Trabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู

Trabab See ChompooTrabab See Chompoo ตราบาปสีชมพู
Complete English Subbed as of December 20, 2018
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Total Episodes : 24eps
Airing Date : 16th November, 2018 – 19th December, 2018 (Every Monday to Friday)
Synopsis, Ep1-11 Review by Fia
Teaser, Teaser 2
ใครเจ็บกว่า / Krai Jep Gwah (Who Hurts More) by ETC
ใช่เธอใช่เลย / Chai Tur Chai Lei (Yes, it’s you!) by Nont Tanont
ใจอ่อนแอ / Jai On Ae (Weak heart) by Arnon Saisangchan
แค่ของเลียนแบบ / Kae Kaung Lian Baep (Just an Imitation) by Kacha AF8
เธอคือลมหายใจ / Tur Keu Lom Hai Jai (You Are My Breath) by Jugg Chavin
หัวใจเราเจ็บเท่ากัน / Hua Jai Rao Jep Tao Gun (My Heart Would Hurt Equally) by Bowling Manida ft. Namm Ronnadet
เธอรักฉันจริงหรือเปล่า / Tur Ruk Chun Jing Reu Bplao (Do You Really Love Me?) by Marisa Sukosol

Ep Air
Time %
01 11/16/18 100% 100% 11/17/18 LINK
02 11/19/18 100% 100% 11/20/18 LINK
03 11/20/18 100% 100% 11/21/18 LINK
04 11/21/18 100% 100% 11/22/18 LINK
05 11/22/18 100% 100% 11/23/18 LINK
06 11/23/18 100% 100% 11/24/18 LINK
07 11/26/18 100% 100% 11/27/18 LINK
08 11/27/18 100% 100% 11/28/18 LINK
09 11/28/18 100% 100% 11/29/18 LINK
10 11/29/18 100% 100% 11/29/18 LINK
11 11/30/18 100% 100% 12/01/18 LINK
12 12/03/18 100% 100% 12/04/18 LINK
13 12/04/18 100% 100% 12/05/18 LINK
14 12/05/18 100% 100% 12/06/18 LINK
15 12/06/18 100% 100% 12/07/18 LINK
16 12/07/18 100% 100% 12/07/18 LINK
17 12/10/18 100% 100% 12/11/18 LINK
18 12/11/18 100% 100% 12/12/18 LINK
19 12/12/18 100% 100% 12/13/18 LINK
20 12/13/18 100% 100% 12/14/18 LINK
21 12/14/18 100% 100% 12/15/18 LINK
22 12/17/18 100% 100% 12/18/18 LINK
23 12/18/18 100% 100% 12/19/18 LINK
24 12/19/18 100% 100% 12/20/18 LINK

Subbed by neko^^ | Time/Segment by CHUỒN CHUỒN CÁNH SEN & neko^^| Edit/Style/Upload by kitkat

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  1. Hi^^
    Does anyone know when it’s on DVD to buy it?

    Lovely greetings and thanks very much for the great subtitles. =)

  2. Please check the alternative video links. It’s not working. What happened? Please fix this problem.

    • The video is working fine. There’s nothing to fix!

      • Why did all the videos won’t play?

  3. I recommend watching this it’s so good and I wang to thank the site for the translation because without it I wouldn’t be able to watch. So good job keep it up

  4. Thank you for this awesome drama. I love it so much. I cried, I laughed, I angry. I love. The main actors Pon and Bua. Are amazing:-)

  5. Is it just me or is ep21 missing from dailymotion to watch….?? Please upload!! Im excited the finish the rest😊

  6. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this lakorn, it was really amazing !
    But I saw that I can download TRABAB SEE CHOMPOO ตราบาปสีชมพู on @ alwaysmeena.
    Nonetheless I can’t find it…
    Can you help me please ?
    Sorry for bothering you.
    Best regards.

  7. great drama great acting, i loved il very much and enjoyed it , thank you for this site.

  8. Thank you, Thank you for all the subbing of this lakorn!! I amhaving fun watching it!!
    The malde lead actor’s acting is excellent!

  9. Hello, does anyone know if this lakorn will be translated in french by a team? or if there is a site where you can find it subtitled in French?

    • I also speak french , my french is better than english but I didnt find it anywhere … most of series are just translated to english .

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  11. i just finished this drama few minutes ago and it took me 4 days only as it is so addictive….i LOVED IT..i want the thank the subbers for working so hard and for translating this amazing show for us…i am so grateful to u….regarding this show it really changed my view about thai drama , this one has a beautiful story with an amazing execution..they pay attention to every detail…peat and kiew r so beautiful and make a beautiful and perfect couple , i loved them , their chemistry is beyond words..i want to talk more abt other characters but it will take pages hahaha so finishing it here..thank u and i love the drama and the main leads aka Peat and Kiew

  12. I watched this lakorn in 3 days XD
    I really enjoyed it and it was really addicting.
    The chemistry of the leads was really good not to mention they were both good looking.

    So lucky it was fully subbed when I started it. Love the subbers and this site is designed very well. No pop up ads, viruses, and good players which allows us to select the quality. Love it!

    I’m a Thai drama rookie and so far this one and Fullhouse Thai remake are my favorites. Can someone recommend me more shows like this?
    I have seen Kiss Me. I wanna be a suptar, Waen dok mai/Will you marry me. Ugly duckling series, Uprince series.

