Yang Di Wei Huan 养敌为患

Yang Di Wei Huan 养敌为患 [Fostering the Enemy/Raising the Enemy]
Total Episodes : 30eps
Airing Date : Jul 15, 2022 – Sep 09, 2022 (Every Tue, Thu, Sat)
Cast : 李菲Li Fei, 李馥屹Li FuYi, 林泽辉IRON Lin ZheHui
Adapted from the serial comics of Kuaikan App, Heroine Ye Mu from 21st century accidentally obtained an ancient book while performing a mission. What she didn’t expect is that she got sucked into the book world and became the General’s mistress daughter. Only by protecting Mo Linyuan, the little slave who she have been bullying, who is also the future emperor, then only she can return to the real world.
Ye Mu therefore recruited Mo Linyuan as her personal bodyguard and constantly getting on his good side. Cultivating him in the development of morality, intelligence, physique from early age. Under Ye Mu’s care and support, Mo Linyuan let go of the hatred he have towards her. And the story of the domineering lady and the loyal bodyguard slowly unfold.
As the plot progresses, the two who grew up together gradually develop feelings for each other. However, there are many difficulties and hardships on the road to becoming a king. Can the two work together to overcome the crisis? Will Ye Mu be able to return to the real world smoothly?


Ep Air
01 07/15/22 LINK LINK
02 07/15/22 LINK LINK
03 07/16/22 LINK LINK
04 07/17/22 LINK LINK
05 07/18/22 LINK LINK
06 07/19/22 LINK LINK
07 07/20/22 LINK LINK
08 07/21/22 LINK LINK
09 07/23/22 LINK LINK
10 07/25/22 LINK LINK
11 07/27/22 LINK LINK
12 07/29/22 LINK LINK
13 07/31/22 LINK LINK
14 08/02/22 LINK LINK
15 08/04/22 LINK LINK
16 08/06/22 LINK LINK
17 08/09/22 LINK LINK
18 08/11/22 LINK LINK
19 08/13/22 LINK LINK
20 08/16/22 LINK LINK
21 08/18/22 LINK LINK
22 08/20/22 LINK LINK
23 08/23/22 LINK LINK
24 08/25/22 LINK LINK
25 08/27/22 LINK LINK
26 08/30/22 LINK LINK
27 09/01/22 LINK LINK
28 09/03/22 LINK LINK
29 09/06/22 LINK LINK
30 09/09/22 LINK LINK

Subbed & time by neko^^

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