[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep25 [Eng Translation]

Spoiler Alert! Watch at your own risk!

Songyot to Inspector : If this job is successful, you’ll surely get part of the pay.
Therd and Nampeung kissed in the hut in the morning! (Not going to give out any more spoiler than this. You’ll have to wait till ep24 is subbed to find out what happened the night before 😛 
Back at Therd’s mansion.
Therd : Come! Beat me then! (I think that’s what he said! )
Khun Nann saw the intimacy between Therd and Teacher Nampeung and then walked away.
Prim to Khun Nann : Teacher and Dad is making plan to send you to boarding school. If without Khun Nann, no one will get in the way between Teacher and your Dad.
Khun Nann : Not true! I don’t believe it!
Nampeung : You are thinking of bad things towards other people. Be careful one day karma will get to you!
Prim : You’ll have to hurt more than me. 100 times, 100 times more!
Songyot’s thugs shooting at Therd….
Phan : Boss!