  13. The english subtitle have árt file somwhere? I would like to translate this series.

  14. Bonsoir , meimleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année !!
    Merci pour votre travail…j’aimerais savoir si on peut trouver ce lakorn sous-titré en français, svp ???
    Merci 🙂

  15. At first I avoided this, but accidentally it played on Dailymotion anyway. I was hooked. Peat is so freaking handsome and so is Kiew. They both have pretty good chemistry and I enjoyed this very much. I hope you sub their rumored 2019 drama ^-^ If not that’s alright. I know the language of emotion and actions XD

  16. So sweet love it… even they have a messy screen that hard to understand the story but still lovable…. PEAT is so quitly handsome … and so cutiefy KIEW…♥️♥️♥️

  17. Hola, Gracias Neko por traducir, si pudieras por favor hacerlo en Español para nosotros los Latinos te agradeceríamos mucho.

  18. Hi,

    Thanks Neko, for that you have translated this drama. As usual you do a wonderful
    job to delight us who do not understand thai language. Looking forward to the new lakorn 2019.
    I wish you a Happy New Year!

  19. Hello to all fans of Trabab See Chompoo..i read from Instagram and Twitter that Pon and Bua will unite in a drama again in 2019 and i just can’t keep calm lol 😝😂
    It was my wish to see them together again and i can’t believe it’s coming true..😍😍
    Somehow the hangover of TSC is still there for me hehe 😁😁
    Hope the drama will interest you Neko so that you can take up as your project..hehe 😍😍if not it’s still ok I am so thankful to you already for giving us TSC..❤️❤️

  20. I gave this lakorn a chance because its subbed by neko and I am hooked!!!
    Thanks a lot neko for all your hard work and kindness!
    Words can’t describe how much we love you!! ❤

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  22. when are the new episodes airing ? Thank you so much for providing the English Subs x

  23. Amazing lakorn! I haven’t seen any great lakorns in a while, because most of them are predictable and one can only bear to watch while skipping many scenes, but here I was had from the very first scene ! To see Pon Nawash capable of portraying bad and miserable Peat was a great surprise, or his chem. with Bua and the tension when they act with their eyes … They killed me again and again :3 this is 100% rewatch material! thank you Neko for bringing me so much joy and sharing this masterpiece with the world :-* you are the best !

  24. Thank you for the english subs! I love this thai lakorn 💓

  25. i like this drama because the way of story very amazing.I’m also like this web because it give me a good serve

    • It’s there at the alternative link, not DailyMotion. Check the link given by Neko up there, please.

  26. Neko and team-Thank you for subbing this lakorn! I enjoyed the roller coaster ride and thank you for making me love Bua and Pon together! I am hoping they will pair up again. Such a good chemistry! Peat is such a frustrating character and luckily Pon played his character with so much charisma that you still want him to end up with Kiew! Merry Christmas!

  27. Good Job Neko, I am a Thai fan who love thai drama so much.I have started watching thai drama for the past 10 yrs and keep watching the thai drama until now.Trabab See champoo show a great coloboration between Kiew and Peat.Thumb up for the great effort to sub the drama. Lack of this drama to show how guilty the guy who work with Kiew’s father as he was involved in misuse company money to settle his debt.Overall looks good😊

  28. Great lakorn…
    Kiew is beautiful inside and out. What else can I say?
    Peat is a pr*ck. He needs to suffer longer…
    Kriss is a deadly fool. He needs to be locked up in a cell.
    Chaya is an evil stupid b*tch. She needs to be locked up in a psych ward.

    Neko, thank you for the English subtitles!

  29. All good things come to an end😫… has this lakorn too.. 😍It was a beautifil journey with Peat & Keiw along with their friends.
    Kudos 👍👌to the writers to keep it short and sweet, up to the mark.
    A very big round of 👏👏applause to the casting team for getting together such an amazing group of actors, each one played their characters brilliantly – fell in love with Peat n Kiew, hated Chaya n Kriss (some times even Peat), enjoyed the interaction between Khata and Pam… overall was a memorable💝 lakorn .
    Weekdays will have an EMPTY feeling now that it has ended!😥
    And Last but certainly not the least a big, big, big , a very big Thank U to😘 Neko Meow Meow for super fast subbing. Looking to forward to it future projects… Wishing u a very Happy N Prosperous 2019🙋‍♀️

  30. Done with this wonderful drama.. Thank you so much Neko and team for subbing this drama and releasing it so quick.🤗
    Loved the ending it was really sweet and cute,dint imagine Kiew was just acting and teasing Peat Lol she’s just too cute..I really loved the scene between Peat and his dad,felt really sincere..
    Kriss got what he wanted, i wish he dint go the bad way even once but all is well that ends well..The cutie couple too had a cute ending it was really cute..
    I was already sad from ep23 that it was going to end and it finally ended, i really got very addicted to this drama and enjoyed the whole run of the series..just one thing if they had cleared about the scene between Peat and Chaya in Korea I would be more at peace lol. Did anything happen between them? They cleared the wedding night scene, i wish they cleared this one too..I wish to believe that nothing happened between them..
    Hope there would be more dramas of Pon and Bua in the future ✌️
    It was so much fun discussing this drama here with all specially with @Onlyu. Hope to see more good dramas being subbed here by Neko and team..thank you once again for the hard work🤗😘

    • @dinaz i was wondering when will you post your final thoughts 😊😊

      I wanted to write my review to wrap it up , but you summed up everything in the nicest way!

      This drama is very special to me, it will always stay like this, though really sad that we reached the end.

