[Teaser][Spoiler Alert] Mon Rak Asoon Ep24 [Eng Translation]

Spoiler Alert! Watch at your own risk!

Nampeung : Let go of me!
Therd : Why? Just touching you a little bit and you are being possessive of yourself! How much must I pay you? Only then you’ll be willing to go up to room with me?
Songyot showing Prim the video that he took.
Prim : Why do you film it?
Therd smiling while riding bike with Nampeung as his pillion rider!
Phun : Die Therd!
Therd got shot in the arm!
Songyot hitting Phun.
Songyot : I told you already! Kill Therd not Khun Nampeung!
Phan saw the wrecked bike.
Phan : This is the bike from the farm that Nampeung was using.
Fahsai : Peung! Peung!
Corrupted Police : If he’s still alive, I’ll be the one who’s going to kill him!