[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep19 & Ep20 [Eng Translation]

Spoiler Alert! So watch at your own risk!
For those who have voted and are rooting for Mon Rak Asoon. Here’s a little glimpse to the latest two episodes which aired today and will be airing tomorrow. Ops! Correction! I mean airing tomorrow and next Thursday!

With Praew (Therd’s ex-girlfriend/Khun Nann’s aunt) come into the picture. More emotions and feelings are about to be unfold….

Fahsai : Can I ask Khun Therd’s permission to use Primo to organise a wedding ceremony?
Nampeung : Wedding ceremony?
Praew : You also miss Prim like I do!
(Praew kissed Therd. Nampeung witness it and walked away.)
Therd : You are jealous that I dine with Praew, right?
Nampeung : You want to go dine with Khun Praew until morning, it’s also your business. It have nothing to do with me!
(Therd pulled Nampeung towards him and kissed her)
Songyot : But don’t wait until your farm have no value.
Therd : You are too much already, Khun Songyot.
Songyot : I’m warning you out of good intention. Hurry and sell it! Before it have no more value.

Songyot to Praew : Wouldn’t it be better if we find ways to work together?
Praew : What are you going to do?
Songyot : You want Therd back. As for me, I want to have Teacher Nampeung!
(Phurit escorting Nampeung but Therd grab her arm!)
Songyot to the groom : If you’d just wait for a little longer. I’m going to close down this place and celebrate your wedding 3 days 3 nights, how’s that sound?
Fahsai : P’Yot!
Therd : Let your brother dream on!
Songyot : Maybe my dream might be close to coming true!