      Looking forward for bua s future lakorns 💜

      Looking forward to Neko s amazing future projects 💛

      Looking forward to discuss many upcoming dramas with you @Dinaz 🧡

      • Thank you dear @Onlyu for reading my reviews🤗 Hope there will be more dramas in the future where we can discuss together again..
        Yeah hope to see more lakorns of Bua and hope Neko subs it hehe 😁

    • I think it’s ใครเจ็บกว่า / Krai Jep Gwah (Who Hurts More) by ETC

  31. Am I the only one shipping this couple??? I wish they’re together in real life. I see so many Instagram clips but unfortunately I dont understand them as theres no English sub… *sigh*

    • No you’re not the only one! I think many of us like pon and bua as a loveteam for reel&real romance..i hope so that they become couple 😘

      • me too will like them together in real life but there is huge age diffrence … even i dont know how tai people care about those things

        • Both Aum Atichart’s and Ken T’s wives are older than they are so i don’t suppose this matter would be a problem.

          Anyway, I’ve seen Bua before with Pop Thagoon in Khun Mae Suam Roy and I think a number of people ship them too there. I don’t see anything much going on based on IG posts. Clips showing close relationships among the cast are not that uncommon, as far as I know.

  32. A big round of thanks to Neko for subbing TSC. Your hard work has given us many hours of viewing pleasure . 😊😊😀😁

  33. So sad that this already ended, but so happy of the happy ending. I’m gonna miss Peat’s face and Kiew. Kiew made me laugh on the last ep. Thank you for the subs. You’re the best. I hope I can see more lakorns like this. My so cup of tea.

  34. Once again THANK YOU so much for your hard work!! I was waiting for the next episode every day and I’m so happy the series ends like this!! Thank you ❤️

  35. Thanks again neko for giving us another lakorn! It was an amazing journey – loved seeing Peat’s character growth. Loved the ending 🙂

  36. thank you so much for your hardwork😘😘😘 we love you always and stay health na ka 🤗🤗🤗

  37. Why eps 22,23 and 24 does not have alternative video

  38. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!! I randomly saw a clip of this lakorn and was immediately hooked! I searched everywhere and only you subbed the whole series. I cannot express how much I appreciate your hard work!!! This was my first lakorn I’ve seen but I will definitely check out the other lakorns you have subbed! Thank you once again!!! 🙂

  39. I kept getting recommendation for this drama. Truthfully, this lakorn is tiring. I don’t mind recycle plot as long as it make sense. But hands down, this lakorn was well done. Applause to the production team and cast members. Hopefully, I want to see both main cast in a rom-com.

  40. thank SO MUCH for translating all these episodes!! I really enjoy watching the show!! I’m so happy that peat came back to his senses!! I just hope Kiew will not get soft because of Chaya and reject Peat because of that stupid selfish ugly girl!! She really is evil!! And someone should scold her for telling Kriss to get revenge for her!! Because of her, Peat almost got killed….

  41. Thank you very much for the subs.. you’ve done a great job to entertain us. By the way, could you please help us to sub Nahkark Kaew? It is another Thai lakorn that currently airing. It seems to be a good one too but no more updates after the first 2 eps. And it Seems like the subbers not as devoted as you.. please…

    • That is already being subbed by Muse. They have repeatedly said that episodes would first be released to their members first and then be released to the public. You just have to wait.

  42. bueno ya vi el final me gusto, pero la forma en que peat safó a chaya en el final fue muy fea y ademas que estaba enferma,. ahora continuaré con LEK RUK BUSABA Que me encanta

  43. Hello ^.^ Thank you so much for these episodes. They are great *0* I wanted to ask you, do you know where I could find the English subtitles of this drama? I am French and I would have like to translate it into French. Thank you for your help and see you soon! ^0^

    • It worked for me. Try using another browser. If you’re using your cell phone, try using your laptop or computer instead.

    • Please can you send another link for episode 22 because dailymotion is not allowed in my country 💔💔 before all the episodes open for me 😭😣

  44. As much as i don’t want the story to end but ep 23 is on the way to the climax!! I will miss the loveteam of pon and bua..they did great in this series that everybody is affected as if in real life..
    the 2nd and 3rd loveteam also gave a spice to the story.
    Thank you very much Neko for the never ending effort of subbing this lakorn so that fans worldwide can relate and understand..👏👏👏🖒🖒

  45. I hope peat doesn’t get soft hearted with chaya after learning of her illness. I don’t trust chaya one bit. she’s the type to use all means to tie peat to her side…..

  46. I’m really enjoying this Lakorn. Paet from the very beginning till now acted like he was the victim. It’s unfortunate because of the way he was acting and being irrational with everything lead us to dislike him and at the same time sympathized with him. Then all of the sudden we began to dislike his friends Chaya and Kriss. But from the very beginning I think we forget to it was Paet who actually caused his friends to be become like that. He used his friends to seek out revenge. I don’t blame Chaya and Kriss for being the way they are had it not been paet. He used them and was very inconsiderate. Thank you for all you guys do. You guys are amazing.

