[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep26 [Eng Translation]

Spoiler Alert! Watch at your own risk!

Phu : Khun Nampeung knows right who’s the villain?
Therd to Nampeung : If you still don’t promise me that from now on you won’t smile to any other guys.
Nampeung : If you don’t want to smile, you want me to frown like you?
Maeya : She was thinking of getting rich by holding on to Khun Therd. Hoping to replace Khun Prim.
Khun Nann walking on Therd kissing Nampeung.
Khun Nann : Teacher! Dad!
Therd : Khun Nann!
Praew : I saw you kissing with Teacher Nampeung. Khun Nann also saw!
Hom and Ooy at the same time : Kiss?
Khun Nann : I hate you! I don’t want to see your face! Leave!
Nampeung leaving.
Lawyer : If in one week you still can’t get the land. Then that’s the end.
Songyot : No matter how many people die. I must get the land!

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