So Wayree โซ่เวรี

So WayreeSo Wayree โซ่เวรี
English Sub completed as of Sep 14, 2020
Total Episodes : 15 Eps
Airing Date : Aug 14, 2020 – Sep 13, 2020 (Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
คนนี้คนเดียว Kon Nee Kon Dieow (This person, this one person) by Pingpong Sirasak
เจ็บแค่ไหนก็ยังรักอยู่ Jep Kae Nai Gor Yang Rak Yoo (However much it hurts, I still love you) by Punch Worakarn

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Ep Air
Sub Date
01 08/14/20 08/15/20 LINK
02 08/15/20 08/16/20 LINK
03 08/16/20 08/17/20 LINK
04 08/21/20 08/22/20 LINK
05 08/22/20 08/23/20 LINK
06 08/23/20 08/24/20 LINK
07 08/28/20 08/29/20 LINK
08 08/29/20 08/30/20 LINK
09 08/30/20 08/31/20 LINK
10 09/04/20 09/05/20 LINK
11 09/05/20 09/06/20 LINK
12 09/06/20 09/07/20 LINK
13 09/11/20 09/12/20 LINK
14 09/12/20 09/13/20 LINK
15 09/13/20 09/14/20 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN

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  1. Hi neko, my beloved subber, I would like to know, why I can watch ost so wayree? “it says the video is private”

    Thanks for all of your hardwork

  2. Things have been hectic this past year for me so I haven’t been watching lakorns at all. I saw this was recommended in a top 15 list and went searching for it doubting it would be subbed. It was such a delight to see a link redirecting me to here.

    So glad to be back on watching neko subbed content ^^ It’s like coming back home after being away for a long time <3

  3. Thank you very much Neko for ur effort .. Without u it will be kind of difficult to watch and feel Thai Lakorn..

  4. Thank you very much Neko and Co. for your hard effort.
    I would inform you that the link for ep 11 don’t work anymore.
    Have a nice time and thanks a lot for keeping the good work for all of us who don’t understand.

  5. because of your amazing effort in subbing these lakorns i am able to see how great of an actress Mookda Narinrak is. so thank you 🙂

  6. Can you recommend some more dramas like this . Thank you

  7. hi neko … thank you for another amazing drama.. I just loved it.. amazing chemistry between the leads…thanks for subbing the lakorn with your hardwork.. one of my favorite drama of these year.. love you..

  8. Thank you for translating to english. This is one of my favorites this year. The main leads are acting soo good together. The chemistry is on point and looks so realistic. ML never misses a moment of smelling or touching the FL hair, neck or face. hahaha. that’s what you do when you are really in love. Great acting. the best friend and brother are also good. And I guess the villains had fun portraying bad, crazy and evil characters. Rewatch value of this drama is above 9!!

  9. Nekomeowmeow, you’re amazing! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work subbing. Kem’s and Mookda’s acting was on point. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Loved So Wayree.

  10. nekooooooo so thankful for you to subing this lakorn. this is so nice and so meaningful. I love all of the story line and actors/actresses. and really appreciate for your hard works and efforts. you are one of my favorite person that i dont know face to face:DD

    • So Wayree got my vote for the best drama. I love the lead actor and actress; cute couple. Their acting are pretty good. I love Mita’s facial expressions. She’s got the most beautiful eyes and lips. The story line is also very good. I love this drama so much I think I watch it more than 10 times and still wanted watch it.

    • Thank you NEKO for making me understand what they are saying in this beautiful drama and not having to guess. Your subtitle add spice or a cherry to the drama. Thank you so much. LOVE this drama.

  11. neko meow meow, I just want to say your sub-bing of Thai-Drams/Lakorn are just plain AWESOME. So Wayree is a very nice lakorn, story line almost like jao-sao-jum-yorm which is so very nice too. THANKS SO MUCH NEKO MEOW MEOW! LIKE LIKE LIKE <3

  12. Thank you very much for your time and for subbing this lakorn….neko meowmeow is the best

  13. Thank you so much for subbing this drama for us!! I really i appreciated the effort that you gave to sub this drama so fast. So Wayree is the best lakorn i have ever watched. I really like the storyline, song, acting and everything especially the chemistry from the lead actor and lead actress. Love Kem & Mookda so much, i hope they will be pair up again in another lakorn.

    • I agree with you that So Wayree is the best drama. The story line, the theme song, the chemistry between Prin and Mita are all good. I watched one episode after another and coild not stop. I watched the drama over and over again.

  14. Thank you very much for your effort! I can see Kem’s improvement in here and I also love their chemistry as well. Anyhow, thanks again for picking up this great lakorn! Have a nice day!

  15. Thank you very much for your time and effort subbing dramas for us to understand the story 🙂 I love them more Prin and Mitra….More Power and God bless nekomeowmeow 🙂 🙂

  16. Thanks for subbing the drama really liked started with a hate but love blossomed and had a great ending.thanks again Neko.

  17. Thank you so much for subbing this drama and at lighting speed ! I bought you coffee and I hope you’ll enjoy your cuppa, you totally deserve it !

  18. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. It was great. Loved the story, loved the characters and the ending is so sweet.