  47. Peat and his dad’s conversation was really emotional, i am glad he dint scold Peat,the dialogues were really well written and Pon did the scene really well👏👏
    Taeng scolding Chaya was so funny and satisfying lol she’s too cute and clap clap she did a great job 👏👏 🤗🤗
    I think Chaya is really sick i thought she was trying to slit her wrist,but instead she fainted..
    The bed scene was good but if there was a kiss it would have been perfect 😝
    The spoiler pics and videos of ep23 is really confusing me about Kriss i better not comment until i watch it..
    @Onlyu finally i got to watch it after a long wait 😁😁

    And the watermark i was glad to see at the bottom coz there are some trolls who puts flowers on the sides of the video to hide the original subber’s name so when i saw the watermark below i thought it was a really good thing to do along with the original logo..Keep up the great work Neko and team and thank you again and again ❤️

    • Taeng 😂😂😂
      Same , I dont really know what to expect for ep 23!!
      2 more to go 😪😪

  48. This episode was full of unexpected events, every thing was planned and kiew s father knows everything!!!
    Peat finally woke up 👏👏
    Ai kriss, I hate you 😡😡
    Chaya, no body cares about you 😂😂
    Can’t wait for the next episode..

  49. Thanks for the subs! I’m so hooked with this and I don’t like Peat. Loathe him. But I love his face. Haha, I love how Kiew looked strong in this ep. I mean she finally really meant the divorce. Love the throwing of the ring scene. Anyway, can’t wait for the next episodes.

  50. Thank you for your effort but the watermark beneath the subtitle looks bad.

    • I notice that there’s increased of watermark for all lakorn lately. Not just neko’s. My guess is it must be because of all those trolling that I’ve been reading about. They are spoiling it for us real fan out there.They even cause some subbers to quit. Some fan just doesn’t care where they get their sources as long as it’s to their conveniences. I’m just glad that there’s still thai subbers out there who are strong enough to stick around to provide us with free subs! So what if it’s just some additional watermark! Keep up the good work neko!
      p/s: I don’t usually comment but I think you and your team deserve a shout out for your great work. I’ve been following your work since KMSR. And now I’m addicted with TSC! Looking forward to your new projects!

  51. Can you please upload Ep 22 on dailymotion? Cause the one you posted is like 500 + MB, pretty please?!!!!

  52. Thank you so much! Just got off a 10 hour shift and was so tired until I refreshed the page and it episode 22 was sub! ❤️

    • I thing they will get, what they deserve. Thank you NekoMeow.

    • Thanks for the subs Neko 🤗 now I can understand it..I am so sad and disappointed with Kriss,i still had hope he was a good guy but no 😥 I can understand he is angry with Peat but he dint need to use Kiew as his tool for revenge..poor Kiew I feel so bad for her.. Both her husband and friend back stabbed her.. Bad guys..

  53. Can’t wait to go back home to watch ep 22 😁😂 gosh so many hours left lol
    Just saw another teaser for ep 23 where Chaya’s nose was bleeding in the hospital, Kriss pointing the gun towards himself omg what’s’s episode is going to be very really interesting 🤔😏

    • Same ! I did not have the chance to watch ep 22 , 😂🤣 I dont want to watch the spoiler either until am done with the episode..

      Su su Dinaz !! Only few hours left 😀

  54. Hola neko & friends,
    I spent 2 days watching all the episodes, now i can’t wait to watch the last 3 episodes
    Thank you so much for sub this lakorn u save my language 😀

  55. Besides kdrama, i like to watch thai drama now.
    Love from malaysia

  56. Hello! Thank you for your hard work! Is there chance to post 23 ep today? Sorry for insistence, I am crazy about this lakorn…! 😍😉😊👍

    • When Neko has finished subbing it ?

      Can you please just check the schedule that Neko has posted ?

  57. hello neko . thank you so much for subbing this. its a great one with pretty fl and handsome ml. btw can u pls upload ep21 on dailymotion? bcs my line is not that great and its more fast using dmotion. sorry for the trouble. thanks again.

      • Hi. Will episode 22 be posted on daily motion? Because I have a slow connection and my data subscription would expire. I think it’s because the quality of your video is very HD . My data can only handle 240p so I can watch a lot of episodes. I’m saving my data for the last 3 episodes ❤. Thank you for your hardwork👏

        • Wow, you guys are really asking so much la …

          Me, I’m just grateful to see Neko subbing this drama at a very fast pace.

  58. Thanks Neko for subbing so quickly, can’t wait for tonight’s episode. The spoiler looks good.

  59. May you also upload the Ep21 in Dailymotion.
    Even thought it is not working for some but it works for other.
    Thank you for translating the Thai drama.
    I am also a translator so I know how hard to translate I am really really thankful for you ♥️🙏🏻.

    • Thank you for subbing a spoiler. It will be interesting episode.

        • @Onlyu Chaya the snake spoiled a romantic scene between Peat and Kiew Aishhhh i am so annoyed..I was expecting a kiss lol 😂😂
          I guess she’s just acting and dint do anything so bad..

    • Thank you so much for the subbed spoiler Neko, i was scratching my head as to what was it about🤔🤔 when i saw the video on instgram..
      I so wish that Kriss is a good guy and it’s a plan between Kiew’s dad and Kriss to do all these to put some sense into Peat..But i am wrong i guess coz there is spoiler of Kriss shooting at Peat..
      Kiew should have thrown the ring on the day she saw Peat and Chaya together during honeymoon.. Now i hope Peat wakes up..

      • Let’s just hope that peat will figure it out before it’s too late …

  60. It would be really difficult for neko to upload episodes 22 and 23 because they haven’t aired in Thailand yet.

      • Just looking out for you. 😉 Seems like some people don’t appreciate all the time and energy that you put into subbing each episode!

