardwork all the team does.

  2. i’m here to rant again…LOL

    since i’ve last finished this, i’ve rewatched my fave episodes/scenes more than 5 times already… >_< i can’t seem to get enough of this series, though i had to be honest that this series is not totally great–with those pacing and developments, some newbie actings that need improvements and the changing of scenes were somewhat awkward. But I don’t know why i’m having withdrawal symptoms for this one. Maybe some plot holes or lacking in explanations?? IDK…. T.T Like how did Naka fell in love with Cat?? It’s like instant magic,lol. Unlike the storyline of Cat & Singha they have that eye to eye moment when they first met and their interactions after that where not instant ” I love you, you love me”—there’s development of their feelings gradually. I also love the close interactions of Rin & Singha… To be honest, i’m questioning why they didn’t fall for each other when they were shown to be close. And I still can’t get over Hatsudin’s death… T.T Slightly shipping him with Rin if Naka will become a total jerk to her…kekekek… I really love that scene in episode 15 (rewatching it over and over again, is like something shooting through your heart) where Rin thanked what she thought to be Singha for taking care of her. Really emphasize her words on “Love doesn’t need repayment. Just seeing the person you love happy is enough.”—She’s already used and know that Naka never put her in his sight, just like what she said last time to Singha. So, she assumed that Singha’s the one taking care of her ‘coz for her its impossible for Naka to take care of her…. T.T

    To this day, I still don’t know the real name of the actress RIN… Can someone please tell me if they know?? Pretty please??

    • I’m glad you enjoy this as much as I did subbing this! I admit that this lakorn is not perfect but there’s just something about it which keep me hook till the end. Perhaps is the eye candy. Haha! And I love the free spirit Dream too!
      Rin name is Pop Thananya Sirinimnualkul. You can follow her in IG @thananyapj. That’s all I know about her. Hope that help!
      p/s: One of the girl from timing team ship her with Sadayu! 😛

      • THANKS SO MUCH NEKO!!! You’re right!! I’m so hook to this one!!! And did you mention Sadayu!!! T.T I was actually forcing myself not to ship her with Sadayu especially in those episodes where Rin forced Sadayu to rest…. T.T

  3. REally to the nth power thank you for this lakorn neko!!! I really LOVE this genre of lakorn!!! The storyline that I really monitor is RIN’s devoted love to NAKA….—lol… To be honest, I kinda disappointed that they just seems to push their relationship immediately—I badly want to see a jealous NAKA over RIN!!!—kekekekkke Hopefully they will have season 2 with the same cast!!!

    I really cried when Hatsudin died, he’s such a cute ball of a softie(did that make sense?)…

    And Kaew, you’ll always be a Yihwa in my eyes, especially since Tul & Max where in this too…kekkee

    Btw, when is downloadable links available?? To be honest, my wifi sucks. While watching this, I had to pause every 5 mins to load the video… And I can’t preload it before. I want to rewatch it again, especially Rin’s scenes since she’s my new fave… 🙂

    PS Do you know who that RIN actress is? I can’t find in mydramalist. Thanks so much again and sorry for ranting…

    • I don’t know why but RIN somewhat reminds me of Bow Maylada when she is in her villager costume together with that tied up head band like cloth on her forehead… O.o

  4. Thank You Neko for another completed lakorn. I enjoyed it very much because of Oom. Looking forward for your next project.

  5. Thank you so much for subbing these series. Thanks to your wonderful team, I’ve been able to watch Thai Lakorns that I thought I wouldn’t be able to. SU SU NA!!!

  6. Good morning, do you know how many episodes this series will have? I’m anxious to see the final 😬😭

  7. Thanks again Neko for the fast subbing of this lakorn. You’re the bestest 🙂

  8. Neko, you continue to provide me with great entertainment. I am loving this show. I don’t know which guy should win the girl – fire or water? Together those boys make steam!

    • Honestly I couldn’t decide which one to root either. Both of them look so cute with Cat!😻 Me too am enjoying this one greatly. I’ve always like adventure series. Unfortunately I still feel that there’s something lacking about this one. One that I can identify clearly is that these newbie pra’ek need to work on their acting. But their good look make up to it!🤣 For evening lakorn, I would say that the CG is pretty good. I think what bother me the most is the transition from one scene to another which can be abit abrupt. They really need to work on the editing!

    • I like Naka for Cat’s. I always find his water heart confession sweet and cute. And both of them have a cute smile ❤️ But then Singha is cute too 😊

  9. So fast at subbing! I just started this lakorn a few hours ago and finished all three episode. I came back to check and now the fourth one is already up.
    Thank you for all your hard work Neko, and most of all, picking up interesting projects.
    I’m on a lakorn marathon since I’m quarantined lol

  10. As always you never stop surprising me 😍😍😍😍😍 thanks a trillion times 🤩🤩🤩💖💖

  11. Thanks Neko for subbing this lakorn. I’m really hoping that somebody will sub it because I like Oom so much..and booommm Neko save my life 🙂

  12. Thanks for working in this lakorn, I’ve watched the 5 episodes but do not understand 🥺🥺
    I’ll be waiting for watch each episode as long as you put subtitles… Thanks again 🥰

  13. I love the effort you put to these videos. You are the vest ever. But i also want to suggest a movie that I hope for you to translate if you can for us to watch as well “Mae Seu Pak Rai vs. Poochai Rod Jad (2018)”!!! Thank you so much!!

    • I drop that project ages ago for a reason! I have no plan to pick up whatever I have drop!

  14. Thanks for subbing this. This looks interesting!!

    Howz things there neko? Hope all is well in thailand!!

  15. Yay! Thank you for picking up this potential delicious hole!

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