[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep22 & Ep23 [Eng Translation]

Spoiler Alert! Watch at your own risk! 😈

Therd in police station in suspicion of shooting at Phu.
Therd to Police : I didn’t do it. Why must I sign?
Police : All the evidence pointing that you are involved in this.
Maeya : Khun Therd hired people to kill Khun Phurit! He’s going to be imprisoned for his rest of his life. What are you going to do?
Praew : From now on, you don’t have to teach Khun Nann already.
Nampeung : Why?
Therd : Dad is going to send Khun Nann to study oversea. No need to take exam here already.
Nampeung walked in and asked Hom.
Nampeung : What happened P’Hom?
Hom : Khun Nann! Khun Nann ran away!
Therd : How is it? Did you find Khun Nann?
Praew : No!
Sam : Me and the worker searched the whole farm already but there’s no even a sign of Khun Nann.

Praew : Previously you are the one who came running after me.  But right now I’m the one who’s running after you. It’s tiring too!
Fahsai walked away from Phu.
Songyot to Fahsai : Did anyone make you sad? Or Phurit is the one who did it?
Praew watching from outside the house.
Praew : I won’t allow! No matter what I must take care of that Teacher!
Phun : This month Teacher Nampeung still have yet to pay the debts on behalf of her father.
Songyot : It’s her time already. Teacher Nampeung!