TV3 Lakorn Rating 2016

So did your fave lakorn make it to the top list?

1. Narkee (17.29)
2. Padivarada (8.95)
3. Tam Rak Keun Jai (8.80)
4. Gam Lai Mat (8.41)
5. Piang Chai Kon Ni Mai Chai Poo Wiset (8.32)
6. Duang Jai Pisut (7.82)
7. Leurt Rak Thoranong (7.30)
8. Chat Payak (7.19)
9. Nang Aye (6.88)
10. Jao Ban Jao Ruen (6.68)
11. Wimarn Mekkala (6.60)
12.Kong Krapan Naree (6.30)
13. Plerng Naree (6.21)
14. Nang Tard (6.12)
15. Buang Atithan (5.80)
16. Dokmai Tai Mek (5.64)
17. Wai Saeb Saraek Kard (5.59)
18. Raeng Tawan (5.18)
19. Sailab Rak Bpuan (4.82)
20. Thayat Asoon (4.17)
21. Bussaba Rae Fan (3.75)
22. Pee Roon Pram Ruk (3.44)

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10 Comments on “TV3 Lakorn Rating 2016

  1. I regret not finishing Tam Rak Keun Jai before the subs were taken down =(

  2. My favorites are tarm ruk kueun jai padiwarada pian chan khun ni mai chai poo wised and i’ve also watched raeng tawan p’AUM made me forget about him i only see khun sureyene on the screen but i think they deleted a lot of scene ,the ending isn’t satisfying at all

  3. well My favorite lakorn this year is Padivarada and piang chai kon ni mai chai poo wiset, another lakorn I enyojed so much was jao sao chapor kit is not in the list but I loved the chemestry between them, I also liked jao ban jao ruen, i haven´t finish to watched yet

  4. My fav Nakee is #1. Yeah!!!! I can sing the entire song and anyone that sit in my car when I’m driving is going to have to listen to that song all the way…. 🙂 :).

  5. Well… my fav Padivarada in the top 3 – Congrate. I watched more than 3 times because of the story and the actor and actress. i just finished watching Sailab Rak Bpuan and Piang Chai Kon Ni Mai Chai Poo Wiset. The others not watching yet but it is in my list. Trying to find with eng sub.

  6. Well..Padivarada is definitely my favourite from 2016. I have rewatched it already 3 times.
    Tam Rak Keun Ja was also really cute.
    Piang Chai Kon Ni Mai Chai Poo Wiset was a good watch..but the female lead character-not the actress!!- just was too annoying for me..But I hope to see them both in another lakorn..I liked their chemistry..
    Gam Lai Mat was different and I liked that there were many surprises..but sadly..there was no chemistry between Janie and Toey..
    Nang Aye hasn´t finished airing..and I want to see how it decide whether or not to watch it raw..
    Plerng Naree should have a higher ranking..
    Raeng Tawan had me constantly goggling my I either he looks fit..or is he seriously throwing her around O_O…then..ah..the plot is so old…and to be honest..I have him seen acting better than this…
    I haven´t watched Narkee yet..I want to see if there is a HE…

  7. My no. 1 favourite is Tam Rak Keun Jai, second goes to Piang Chai Kon Ni Mai Chai Poo Wiset…I really miss khun Sing & of the cutest couple..^^

    • Tam Rak Keun Jai . It is one of my favorite lakorns that i had seen , a heartwarming story that let the viewers enjoy while they are watching . Khun Sing character such a great man + Nonna a lovely girls .

  8. I think Plerng Naree should be given higher rating and top the list. Story interesting,
    short and sweet. Thumbs up for both the main and supporting actors and actresses.

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