  61. Please update now the 22 we are waiting…its a nice drama…

  62. Waiting for the Chapter 22 , I like it. In 2 days I saw the first 21 chapters. It is crazy.

  63. Kriss is so crazy truly, i always believed he was a good friend to Peat, eventhough Peat is a bad guy he openly shows it unlike Kriss who is wearing a mask.. So Kriss indeed broke down his own restaurant to revenge Peat? He even wants to destroy the company but why 🤔🤔Is Chaya the only reason 🤔🤔
    Peat is so crazy and unpredictable that’s why i am so attracted to him lol hahahaha yet i curse him after each ep😂😂
    In tomorrow’s ep i think he will bring Kiew to the bridal room..I think he will get kicked again lol
    @Onlyu i am not fond of the actresses in the lakorns u mentioned sorry 😁😁 so will skip them.. Will wait for better new dramas..

    • @ dinaz
      What i love about this drama is that its unpredictable !! At least peat Express his anger and reason to revenge, while kriss have different masks!! I hate this type of people 😡😡 poor peat..

      I am not really in love with the lakorn that I mentioned, but this is what I can find 😕😕
      Most of the Eng subbed lakorns am already done watching 😂😂😂
      Lakorn addiction

  64. Nekomeowmeow Thank you for sub this lakorn as well as the others ones. I appreciate your work and your efforts very much. Best regards from Brazil ;D

  65. I can’t believe there is only 3 more episodes to go. It is so intense right now. I wonder they wrap this up in the last episodes. Thanks so much Neko.

    • Hi Neko, can you give us a hint about the projects that you will chose after this one ? 😊😊😊

  66. I found this series just 3 days ago….i am so waiting for ep.21 as i see on daily motion they have the problems with many series from different countries not just this one… what about youtube? i find there this one but from 4th episode from the middle no more subtitles ….is it or not ….? or there is another link to be able downloade this series it so good…. any body can tell me how it is? with thai series….cause is my first one ….its already finished …or they do i mean still filming it? thanks for answer….

    • Neko is the original subber so the videos are available at the link she provides here — not on YouTube.

      As for Thai dramas, the filming is completed first, then only the drama is shown on TV (not like Koreans dramas that are aired while still being shot). This drama has 24 episodes and it airs from Monday to Friday evenings. The last three episodes should be aired next week.

  67. wow… the preview looked saucy!!!! I feel like Kriss is slowly coming back to his senses but it’s too late now so thats why he’s pushing on with his plan. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!! Also, can’t we use this alternative link for all episodes? On DailyMotion we have to watch so many adverts, this format was so much better!

  68. Destroy your friend, just because the girl you love, loves your friend. From the beginning, I still don’t understand this hatred/jealousy.
    Tanks neko !💙

    • In my opinion Kriss is worse than Peat. Peat has always displayed his anger and hurt all his life, but Kriss suppressed his try feelings and was never a friend.

  69. This lakron is like a drug, make you want more and more. Thank very much for subbing this and chance to watch it in Bulgaria.

    • Cuál es su blog…q no lo sé y me da algo si no lo puedo ver TT

  70. EP21 have been rejected by Dailymotion. Please be patience for alternative link!

  71. Guys lets calm down I’m sure something has gone wrong otherwise the admin of this page usually posts the episode with subs really quickly. Let’s give it a bit of time maybe something has happened or something has gone wrong so they are unable to post the episode properly?

  72. neko i cant open the video…it says that the page is restricted😢😢

  73. Well done neko meow meow thnx to u for ur great work keep it on 👍👍

  74. oh my gosh …best drama everrrrrrrr….waiting for ep 21…neko you are the best..thank you so much for translating❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  75. Four more episode to go and I am still wishing to see our cute but idiot Nai Peat suffering from his hatred… he would have to beg and crawl over Kiew…Ah, Kiew…be a little bit tougher…be a little bit fierce…you are too kind!

  76. Thanks Neko for your hard work, I hope you are not wearing yourself out by subbing so quickly. It is getting harder and harder to find Thai dramas to watch these days so the work you do is very much appreciated.

  77. Woww love to watch the strong Kiew who is giving back nicely to Peat 😁😁 I am really enjoying it..
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            Yeah i want to know too what is Neko’s next project?
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            Currently I am watching leh rak busaba and this lakorn , yesterday I started with the new lakorn that thippy is currently subbing , the one with steph Stephany I forgot the name 🤣🤣 you .sy wana check it out 😊😊

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    • I see that tang Parn Kammthep is being subbed by TASSK subbing group. You can check that out on their facebook page.

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    Any chance you can provide ep 19 with alternative link as it is not working at all on dailymotion. I am not sure if any others are facing the issue or is it just me?

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      • I also want to think Kiew is pregnant but I don’t want to be disappointed if she isn’t. But it would be nice if she’s really pregnant as it would add more spice to the already intense happenings.

      • Lol and i thought i was the only one who thought like that hehe😁😂 I hope she’s pregnant let Peat cry and beg for forgiveness and clarify that nothing happened between him and Chaya then only i will be satisfied lol 😂😂 even if she’s not pregnant she shouldn’t forgive him so easily..

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    • Thats absolutely true.I was introduced to Thai lakorns because of NEKO in the intial days due to HER ENGLISH SUBTITLES only,later on thippy,sjdk.rainbow subbers.anonyblue,jl subbers i got to know.Thank you once again for giving us these subs without delay,publicly now.Thanks once again NEKO.

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      It’s really hard to believe Kriss is a bad guy, I hope it’s a plan between Kiew’s dad and Kriss to expose Tee so that they can get more info on what else Tee did to the company..
      Kiew stay strong girl✌️✌️

      • I am shocked 😲😲 they say only the closer people to you can hurt you..

