Thepphabut Maya Thepthida Jamlaeng เทพบุตรมายา เทพธิดาจำแลง 

Thepphabut Maya Thepthida JamlaengThepphabut Maya Thepthida Jamlaeng เทพบุตรมายา เทพธิดาจำแลง [Masquerade Love]
Completed subbed on June 26, 2017
Total episodes : 17
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ไม่ยอมแพ้กัน/ Mai Yaum Pae Gun (Refusing to Give In to Each Other) by Kwan Usamanee
ไม่รู้จริงๆ / Mai Roo Jing Jing (I Really Don’t Know) by Win Tawin
คู่กัด / Koo Gut (Adversaries) by Bird Thongchai
เพื่อเธอตลอดไป / Peua Tur Dtalaut Bpai (For You Forever) by Sukda Puttasrima
เสียงของหัวใจ / Siang Kaung Hua Jai (The Voice of the Heart) by Ann Thittima
ขอใครซักคน / Kor Krai Suk Kon (I Want Someone) by Leo Putt
คือเธอ / Keu Tur (Is You) by ETC
คนไม่สำคัญ Kon Mai Sumkun (An Unimportant Person) by Palapol
โอ๊ย โอ๊ย / Ooy Ooy by Jae Danupol
นักประดาน้ำ Nuk Pra Dah Nam (Scubadiver) by Terracotta
ฝากฟ้าทะเลฝัน Fahk Fah Talay Fun (The Sky, The Sea, Dreams) by Bird Thongchai
ยิ่งใกล้ยิ่งเจ็บ Ying Glai Ying Jep (The Closer We Are, the More it Hurts) by Inca
ผิดไปแล้ว Pit Bpai Laew (I was wrong already) by Marsha
จากคนอื่นคนไกล Jahk Kon Eun Kon Glai (From Someone Else Far Away) by Marsha
เรื่องบนเตียง Reuang Bon Dtiang (A Problem in Bed) by Boy Peacemaker
ลึกสุดใจ Leuk Sut Jai (Deeply in my heart) by Joe Kong
เพิ่งเข้าใจ Peung Kau Jai (Just understood) by Nawin Yaowapholkul
หมดแล้วหมดเลย Mot Laew Mot Loie (Completely over) by Inca
ฝนตกที่หน้าต่าง Fon Dtok Tee Nah Dtahng (Rain Falling at the Window) by Loso

NOTE : This will be a “Conditional” Project! So why conditional?
Because I’ll be counting the number of view and download. If there’s not much there’s no point for me to waste my time subbing it, right?

Ep Time %
 1 DONE 100% 06/10/16 LINK
 2 DONE 100% 07/04/16 LINK
 3 DONE 100% 08/08/16 LINK
 4 DONE 100% 09/25/16 LINK
 5 DONE 100% 11/18/16 LINK
 6 DONE 100% 11/20/16 LINK
 7 DONE 100% 11/22/16 LINK
 8 DONE 100% 11/23/16 LINK
 9 DONE 100% 12/12/16 LINK
 10 DONE 100% 01/29/17 LINK
 11 DONE 100% 01/31/17 LINK
 12 DONE 100% 05/07/17 LINK
 13 DONE 100% 06/12/17 LINK
 14 DONE 100% 06/16/17 LINK
 15 DONE 100% 06/18/17 LINK
 16 DONE 100% 06/25/17 LINK
 17 DONE 100% 06/26/17 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by BlueSkies & neko^^ | Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

78 Comments on “Thepphabut Maya Thepthida Jamlaeng เทพบุตรมายา เทพธิดาจำแลง 

  1. hi neko , ep 9 part 2, ep 10 part 1 and part 2 cannot be played please fix it thank you so much. Love all your works… Khun dee

  2. I am happy you subbed another episode. I’ll start to watch it now enjoying with 3 or 4 cups of coffee, so I had buy 1 cup of coffee also for you. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn! I love it ))) Thank you for all hard work you’ve done

  4. It’s awesome neko… Waiting for the next subs episode

  5. I have a very good time watching the Lakorns you subbed. Thank you.

  6. where to watch this drama thepphabut maya with complete episode…give me reply

    • The streaming link is stated on the progress chart of each episodes. If you are browsing using mobile devices, please scroll to the left of the page!

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  8. Hi please continue subbing this lakorn 😀 I love this show and I can’t find eng sub for this show 🙂 please please thank you 😀

  9. please keep subbing thank you for you work it lets us enjoy lakorn!

    • Don’t worry! Will surely complete this one but only that it will be at a snail pace. And will work on BPLR once I’ve wrapped this one up. Even with the new copy of DVD that kitkat got for me, the audio still bother me. Well can’t blame it since it’s an old series. I’m hoping that the channel will do a rerun of BPLR soon!

  10. I’ll have to start this lakorn after school tonight. I know it’s conditional subbing but please keep subbing if possible ^_^
    Much love from a fellow lakorn fan!

  11. Please continue subbing, I have been waiting for 5 years. Thank you so much!!!! You just made the beginning of 2017 awesome!!!

