[Teaser] I Wanna Be Sup’Tar Ep19-20 – Eng Translation

I feel like sharing my excitement with you guys on the next week teaser that I’ve just watched hence this post! Don’t click continue reading if you don’t want any spoiler!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

WanNueng : I’m so lucky to get P’WanWan as my manager. He got jobs for me.
MeeDee got down on one knee
WanNueng : What are you doing?
MeeDee : I kissed you the other day, I’m really sorry. Can you be my girlfriend?
Win grab and kiss WanNueng
Win : From now on you are forbid to like anyone else.
Win walk away leaving WanNueng staring blankly
Win & WanNueng playing water
WanNueng : Hey! I’m wet!
A car pull in and P’WanWan appear
WanNueng : P’WanWan!
Win talking to Tom
Win : Maybe we have changed that’s why everything’s changed.
Tom : Does that mean your heart change to another person?
WanNueng drinking with Guy
WanNueng : This guy have bad attitude! Jinxed guy! Jinxed Sup’Tar! Not going back/Not coming back!