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Kon La Kop Fah คนละขอบฟ้า

Kon La Kop Fah คนละขอบฟ้า  [Different Lines of Horizon] Project Completed as of  26th Jan, 2017 Download @ alwaysmeena Watch @ dailymotion or neko2play Total Episodes : 13 Airing Date : 6th Dec 2016 – 17th Jan 2017 TEASER 1 TEASER 2 SUMMARY BY LOVEFIA…

Kon La Kop Fah คนละขอบฟ้า MV & Teasers *Updated*

http://dai.ly/kgCFUYe0zWtXLPkYdSU อย่ามองฉันเป็นคนอื่นได้ไหม Ya Mong Chan Pen Khon Uen Dai Mai [Can you not look at me as someone else?] Ost.Khon La Khop Fa by Oppor Prabut http://dai.ly/kTMfLf4hcj1hU0kYR1Y สุดท้ายก็แพ้ Sut Tai Gor Pae [At the End I’m also Defeated] Ost.Khon La Khop Fa by Chippy Sirin