[Teaser] Devil Lover Ep1 – Eng Translation

Devil Lover will start airing coming Wed, 7th Oct, GMM25, 8pm local time.
Or Youtube on Friday 6pm local time
Read on for Eng Translation

Headmaster : We probably could not let Sora continue studying here.
Dad : You are devil!
Young Sora : I’m not devil!
Uncle Soji : You can’t stay with your mom. Who ever you stay with, you will just cause them trouble and hurt them. When you recover already, then you can go stay with your mom. I promise you.
Sora : I don’t understand, Uncle you say like this all the time!
Golf : Hi! I’m Sora, nice to meet you. (In Japanese) Yes, if you want to know about Sora, Devil Lover. Don’t forget to click on Subscribe on Youtube of GMM25Thailand.
It ends with the OST of Devil Lover ใช่ใช่ไหม (Is “Yes” right?) by Golf Pichaya & Piglet Charada