  12. Thanks for subbing this lakorn. Your team efforts are appreciated.

  13. please please please sub this lakorn. im a big fan of the male lead and female lead. please sub it begging u.

  14. Thanks for subbing. I just found a few of the Lakorns you’ve subbed and they are wonderful! Really appreciate all of your hard work.

  15. Thank you very much for subbing this funny lakorn. I would like to donate 10 £, but I have not found where to click. If you can e-mail me and tell which page I can do this

  16. thanks a lot..:)
    i hope you will not drop this project..
    i can wait, even if it takes years to finish 🙂

  17. Yes! I’ve been waiting for the longest time for this lakorn to be subbed and I never thought this day would come! THANK YOU! please, take your time!

  18. I love this drama, I’m waiting anxiously for subbed episode 4 & other episodes
    to be released ASAP. Thanking you in advance.

  19. Thank you so so sooooo much for the episodes you subbed so far for this series, please continue to sub to the end! I’m sure everyone here will appreciate it sooo much! Thanks for all your hard work! If you decide to continue (Which i hope you will) can you also please Eng Sub the rest of Bpom ruk roy adeed that was already subbed on YouTube? Keep up the hard work, we appreciate it!!!

      • I cannot find the link for Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed can you please link it? Thank you for subbing all these lakorns, you make my day!

  20. Neko Meow WOW!!!

    Thank you sooooo much for ep 3 of this delightful lakorn, and all the others you have worked so hard subbing recently. JSCK’s Film is so adorable after his MT and MSA grumpy characters. And I love this one for a carefree Kwan. Thank you very kamsa!! <3

  21. Thanks a million for all your hard work. I really love Kwan.
    I hope you’ll continue to sub this lakorn until the end.

  22. OMG..haha…the first episode…if anyone presented me with these kind of dishes, I would have run for the hills.

    Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. By the way…I really love your “neko meow meow” is really cute and fits nicely into the videos.

      • Thanks for your hard work.
        Can I watch daily motion on my iPad. If yes, why does it have all these pop up and I can’t see the movies. Thanks again

        Love xoxoxoxox

        • I just tested the link and it work on my iPad. All external link on this site will be a new window pop up. Or you could try the Dailymotion app and search for the channel name “neko^^ meow meow” You’d be able to see both the DM channel listed. Hope this help 😉

  23. Thank you very much for all your hard work in subbing this drama. I have been waiting to watch this with english subtitles!

  24. Just wanted to say thank you for the eng sub. I’m really exited about this lakorn so again THANK YOU 🙂

  25. Im so happy that I found someone to sub this!! Thank you

  26. Neko, I know I’m somewhat late to the party, but I’ve been hoping this would be subbed for years! Thanks to you and Kitkat for all the hard work that you do for the Lakorn community!

  27. Thanks for subbing this lakorn, Loved both main characters. 🙂

  28. I’m interested in this lakorn and eager to watch the subbed version of this one.Thank you for your hard work and effort.

  29. Thanks for all the hard work Neko! Have you made a decision as to continue subbing this lakorn?

    • It will be a “YES” 😉 At the moment, this will be 2nd priority after Jao Sao Chapor Kit 😛
      Please give a big thanks to BlueSkies. She agreed to time/segment this project for me! 😀

      • Thank you very much NEKO^^MEOWMEOW for continuing this Lakorn and a big ‘thank you’ to BlueSkies too!!!

      • Well a big thanks to you Neko and BlueSkies for your time and effort👍

  30. Hello nekomeowmeow, I’ve see the first episode and must say I like it.
    Kwan is funny and naughty. Win is more delicate… I hope he’ll improve a little; I don’t really like boy who are weak…
    The ex-girlfriend… I don’t like it….

  31. Thank you so much for spending your precious time to sub lakorns for us who doesn’t understand Thai.
    Love you

  32. Please continue subbing this! Been a fan of the two since Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed!

  33. I want to watch this a long time ago 🙂
    Thank you very much.
    And thank you again for all your hards works.

  34. I want to watch this a long time ago 🙂
    Thank you very much.
    Thank you again for all your hards works !!!
    Merci beaucoup 😀

  35. Thank you very much for choosing to sub this lakorn! Much is appreciated! *hugs* please do take your time. 🙂

  36. Hello nekomeowmeow, I hope you’ll continue to subbing Kwan and Win Lakorn.
    I’ll download soon as every episode is done and comment.
    Wish you a happy day and a healthy life.

  37. Thank you so much for subbing this as I will be following it. I may not be familiar with this lakorn, but I love the pairing of Kwan and Win so this is a win for me. (no pun intended) Thank you kitkat. 😉

    • I just realized I shouted out to Kitkat and not you. ???? what the hell. Blame it on the paint fumes in my home OR too much sun. I’m in the middle of a major redo in several rooms in my home and have been doing a lot of gardening as well. I went crazy with the flower beds again this year. LOL…

      Anyways Neko. Thank you for ALL of the lakorns you work on and provide. It is appreciated. 😉

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