[Teaser] Angel Destiny Ep1 & Ep2 (Eng Translation)

Samurai fighting…
Toshiya : Who are you?
Men in white : I’m God!
Toshiya : It’s not funny!
Toshiya : Hanging it up will not help anything. I’m the one who make it happened!
Masalin (Mint) : That’s why I went to pray for P’May, P’Mai and P’Min will meet will your soulmates.
Yui : I’ve ever been like that too!
Toshiya : Become what?
Yui : Like you!
Toshiya : I’ve never been crazy!

Masalin (Mint) : Because you kiss me!
Toshiya : You are the one who kissed me!
Mom : What is it that make my daughter frustrated?
Mathurot (Min) : There’s a guy…
Mint put her hand around Min’s mouth to make her stop shut up!
Uncle : Why bonus this year is only 10 millions?
Masalin (Mint) : I’m going to ask Dad to give the new project of TKS to Uncle.
Masalin (Mint) : You’ve make me realized that there’s still kind hearted guys waiting for me.