[Teaser] I Wanna Be Sup’Tar Ep25-26 – Eng Translation

The finale…. Read on for translation

Looking at Ep25 & 26 teasers, it’s safe to say that I Wanna Be Sup’Tar is really coming to an end next week. Aw! I’m already starting to miss it already!
I’m really glad for once that the misunderstanding between Win and WanNueng doesn’t drag on. As you know lakorn love to prolong the misunderstanding part which I dreaded the most.
Okay, let’s see the teaser for upcoming episodes….

WanWan : If you report to police, I will say you invade.
LukPit : Go report! Then I’ll tell the police to catch the bad person who’s staying here.
WanWan : What are you saying? I’m all confused!
LukPit : Shameless!
Aut : The things that we can prove to everyone that P’WanWan is not as good as everyone think he is.
Guy taking the SDcard 
Guy : Hey, P’WanWan!
WanWan : You! You!….
Police : Catch him!
WanWan : There’s no way you would ______
May : You are here already, MeeDee?
May : You come just in time.
MeeDee : One more slip from your hand!
WanNueng : What slip? He have never been in my hand!
MeeDee : What! You!
May : I was just joking when I ask you to pick me up. I didn’t think you would really come.
MeeDee : Regarding this, who’s joking!
Win : Who say we are not going to stay together?

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