        I don’t want to assume things before watching the episode.

        I give 5 stars to the director and scenatist , they always have something new hidden for us 😁😁

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  86. Hello Neko, sorry if I disturb you but I wanted to ask you if the group on discord is still active, because I tried to enter and gives me that the invitation has expired and I do not understand how it happened.
    And also thank you so much for this lakorn, I love it! I can not wait to see the next episode!

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    Kiew was super cute in the episode, loved how she called Ahjumma..she should have learnt to call Peat as ‘Nappeun noma’ (meaning bad guy in Korean) hehe..😂😂
    Kriss’s smirk is really scary it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking, i still hope he is a good guy and will give moral support to Kiew as she turns into a strong woman.. She really needs to teach Peat a good lesson and not give a damn to him..
    I really hope nothing is going to happen between Chaya and Peat coz the preview and the short clips on YouTube shows Peat putting on Kiew’s cardigan on Chaya’s bare back i really hope i am wrong..🙏🙏

    • My expectations are nothing will happen between chaya and peat, I do believe that peat still loves kiew.. but it’s too much , poor kiew.. I don’t understand kriss 🤔🤔
      Ahjumaa part was the funniest oh my God 😂😂 and the dancing part too, dance dance 😂😂
      Not sure if it will be happy ending..

      • He does love Kiew only that’s for sure but i really hope Peat dint do anything with Chaya for revenge..
        Her dance was super cute 😍😍 both are really good actors ✌️✌️

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    I’m going to bitch slap and pull the hair of Peat and Chayya -_- how dare they kiss each other like that, the preview has made me so angry.

      • *sigh* they’re both equally shameless, I hope Kiew can make him jealous with Kriss or something so he gets a slap of reality.

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    • I know! Amazing quality and thats hard to find anywhere else. Thank you so much from Honolulu, Hawaii!

    • Go Kiew! Please leave Peat so he can start seeing the end of the light before it’s too late. He needs to suffer and then begs/comes back to Kiew when he can see clearly. But make him work for it! Luckily this series started him having a big crush on Kiew so it kinda makes me hold on that this boy just needs some clarity in life since he is loss in his revenge.

    • Dinaz where are you? I need your updates and reviews 😅😅✏✏

      • Thanks for reading my comments @Onlyu 🤗🤗
        the only update i have is that yesterday’s episode got the highest rating of 3.7 of all the 18 episodes that aired till now(minus the kiss 😭)..I really wish to know more about the Thai drama rating system though..i dont know much about it as I do for Korean dramas..
        Waiting patiently for the link to ep18😊😊

        • Yes I also do not know how it works there regarding the rating system., so it means am not alone 😀 ep 18 is already out but I cant watch it I still need to work , but also I will check your thoughts on it once you post 😊😊 @dinaz

          • Awww thank you for reading ❤️❤️ me too same problem have to go home and watch after work..

    • Omg Chaya’s coat falling off?and Peat puts his sweater on her? Does it mean for revenge he went all the way to sleep with this girl?Oh no 😭😭 isn’t it a bit too much..
      At this rate now i should root for Kiew and Kriss coz I really hate Peat now for cheating on her!! He’s so bad omg 😠😡 I dint imagine this sweet story will go this way 😭😭

        • I really hope so too but the preview and short clips on YouTube shows something like that..

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    • Chaya knows because peat sent a message to her that he miss her and want her to go to see him. Bcs from what i saw, the night after kiew sleep he go to the bathroom and sent a message to chaya. 😊😊 i know it from instagram hehe

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    I’m at the episode 2, and… What it’s this father? He comes to bury his wife, not long ago and now he brings a new woman at home without explaining anything to his son! It’s normal, that Peat (?) doesn’t take well !! He was a absent dad and a absent husband, and sudenly he’s a present and obliging dad/husband… it is normal that Peat become badly and rebels. I shall have put the house in fire and in blood.😈😇😈

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    Poor Kiew feeling so bad for her but looking at the upcoming teaser and pics i can’t wait already..(Kiss coming up) Stopping myself again from watching the raw lol🤣🤣
    I was waiting for the scene which showed nothing happened between Peat and Chaya but even in this ep it was missing, i think it will come in future episodes..
    I pity Peat too but he’s way to stubborn to think anything in the right way..and I hope he dint mean when he said he and Chaya would stay together after his trip, someone should kidnap Chaya and dump her in another country lol 😂😂

    • Hehehe i agree on Chaya ‘s part lol :D:D so excited for the next episode !!!

      • Just now I saw on Instagram and YouTube people are complaining that they have deleted the kiss scene from today’s episode..I mean why?i was so excited but they chopped it off 😭😭 but atleast i saw it on Instagram..
        They should have choped off Chaya’s kiss scene with Peat.. Gosh i hate her so much..

        • Yeah! I saw that too! Glad that I’m not the only one who notice this. Kindda disappointed that they show it in the preview but not in the eps itself. I’m thinking it might be the same editor who edited out the kiss from Khun Mae Suam Roy! Yeah! I’m still cross till today! They did the same thing too. Kiss in preview but not in the eps! ^^’

          • Gosh why did they even do that?😭I really don’t understand..🤔
            Pon posted a pic too of the kiss on his instagram..
            Omg i don’t know about a kiss in Khun mae suam roy (coz i watched it much later after it was aired).. thats too bad really coz even i was thinking why there were no kisses in such a good drama 😭
            We should beat up the editor lol 😂

          • can you help enlighten me on why they cut out scenes like this? much appreciated 🙂

          • They did delete the scene I’m so upset! I tried looking at a FIN Clíp and also deleted! 😭 I saw it raw but waiting on Neko to sub it so I can understand more of some of the scenes. Ep 19 is going to have me hating on him and Chaya again!

