[TEASER][Spoiler Alert] Kon La Kop Fah Ep7 – Ep10 [Eng Sub]

*Spoiler Alert! This post contain teasers for episodes ep7 to ep10*

Anyeong Haseyo! Greeting from the land of Kpop! Kdrama! Kimchi…. Yes! Neko is on vacation again! I got a bit bored on the flight so I managed to get two parts of ep 6 subbed and also the teasers for the upcoming episodes.

I’m enjoying the episodes more and more as Chanika starting to warm up to Chinapat! And I’m sure by now, like myself, everyone would be wondering who’s the real culprit behind the death of Sirikanya! We all know very well that Chinapat didn’t do it!  Actually I kindda get frustrated that there’s still no answer to this till now! So I started analysing who might be the possible culprit and as much as I scratch my head, I couldn’t find the answer so I ended up reading the ending to the lakorn! I didn’t imagine that the writer would come up with a twist like that and from what I’ve read, we will only find out about the truth probably on the last episode! And if my calculation is correct and from the annoucement that Kluen Chewit will be airing right after Kon La Kop Fah, it should end with 13 episode. Another 4 more episodes left to air to find out the truth about the death of Sirikanya! 😛

Here you go, in the mean time while I’m away…

Ep 7 Preview

Ep 8 Preview

Ep 9 Preview

Ep 10 Preview

p/s: Special shout out to Annie Cat from Viet subbing team for helping me with the timing. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to get any much part done as I have a lot of stuff (personal and also work) line up for the month of January and February! ^^’