[Teaser] I Wanna Be Sup’Tar Ep21-22 – Eng Translation

Read on for translation
Win : WanNueng! WanNueng! I won’t let you go!
WanNueng : Let go of me! Don’t bother with me anymore.
Reporter : What’s your relationship? You are hugging her because she’s currently famous right?
Win : Why do you compare yourself to WanNueng? Everyone also knows you’ll win.
May : What about you? Do you want me to Win?
MeeDee : Come stay at my house. My mom won’t scold.
May : Why do you do this to me?
WanNueng : I didn’t purposely….
May : If you are ____ Go somewhere else!
MeeDee : Hey! Stop!
Reporter : Are you sure it’s not a lie in order to protect woman?
Win : Why would I do like that? Since I already have someone I love already.
Reporter : Who?
WanNueng : If you are not answering me why you do like that, I’ll go from here. (Leave this place). And won’t come back again. I’ll go from your life, like we have not known each other before.