Top 12 highest rating Thai lakorn in 2017

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I stumble upon this post in IG and knew instantly that I’ve got to share this. Congratulations to Channel 7 for having the most top rating lakorn. Seems like a good year for ch7. They are monopolizing the whole chart indeed.  I’m a bit shock to see some of the daily/evening lakorn making to this chart. This chart rank by the highest rating of any one episode of the lakorn.

#1 [ch7] Ok Thorani อกธรณี (DidaVideo) – Kade Tarntup & Tuptim Unyarin Teerathananpat
Ending episode rating at 11.3 with total audience of over 7.5 million viewers

#2 [ch7] Sut Rak Sut Duangjai สุดรักสุดดวงใจ (FirstClass Entertainment) – Big Nathaschai Charasmas, Jayda Sarunya
Highest rating at 10.5 with total audience of over 7 million viewers. Average rating at 7.55

#3 [ch7] Gerd Bpen Ga เกิดเป็นกา (DaraVideo) – Tonon Wongboon & Prapye Ramida
Evening lakorn. A remake of Ga Gap Hong. Highest rating at 10.5 with total audience of over 6.9 million viewers. Average rating at 7.39

#4 [ch7] Plerng Pranang เพลิงพระนาง (Kantana Group) – Aum Patcharapa, Yui Jeeranan, Kelly Tanapat
Ending episode rating at 9.0 with total audience of over 5.9 million viewers

#5 [ch7] Nai Hoi Tamin นายฮ้อยทมิฬ (Pordeecom) – Michael Pattaradet & Pooklook Fonthip
Highest rating at 8.9. And average rating at 8.02 which is the highest average rating for lakorn amongst all channel.

#6 [ch3] Plerng Boon เพลิงบุญ (Makers Group) – Pong Nawat, Janie Tienphosuwan, Bella Ranee
Ending episode rating at 8.9. Eng Sub by SJDK Fan Sub

#7 [ch7] Koo Za Rod Zab คู่ซ่ารสแซ่บ (Mummai) – Weir Sukollawat & Min Pechaya
Highest rating at 8.8. Eng Sub by Ninjakkn

#8 [ch7] Meu Prab Jao Huajai มือปราบเจ้าหัวใจ (Pordeecom) – Porshe Saran & Kwan Usamanee
Highest rating at 8.7 Eng Sub by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN

#9 [ch7] Rachanawee Tee Rak ราชนาวีที่รัก (Pordeecom) – Om Akapan & Sammy Cowell
Highest rating at 8.6 Eng Sub by Thippy

#10 [ch7] Leh Ruk Ya Jai เล่ห์รักยาใจ (Doomundee) Amp Pheerawas & Grace Patsita
Evening lakorn. Highest rating at 8.5. Average rating of 7.18

#11 [ch7] Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Rak ยึดฟ้าหาพิกัดรัก (Pordeecom) – Mik Thongraya & Stephany Auernig
Highest rating at 8.4. Eng Sub by NekoMeowMeow

#12 [ch7] Seu Song Lohk สื่อสองโลก (Prakotekarndee) – Chap Varakorn & Jammie Panichadar
Evening lakorn. Highest rating at 8.3


13 Comments on “Top 12 highest rating Thai lakorn in 2017

  1. Proud to see the list that almost all lakorns from channel 7 made to the top…yuhuuu!!! I’m hoping more projects from channel 7 will be on the top again. But I and my sister most likely to watch Mik Thongraya and Cat Stephany Auernig together in a lot of upcoming dramas or lakorns. We love you MikSteph and hoping you’ll become real couple in the near future..


  2. I thought Ch 3 is more popular in Thailand because their dramas and actors are more popular internationally

  3. Now i know that channel 7 is more popular in Thailand. I know more actors from channel 3 and One Hd. Hope to broaden my lakorn viewing in 2018

  4. I was actually looking for Nai Hoi Tamin (2017). Glad it made to the top 12. Is there any chance you will sub it?? pleas!!!

  5. So, do you have any theories about what makes a show a top lakorn? I can see how the ones in a series might draw in more viewers but what about Sue Song Loak? I haven’t seen anything about this show but it snuck onto this list. Audience? Hours shown? Did it show after a popular show? I only get to see shows that pop up on YouTube or are streaming after being subtitled – this is an interesting list.

    • Well, the chart is based on satistic of Thailand viewer. Yeah I was suprised by Seu Song Lohk too as they are mostly by newbies and their arring time is daily at 18:50.

  6. Wow only 1 ch 3 made the list, I mean I read that channel 7 was way more popular in Thailand but it’s so funny that more ch 3 shows have been subbed over the years and I know their actors and actresses more, so I still consider ch 3 more popular haha. Thanks for all the end of year info and all the shows you subbed this year.

    • Seems like ch7 is more popular compare to ch3 in Thailand. I’ve read somewhere about ch3 struggling to bring their rating up. And yes I agree that ch3 actor and actress are more popular with the international viewer.

      • International fan here. 🙂

        I’m also more familiar with Channel 3 dramas and follow their actors/actresses more that I do with Channel 7.

        Seriously, Thai drama producers / TV stations or whoever have the rights to the dramas should think about promoting the dramas overseas especially Channel 3. Their dramas might not do that well locally but who knows, they could be popular with international fans, right ?

        Just a thought 😉

        • My suggestion,[***hoping to reach right ppl**] is to release the episodes by channels as subbed, and consider International viewers also..this is not only increase their revenue generations, also help inaccurately determine the popularity. Currently only handful of series are subbed, by handful of subbers. If channels themselves release episodes with Eng subs, the horizon of viewers will increase drastically.

  7. Wow. Thanks for the list. I have seen 0 of these titles. I need to get started on them!

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