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    Peat is really going to get a taste of karma and an angry best-friend if he doesn't sort himself out.

    • Thanks for the spoiler! I’m soooo excited about tomorrow’s episode 🙂

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    • Hahahaha same here lol 🤣🤣 71% subbed ❤️❤️ Thanks to Neko we can watch it so fast..

      • Just wait a little bit longer and you’ll get to curse at Peat! Encoding the video right now! ^^’

        • Arrrrgh so again he will do things to curse at him oh no 😥😥
          We are patiently waiting take your time Neko 😊
          and thank you so much to you and your team ❤️🤗

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    PS. I have also one question, does anybody know the instrumental song played with first a piano and then a guitar? It is mostly played when both the main characters are talking, like at ep 12 after he says he was in love with her after she finds him beaten. (I’d appreciate very much any help in finding that instrumental song :D)

  103. How does it work for the episodes? When can we see episode 17?

    • Hi, it seems that Neko is putting english subtitle right after the epidose is aired. This drama is currently being showed in Thai local tv. So, episode 17 will be aired on Monday so hopefully by Tuesday we will be able to find the link for English sub. I’m a fan as well, I understand how excited you are to completely watch the whole episodes…i feel the same that’s why some prefer to start watching after the drama is complete as well as it has been completely sub so as not to disrupt the momentum…but I got hooked up after watching the trailer so I ended up watching episode one at a time when the eng sub is out and patiently wait for the next to be aired and subbed…LoL😊

  104. Yeyyyyyyy I am so happy nothing happened between Peat and Chaya 😍😍 just saw the video on Instagram where he stopped Chaya from kissing him..
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  106. Wow just wow! Thank you Neko and your group for subbing this lakorn..thankful that somebody told me your web and your dailymotion channel…

  107. [SPOILERS -> ep 16, beware !]

    I was fooled by Peat’s kind behaviour ever after the thing with the diary. (that kiss OMG!).. until I saw his look when he hugged Kangsadan after he knew he was going to marry her. I knew he would be a jerk with her to seek revenge toward his father but… bringing Chaya home ?! That is low. I hope nothing happened between these 2 the wedding night, I would be so disapointed with Peat ! Maybe we will know about that matter later. Anyway, you can definitely see that he’s not as ease with his scheme.

    Maybe he thought it would be easy to hurt her but you can see that it’s hard for him to leave her. He’s as much hurt more and more he hurts Kangdasan. He always hesitates when he’s about to do something bad to her and then he gets upset with Chaya because he can’t stand what he’s doing ! And let’s not talk about jealousy toward her and Kriss ! (ha ha, well he deserved it !)

    On the other hand I’m super proud of Kangsadan’s behaviour : she shocked Peat with her kindness after he left her, he couldn’t believe how kind she was, not questionning him and dressing his wounds, saying she loved him no matter what. I feared she would be broken by Peat but she stands for her dignity and asked for her freedom. Loved Peat’s face when she asked him to divorce her by the way ha ha ha ! He didn’t expect this to happen ! Anyway, I’m all over the place with this lakorn, can’t believe there’s only 8 episodes left. T_T Can’t wait to see the next eps, thanks to the subber, we <3 you !!

    • I agree what you said. Chaya is dumb and blind that she can’t see through, in this way she is loosing her dignity and love of Kris and I want Kris to leave her he deserves someone better.

      • If you see Peats behaviour with Kriss and in general what his behaviour was like you would also understand Kriss’s behaviour

  108. I am not sure how they will bring all this to a logical conclusion where everyone is in happy space. The only person who seems to have some iota of sense is Kiew right now. She understands Peat’s pain and empathaises with him. Rest all characters are driven by selfishness only (including Peat). Parents are cause of this mess and children are facing the consequence.

    Do hope Peat understands and doesn’t hurt Kiew more than this.

    • I understand that peat is suffering, but what he is doing shows that he lost his mind ! This is more than revenge. I hope that kiew will be strong enough to face him and chaya…

  109. Can’t wait to watch the ep. 17… i actually stoped watching thai drama and movies but when i saw neko … oh my.. thank you so much i can now watch thai dramas wherever i want… thank you so much neko…

  110. I forgot to say thank you Neko for subbing these episodes so quickly. Your hard work is very much appreciated. I stopped watching Thai Lakorns for a while when it was hard to tell who were the real subbers or not but I’m glad I’ve restarted with this one.

  111. I feel very sorry for Peat and Kiew who have both suffered at the hands of their parents who were all adults when they made the choices they made, Kiew’s mother knew it was Khun Nai’s wedding night yet she still slept with him and lied to Kiew all along about who her father was. Peat’s mother made a deliberate choice to sleep with another man no matter what her reasoning was and again lied about Peat’s father. Then don’t get me started on Khun Nai, I can understand Peat being angry with him because his mother was treated badly all her married life by a man who couldn’t let go of his past. Kiew seems to think Khun Nai is wonderful because he loved her mother all along when in fact he was cheating on his wife emotionally for all those years. What an awful situation for her to be in. Now with the younger generation, Kriss is only using Kiew to get back at Chaya and Peat, I can see him doing something bad to Kiew in the future to shake them all up. Now that Peat is treating Kiew the same way his mother was treated Kiew needs to sit back and think about how Peat’s mother would have felt knowing her husband’s feelings for her had never changed in all the time they were married, Khun Nai needs to come to a serious resolution about the destruction he caused by being so disloyal to his family. I also have a feeling there is a secret with Khun Nai’s assistant, but it is just a feeling at the moment.

