Thepthida Plara เทพธิดาปลาร้า

Thepthida PlaraThepthida Plara เทพธิดาปลาร้า
English Sub as of Jan 29, 2021
Total Episodes : 25 Eps
Airing Date : 25 Jan 2021 – 26 Feb 2021 (Every Monday – Friday)
/ Haijua Huajai by Maeya Nonthawan
/ Kor Wayla Tamjai (Please Give Me Time to Come to Terms) by Chippy Sirin


(If you can read subtitle you can read this too!)

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Ep Air
Sub Date
01 01/25/21 01/29/21 LINK
02 01/26/21 01/29/21 LINK
03 01/27/21 01/29/21 LINK
04 01/28/21
05 01/29/21
06 02/01/21
07 02/02/21
08 02/03/21
09 02/04/21
10 02/05/21
11 02/08/21
12 02/09/21
13 02/10/21
14 02/11/21
15 02/12/21
16 02/15/21
17 02/16/21
18 02/17/21
19 02/18/21
20 02/19/21
21 02/22/21
22 02/23/21
23 02/24/21
24 02/25/21
25 02/26/21

Subbed by neko^^ & Bitter Kisses | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN

21 Comments on “Thepthida Plara เทพธิดาปลาร้า

  1. Idk, where to post but any plans for making a article on 2020 Year End Review?

  2. Btw what does HAIJUA and HAIJAI in the OST even means in first place?

    • Yes I was confused with that word as well. So I consulted with Tahmnong from Deungdutjai. She explain that… “is a spoonerism (very common wordplay in Thai), it’s not a real word, it’s just switching the first letter of two words (or in this case, the second letter of each syllable), so it means “hua jai” or “heart”” Thanks Tahmnong for the explaination! <3

  3. Thank you for subbing this drama Chippy is one of my favourite actresses and find the male lead interesting to follow.100% appreciative of the hard work that goes into english subbing these drama.
    Sorry for your loss. We lost a family cat after 18 years

  4. Really sorry for your loss 🙁 In Turkey we say 40 candles are burning the first day we lose our beloved and each day one of them will burn out. But only the one candle always remains with its sorrow but also with its warmth of love

  5. I hope you are ok and can come back soon. Take care of your health. ♥️♥️

  6. Thank you for your hard work ! I follow you since a long time now. As a french it’s very hard to understand thai, engsubs are the only way for me to keep loving lakorns ! Thank you very much!!!

  7. Thank you Neko for continuing with subbing of this lakorn. It’s a good one and I have got hooked onto this one, along with Mia Jem Bpen. So much so that I have started to watch the raw episodes on CH3 website😅 But I have realised one thing…even after watching only Thai lakorns every day for almost 10 months, I still cannot comprehend sentences…only a few words like Alaaina, Chai, Mai, Ma tong etc here and there. seriously, I thought I’ll do better than this 🤔 So thanks again for subbing these in English for us.

  8. Thankyou so much ❤️
    God bless you and be healthy always ❤️
    I really love chippy so much 🥺😘

  9. I am truly sorry for your loss…I am sure you are devastated….after I lost my pet, it was hard, what helped me…is to remember all the good times we shared…and being grateful for all those precious memories. May you find peace .

  10. Can’t wait for the next episode! Thank you for subbing it!

  11. Saw the first episode and am already hooked. Lots of stuff happening, conmen (and women) out to get the rich siblings, eventful encounter between ML and FL and of course the plara to bind us all in.(never tasted it but have a good mind to do so after watching so many lakorns). Krating and Chippy look good, let’s see how is their chemistry on screen.

    Thank you Neko for bringing another interesting lakorn for us to watch and enjoy. I really do hope that the Thai channels and the drama artistes know how much you contribute to the success and world wide popularity of Thai lakorns. Cheers

  12. Thanks for picking this up, the trailer looks interesting and the type of romance I specially like, when two people from vastly different backgrounds or circumstances come together despite all odds. Looking forward to this one.

  13. Omg I LOVE CHIPPYSIRIN, thank you for choosing this therfothe can’t wait!!!

  14. Thank you for picking this one up. I am sooo excited and can’t wait.

  15. Thanks for subbing in advance. I’ve been waiting for this drama. Can’t waitt!!!!

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