  19. I am here from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much Neko for subbing this lakorn, it is the most interesting story, happy ending…The character that I am very admire in this lakorn is Khun Chachai Prin’s Dad because he gave me many lessons so far, in which being selfish and greediness its not absolutely gives us happiness but sadness instead, that’s all I can share and Thank you again Neko very much, GOD BLESS YOU

  20. A thousand thanks Neko for opening the links again! I shall now retire from real life and immerse myself in the So Wayree world. Cheers!!!

  21. Thank you soo much neko …. God bless you for the hard work by subbing this lakorn and for your upcoming project… thank you thank youu ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you very much for picking this lakorn. I can see Kem’s improvement in this drama and the chemistry between Mook is pretty good as well. Thanks again for subbing this great lakorn.

  22. Thanks a lot. We internationals fan had a good time thanks to your work.

    • Thank you so much!what a great series,hoping for next series for gaweena/thong and chen,they are cute couple,thank you again!more power Neko greetings from the Philippines,I’m a thai lakorn fan..God bless

  23. Hello Neko!!! Thank you so much for your hard work. I really appreciate all your effort to let us enjoy these amazing lakorns. I’ll be waiting patiently for your new projects. Greetings from South America 💗💗💗

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  27. Finale week! Not ready to let OTP go. I shall have withdrawals after it’s all over. Is there S2? LOL^^

    Mega thanks for all your generosity and consistent hard work. You’re awesome! Thank you, again.

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  33. This is the last week we can see them. it’s so sad😢. thank you for the great job team to make translate this lakorn💕

  34. it’s a very good story plus awesome casts! can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes. Thank you nekomeowmeow for the fansub, we’re looking forward to watch more english subbed lakorns here. Kudos to all lakornians. . .

  35. Hi!You don’t know how much I apreciate what you are doing!It relaxes me to watch thai drama and the fact that you translate them is comforting!Keep up the good work and take care of yourself and take breaks when you need them no Matter what others request from you!Love you !

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  40. ThankYou Neko for your hard work subbing the lakorns! This is not the first Lakorn I watched on your site.. but this is the first comment I’m writing on your site! Without your hard work, the beautiful world of Thai dramas would never have entered my life! Thank you so much!

    • Thanks alot Neko and team for fast subbing this Lakorn Im so obsessed of this drama that Icant help myself to visit your site time to time😘
      Appreciated much your effort.
      All the best and God bless!

  41. Always salute for your try hard. Your blog is really help for everyone who can’t understand Thai language.I wanna wish that your team will get best of luck.

  42. Appreciating Neko & Team for their role in helping non Thai lakorn lovers to understand the lakorn better via their quality subbing🙌.

    Our perception does vary thus causing uncalled for misinterpretation. To Parin, leaving Mintra to someone who could care better for her is love, however to Mintra, passing her off to another man is running away from responsibility. Gosh, let’s hope Parin’s persistence will melt Mintra’s pride and their love for each other will overcome such misinterpretation.

    It’s a good drama and both lead players have done their part well.

  43. Thank you Neko for your hard work and for making us smile and happy for all your drama. Keep safe

    • i’m also very thankful that someone is taking the time to do the subbing so that everyone can understand it your hard work is being appreciate i live in California USA and i’m not Thai so i am relying on the sub i really really enjoy watching this Lakorn the lead team has a very good working chemistry again thank you so much looking forward for the next episode.

  44. Hello nekomeowmeow, maybe you do not read my previus message.
    I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a very bad sight and cannot stay on pc or Handy to long, I ask only if you do have a download page.
    I know maybe I bother you, but I really want to see this Lakorn.
    Thank you in advance for your answear.
    Greeting, Fujia69.

      • I thank you very much neko. I read the rules, Sorry, I’ve forgot.
        I’ll wait until the whole Lakorn ends.
        I have to wait another week, I’ll endure.
        Thank you for your wonderful work.
        You make happy so much people.
        God bless you.

      • Hi neko.. thank you so much for your time for subbing this lakorn. I have a question the episode according to their list till episode 18? Bur your subbing till episode 15 only? Are you gonna stop it till 15? Or you will continue subbing it till the end. Hoping that until the lakorns ending plssss… thanks.. we really appreciated so much. God bless you and your team. Staysafe..

        • From what I understand there’s only 15eps. Singh Sangpa will be on air on the 18th Sept! Unless they have plan to extend. But I doubt they will extend another 3eps!

          • Ah ok thanks neko.. anyway whatever happens your still subbing it anyway if theirs more episode..😁 thank you so much again and god bless to your team.

  45. Thank you for subbing this lakorn!!! Haven’t watched Thai lakorns for awhile but when I came back to watch this one I totally feel in love with Thai lakorns again!!! Thank you so much for being quick and efficient on subbing, appreciate it sooooo much!!!

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    this is my first time watching thai lakorn which is ongoing…

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    • Omg TQ so2 much for the fastest Eng sub for this lakorn so wayree I love so2 much this very appreciated to nekomeowmeow team.I definitely continue support watching lakorn at your website.

