[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep21 [Eng Translation]

Finally I’ve already caught up with the timing for MRA up to the latest episodes! I still couldn’t find anywhere how many episodes in total MRA will have but looking at pass trend of Ch8 series and also from the script that I have read for this new version of MRA. I think it’s most likely going to have 25 episodes or at max 28 episodes.

Spoiler Alert! So watch at your own risk!

Songyot : I promised that I’ll use every method in order for you guys to get these land.

Nampeung to Praew : If Khun Therd is not interested in you. Even without me, Khun Therd also will not be interested in you.
Praew slapped Nampeung and Ooy & Hom was seen fighting with Maeya. Then Khun Therd came….
Therd : What are you all doing? Hom! Ooy!

Praew to Maeya : If not because of that kid. We can take care of it easily!
Maeya : Don’t tell me you are going to be the evil step mom killing your step son?

Khun Phu got shot!
Pete shouting
” Khun Phu!” and ran over to shield him!

Therd : Keng disappeared already boss!
(Keng is the worker at Therd’s farm who’s spying for Songyot)
Therd : What?

Police : If you don’t have witness stating where you are. It’s necessary for me to ask you to go to police station to give your statement.