[VOTE WINNER] neko’s Valentine Project *Updated*

I was informed that Banlang Dokmai is being subbed by PldramaLover. So I’ve decided to drop this one and work on the next vote winner instead. Please make sure you head over and give PldramaLover your love and support! 😉 

Hey kitkat! Look like you still have chance to root for your Luk Tan Loy Kaew! 😛

Stay tuned! And keep the vote coming!



We have a winner in less than 24hours. Here’s the result of the poll as of right now!


kitkat was telling me that the poll is lopsided and the winner will be obvious upon me posting the poll. 😛 Hmm… I did consider adding Por Krua Hua Bpak and if that happen, I guess we will see a much more interesting poll! The first few episodes was a great laugh with Louis Scott acting as gay chef.  But maybe because I have short attention span, I ended watching previews of most of the episodes. :O

Even though we already have a winner, I’m going to leave the poll open till Feb 14th. I do have intention to sub the other two. I want to see between these two, which one is more favourable! Hehehe! I’m actually rooting for Chanee Pee Plak! 😀 😀 😀

But at the moment due to re-organisation at work place, I’m trying not to start too many projects as I fear I don’t have much spare time. And thankfully Annie Cat’s Viet Subbing team will be helping me with the timing of Banlang Dokmai. That sure ease a lot of my workload. 😉 Thank you again Annie Cat and team!

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