  52. Hi Team,
    Awesome and perfect subbing and thank you for uploading the sub soon once the drama has been uploaded on the site, I am once happy to watch the drama with sub, Thank you Neko Meow Meow, it was very tiring and irritating to wait for the sub to come on most of the sites,here it is perfect. Thank you and please continue to do so. I cheer the entire team for their hardwork and support to their fans.
    Count me in I would be regular fan of Neko Meow Meow.
    Thanks again

  53. Just watch episode 9. This drama is so addictive, a week seems like forever. Thank you Neko and thanks to the team for your work and dedication.

  54. I gotta a feeling that Mitra is going to lose this baby, probably by someone trying to hurt her. Anyways, keep up the good work,nekomeow🥰

    • No she will not lose her baby I guarantee you she will have another boy child 😘😘

      • No she does not lose the baby, if you see the photo shoot of this serial on You Tube you can find the baby is a boy and a perfect family pic.
        So far it looks that they do get married in the end,

    • I don’t think Mita will lost her baby, it’s not going to happen.

  55. This girl should be walking with some birth control,come on i understand first accident. but next time she should have taken a morning after pill or something. Also Prim was already working with his dad for a while so how did he get new business person award. but still drama is nice so far.

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  57. Lots of love from Pakistan 🙂 Neko^^ you are the BEstttt

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    • Thank u neko again… Worth to watch SO WAYREE.. IM WAITING FOR EPISODE 9…

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  61. Neko make my day so happy, thank you so much neko, Dont stop subbing the best and nice lakorn like this, komchai chingching

    • ขอบคุณ neko l รักละครจากฟิลิปปินส์นี้

  62. Maraming salamat po! (Thank you from Philippines)

  63. Thanks a million Meow Meow,love all your subbed.Wish you all the best and good luck.Chok Dee Chok Dee krap.

  64. Keep up the great work Neko! You’re doing a tremendous job on your subbing. I want to give a shoutout to Lakorn Galaxy for directed us to your site too.👏👏

    The female lead is reminding me of Thai Actress Baifern on the way she acts with her facial expression in the scenes with the male lead. 👏👏👏

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    • I really love this drama… My god.. Im feel in love with this two.. Thank u so much neko… Next… Episode i really can’t wait..

  66. yey! Thank for the super fast sub Neko! You’re amazing!

  67. I have been waiting patiently for this Lakorn and very thankful for the English subs. There are many international fans who love Lakorn. Thank you so much Neko another great job.

  68. Wow great drama with great chemistry but all thanks to you that am able to watch it. Thank you for the great work subbing it for us. stay safe and blessed. Am real looking to watch the other episodes.
    Thanks once more

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  71. please b careful. Since this drama is such a hit, there will b reuploading of this show especially from your site on fb.

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    • Thank you for your hardworking … may sucess always with you

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    … love from malaysia

  76. Up to now, this lakorn justifies rape, and seems to want the female lead to fall in love with the abuser. It is terrible to defend this and incredibly cruel and ignorant to use it as entertainment.! I am fine with consented sex between adults but this was not it. He paid to have sex with someone whom he didn’t know and had never previously showed interest in him. She was in such a state that she could not walk nor talk and had to be taken to the bedroom. And he didn’t think it was wrong? We are in 2020, and fortunately most countries agree by now that sexual abuse is not just bad behaviour. I can only hope this lakorn ends with him in prison for many years and her redoing her life with someone who knows how to love and respect a woman.

  77. Thank you sooooooo much for the subtitle and your hard work and effort. I really really enjoy watching. Thank you Nekomeowmeow❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

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  82. Just finished ep 6. I’m able to enjoy a great lakorn because of your hard work. I just wanted to thank you again. Please let me know if you are accepting any donations.

    • Thank you very much I’d be able to watch so wayree with English subtitle thank you😘😘thanks for your harwork God bless 🙏

  83. Thanks again for your hard work. Us lakorn fans are very appreciative. 💕💕💕
    Right now (episode 6) I hate the fathers, dislike the mothers ( Prin and mithra’s love so much their husband, they forget to protect their kids) and the disloyal Gun (who tosses his close friend of many years, for a pretty girl he met twice). But I do ship Chen and Na.🥰

    Is there anything we can do against the personnes who steal the subS and post them on YouTube /daily motion? Should we report these videos or would it hurt you back?


  85. Thanks a lot for your hardworks, really really appreciates it.. new lakorn fan here 😘😘😘

  86. Here is the opportunity for Parin to offer marriage to Mitra to repair damaged honor of her family. Thanks Neko! You are awesome!

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    I come to like Kem for his real superb acting with his expressive eyes showing that he internalizes his role. Same with Mookda. The story is unique and storyline is exciting. I like the cinematographya and commend the make-up artists for doing the actors/actresses look so natural.

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      I used to watch without subtitles and watched dramas in a guessing manner .I had been watching Thai dramas since 2007

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  118. There should be only 15 episode.
    You make a mistake with ep 07 08/05/20.
    The last, episode 15 will be on 09/09/20.
    Hope to not offend you.

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    • I ended up reporting the video of So Wayree and I don’t know if it made a difference, but the So Wayree videos on this Facebook page have been removed 🙂

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