[SPOILER] Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep09-Ep20 [ENG SUB] (updated)

Welcome to neko’s latest obsession Word Of Honor 山河令! Well if you are in the discord group you probably know that all neko talk about for the past week is Word of Honor, Simon Gong a.k.a Lao Gong 😅, Ah Xu, Zhang Zhe Han and everything that have to do about Word of Honor. And I’m glad I have a few sisters who join me and entertain me in my craze! 🤣 Word of Honor came just at the right time. I really needed a change of atmosphere after the trauma of Mia Jam Bpen. I know there’s some people who truly enjoy this lakorn. Which I’m glad if you do that mean mine and timing team effort is not for nothing!. But it’s just too much, too toxic for me. To me, it just doesn’t fit the criteria of a typical lakorn. Well at the very least, they should stick to one genre, if it’s rom com, just make it rom com all the way and if it’s going to be melodrama, then be it all the way! The comedic insertion in between the tense drama during the later eps doesn’t really give me any joy at all. Oh well, this is only my personal opinion! 😝 Okay! This post is not about MJB, it’s about WoH! So back to WoH. I have shared these translation of spoiler in discord and thought that I should share it with nekolings who are watching as well. If you are watching it and wanted spoiler while waiting for Youku to update eng sub. Please continue reading…

If you are not a fan of spoiler. Then I’ll leave you with this cute clip of Wen Ke Xing with Money Vs Without Money

For those who are interested to see why neko is so obsessed over WoH, you can go watch this with Engsub at Youku’s official Youtube channel. Ep1 is a bit boring in the beginning with the background story. But it starts to get interesting towards the end of the eps! There’s never a dull moment when both our lead is together! 🥰 If you are a fan of Untamed or Guardian, then this is a must watch!  Warning! This is addictive, once you started it just make you crave for more! 🤤

Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep09 [ENG SUB]

Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep10 [ENG SUB]

Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep11 [ENG SUB]

Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep12 [ENG SUB]

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Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep20 [ENG SUB]

11 Comments on “[SPOILER] Word Of Honor 山河令 Trailer Ep09-Ep20 [ENG SUB] (updated)

  1. I just randomly checked your website to see whats going on in lakorn world these days and what a surprise. I cant believe you are watching MY MOST FAVORITE DRAMA. I relate to you so much cuz all I do these days is obsess over Word of honor. I have watched any other drama for past few weeks because I am genuinely is so obsessed with WOH. ITS SOO GOOD. I want everyone to watch it. My wenzhou babies>>

  2. Enjoy watching this drama dear, I will be watching it as well. Thank you for posting it ^_^

  3. Hi ..it’s old me again. Just found a cast list for new movie that makes me wish I was half a century younger… Johnny Huang, Wang Yibo and Zhang Zhehan. Apparently a military/action movie but still that’s a cast I’d enjoy watching. AND for something different I’ve been revisiting Bpoop Paeh Leh Rak, I really like the leads. I really enjoy rewatching quite a number of dramas. Thank you for leaving them there for me ( and others).. Stay safe and enjoy. Warmest wishes Lyn

  4. Hi Neko
    I watch reviewer Avenuex and she was talking about the issues of the voice actors nit saying the same lines as said by actors in Sword of Honour. And what lip readers are able to identify what is being said!! Pretty interesting.

  5. Just a quick note not on track…but now I’m watching 2 cdramas. Vastly different, but as I’m a mad Wallace Chung fan, I’m now also totally into watching The Sword and the Brocade and loving it.
    AND, why I am sending you a message, have you checked out Youku Live Stream…. Youku channel on Youtube of the leads from Word of Honour. Marcus Sim told me of it. It’s not subbed. Search video list between ep5 and 6 of Word of Honour. Apparently very interesting and funny. Sounded like something you’d enjoy but you may know already. Warmest regards, Lyn

  6. We need a full article with you ranting on Mia Jam Pen 😂😂😂. I skipped it due to all those controversies. But I know the whole storyline.

  7. Hi Neko, enjoyed finding you are a fan of Sword of Honour too!! First discovered Simon Gong in Advance Bravely but recently loved Unique Lady 2 ( not as much as the first). However, I am an even bigger fan of Zhang Ze Han since Yun Xi. I watch as much as I can access of both actors so a chance to see them together!!! by the way my list would have added My Roommate is a Detective.

    I totally agree with your view of Mia Jam Bpen. In my opinion, I was ready to believe they changed script writers half way through. I loved the first half and thought it was funny and clever, but I am still grateful for all your work. One question, How do you get the time to do all your work and watch other dramas????? And one more thing , for a show that is a great rom com, with some drama, and has a very different premise, have you tried Mr Queen ( No Touch Princess) from South Korea?

    Stay safe and enjoy. Sending warmth and happiness. Lyn

    • Now you see why I stopped commenting…WORD not SWORD!!! mistakes no matter how many times I read it!! Lyn

      • LOL! Advance Bravery is good! I just finished it in one sitting yesterday! I couldn’t get into Unique Lady, I stop half way in UL1. As for UL2, I watched a few clip here and there and skip right to the ending! Maybe I’ll try to watch once again since right now I’m having Lao Gong’s fever! 😅 Another one of his which I like is Flavor It’s Yours.
        After WoH went on air, I actually don’t have much time to do other stuff! Err… Correction, more like don’t have mood to do other thing!🤣 I’m still coping with the lost of Baby ME 😭 And lately thing haven’t been smooth sailing both at work and nekoland especially when the toxic lakorn hit DMCA warning too! Which I still need to fix the situation before it impact the entire site! Now all I want to do is to submerged in the fluffy & sweet cdramaland. I haven’t been watching much kdrama or jdrama. I’m too lazy to read sub! 😝 The most recent kdrama that I’ve watched is Sweet Home! I’m a fan of zombie! 😝

        • LOL that is definitely funny that you, who so wonderfully provide subtitles for us to joyfully read, doesn’t enjoy reading !!!! Made my day…. Love it!!
          Forgot about your loss, takes time but focus on the joy, the memories of the happy. You are often in my thoughts. PS What about The Love Equations? But you should try reading sometimes, Hi, Bye Mama is beautiful, and the Jdrama Love Lasts Forever was great last year. I read my way around Asia. but then again I’m in my 70s and retired.
          I’m eternally grateful to you for Thailand. When the world opens again, my dream is that when my daughter will marry in England, I’ll stop in Thailand for mother of bride outfit….the senior actresses are beautifully dressed. Still smiling that you don’t enjoy subtitles!!!! XX

          • Yes! Bangkok is definitely a great place to get beautiful & fancy outfit. They have a lot of creative local designer.
            I haven’t started on Love Equation yet. It’s in my list too! I have a super long list! Kekeke! I multitask most of the time, I just leave the drama to play at my big screen while I’m working. And will only pay attention when the plot get interesting! That’s my secret!😁 And also why I prefer anything which I doesn’t need to read sub. Previously it was US TV series which was playing in the background but lately I’ve swapped it with cdrama! 😅

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