Tur Yang (Do you still) เธอยัง by Push Puttichai (Ost. Love Flight)

If you have watched the MV you could probably guess the ending of the 4 episodes mini series.  

And for the sake of Push fans, here’s the short translation of the conversation in the MV between Mayk and Fah.
Mayk : Fah!
Fah sat down beside Mayk
Mayk : Right now, dream and love, which one will you choose?
Fah : My love is… when I see the person that I love have happiness no matter if we are together or not.

And if you want to know exactly what happened just stay tuned to GMM TV youtube channel.

Tur Yang have been my all time favorite song and it have been remake and sang by so many. And these are the two other version that I like best. Enjoy!
The original version by Potato

Cover by Bird and New Jiew into duet version