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Laa gòn 2016! Sawadee 2017!

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017! Happy New Year 2017! 2016 have been a year of subbing at full throttle with a completion of 10 projects! Each and every projects have it’s up and down, excitement and draw back. And the project with garnered the most attention…

Sailab Rak Bpuan สายลับรักป่วน

Sailab Rak Bpuan สายลับรักป่วน Project completed as of Dec 3, 2016 Get it @ alwaysmeena Watch @ dailymotion or neko2play Total Episodes : 14 Airing Date : 17th July 2016 – 20th August 2016 TEASER 1 TEASER 2 TEASER 3 WIKI FEATURED SONGS สาบาน / Saa…

MV Rak Gan Laew Dtong Wai Jai OST Sailab Rak Bpuan by Tookta The Voice [ENG SUB]

http://dai.ly/k6OKi9ZS6XHsVQiGyLg Song title :  Rak Gan Laew Dtong Wai Jai (Love Already Must Trust Each Other) รักกันแล้วต้องไว้ใจ Artist: Tookta The Voice

MV Saabaan (Swear) OST Sailab Rak Bpuan by Dome Pakorn Lum [ENG SUB]

http://dai.ly/k6k1A0ZIgnu0VmiF3Ub Song title :  Saaban (Swear) สาบาน Artist: Dome Pakorn Lum

Sailab Rak Bpuan สายลับรักป่วน Teaser [ENG SUB] – Updated!

This is so Mr & Mrs Smith feel! <3 😀

TV3 Upcoming lakorn

So what’s in store for the monkey year on TV3?