  112. thanks for this, but i’m hesitating to watch this because of angst….
    btw neko, do you have a facebook affiliation or something??

  113. I totally agree, but to be honest I kind of saw this coming after he read his mums diary.. if he can’t sort himself out i hope they divorce and she gets with kriss and has a happy life, while he can watch and regret everything and so can chaya.

  114. Lol i was about to sleep then i saw Neko was ready with ep16.. Thank your so much Neko and team for the super quick subs. ❤️
    Watched ep16 gosh Peat has lost his could he bring Chaya home? That’s a bit too much. Even his dad dint do that in presence of Peat’s mom.
    The scene where Kriss grabs Kiew’s hand and took her out was so satisfying. He needs to be more jealous.. Poor Kriss i really pity him but i feel more sad looking at Kiew she’s has been charged so badly..😭😭

  115. the dad should just kick him out! he’s not the real son anyway , he’s always compromising and sacrificing kiew for peat! so frustrating!

  116. i don’t usually comment but peat is being too much! how dare he ,bring home his mistress when he’s not even the real son of the dad, how shameless to act as if. and also he’s ungrateful to the dad despite the dad’s mistake he still didn’t abandon him despite that the mom cheated as well.

  117. Oh wow !!! Episode 16 is out already !! No need to explain about Chaya 😀

  118. Just done with ep 15..omg don’t tell me Peat slept with Chaya 😭😭😭😭 That will be too bad really!!
    Such a sad episode with great acting by Bua and Pon ❤️❤️
    Still hoping nothing happened between the two please 🙏🙏

    • I knowww,, but i wish i could understand the preview of the next episode? What is Chaya doing !!! Can some one explain please 😀

      • Next ep is out already..u will get more mad watching ep16 Aaaaaaaaahhhh i want to kill Chaya and Peat.. Are u crazy Peat!!

        • Ohhh :((( its late here so only tomorrow I can watch .. i wish that kiew stand strong and kick chaya and peat out !!!

  119. I’m not ready to watch next eps 😭😭 pity kiew 😭😭 it’s looks gonna be crying whole eps 15 16

    • I need another man to come in the picture. Right now Kiew, doesn’t have another person who loves her, right? Kriss sort of has her back, but that’s only because Chaya is involved. Peat needs a wake up call.

    • Huhuhuhu.. i think i need to punch peat for hurting kiew.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  120. Super Thanks 🌹👍for super fast subbing….loving it so far…as some one said earlier both the leads are an eye candy to watch😍….story moving at a gr8 pace. …things are going to get tense ahead🤯…eagerly waiting🤓 for the upcoming eps

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  122. What did we ever do to deserve someone like you?!? I really appreciate all your hard work and I cannot thank you enough for taking your time to do this for us nonThai speakers! You are truly a hero in my book!

  123. I love this drama so much .. i cant wait for the episode 15-24…im waiting for the other episodes..thank u so much for translating it in english subtitles…more power!!

  124. **Spoiler** I am so over Peat. However, I must admit that he is smart. He made sure to marry the love of his life. I guess he is hoping that Kiew will stay by his side no matter what he does because he always seems slightly nervous when he is about to do something wrong to her. In ep. 15 he has to stare at himself in the mirror to maintain his determination to leave the room. I’m really hoping that he stopped Chaya before she went to far during their intimate moment because if he didn’t Kiew should leave him. I started feeling so so about Kriss, but Kriss is awesome. He is the only one not enabling Peat. Obviously showing him affection and love is just not enough. Instead of turning a new leaf after finding out his mother was wrong as well, he still blames everything on the dad. I am pretty sure that his mother was aware that Khun Nai did not want to marry her. They could have worked something out (maybe get a divorce after a few years). However, she stayed with Khun Nai and he lost years with his love. Peat doesn’t take any of that into account. Also while Kiew’s mom was bound to die, the stress hurried the process. Peat should have taken all of that into account. Peat can go kick rocks. Kriss is awesome and never treats anyone badly except for Peat, but he deserves it. I admit that Peat is handsome, but he is also very ugly on the inside to be able to do that to someone he loves. Although I understand where he is coming from, I just don’t care.

    • My thoughts exactly. I’m putting all hope on kriss to knock some sense into peat. He should get closer to kiew. That would leave peat green with envy. Kiew seems able to tolerate peat’s nonsense at the moment but more than these, i don’t wish for her to be lenient for long. When you have his love, you hold the power in your hand, kiew.

  125. Love Love this Lakorn. so much I often can’t wait, go for the raw et come back for the subs.
    Thank you very much, for doing the sub ans for doing them so regularly and quickly. You’re amazing.

  126. Can’t be able to watch episode 14. Seriously peat is a eye candy

  127. Awwwww poor Kiew i feel so bad for her 😥😥 so Peat wants to take revenge on his dad and Kiew’s mom(the reason why all this happened) 🤔🤔 poor Kiew tomorrow’s episode is gonna be really sad.. Gosh i am stopping myself from watching the raw lol hahahaha
    Thanks to Neko and team we are getting to watch an awesome drama ❤️❤️
    I love the second song from the list above..its beautiful but i wonder why this drama dosent have it’s own OST?🤔
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