Announcement! Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak

Update : 4th August 2020
Good news! Swadisub have pick up this lakorn. Ep1 is completed sub!
Do send love and encouragement to keep her going! 

I’ve decided! I’m dropping this project once and for all! I regret that I didn’t listen to advice that I should just drop it when all the commotion started!
My sincere apology to those who have been patiently waiting for this one while I’m slowly working on it. But I’ve reached my breaking point with this one!
True that I dislike how Diaw treating Ajan Oie but that’s still tolerable! They still have their cute moments together. But what prompt me to come to this decision is that, despite disabling comment on that page so that I can work peacefully. Lately I’ve been receiving nasty vulgar comment on daily basis because I’m not working on this one fast enough. I don’t like waking up to those comments. It just ruin my mood for the entire day no matter how hard I try to ignore it! Enough is enough!
I started subbing as a hobby and also to help me improve and learn Thai faster. I didn’t sign up for getting cyber bullied or trolled at! And since this is my fansub and also my nekoland, I can work on whatever that makes me happy (well sometimes the timing team too) and at whatever pace that I feel like it! If you doesn’t like my choice of project, my subbing pace, my rules, feel free not to come to Nekoland!

77 Comments on “Announcement! Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak

  1. Just found this site. I’m thankful that I can watch some Thai drama with very good sub titling in English. Appreciate your time and effort but at the same time quite disappointed that you’ve dropped this drama which in my opinion has potential good storyline.
    It’s sad that there are people who demand and become abusive not seeming to realise that you do this as a hobby and favour to your regular followers.
    More power to you.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR NEKO! May your wishes be fulfilled in 2020. Thank you for all your past, present and future work. I hope that all the expressions of support, appreciation and love will help wipe out the nasty comments from ungrateful and ill-mannered people.

  3. Hi there 👋🏼 You sub or not, it’s your choice! I just wanted to say thank you for the projects that you. Take care ❤️

  4. hi neko! first of all i realy realy dont belive that peoples behavior. you sub all these lakorn and we can watch them so they will be apriciate it. Second of all realy thanks for your time. I’ in med school and my lessons are realy hard and my only thing that ı let it all hang out are these lakorns. İ’m so respect that your doing so thank you and all your team wşth my heart. please never pay attention to bad comment

  5. im so sorry you had to hear those nasty comment First of all I want to say a big thank you for doing subs on posting them on you sight because with out you or other subbers I would not be able to watch wonderful LaKorns so Thank You very very much

  6. I’m so sorry for heard like thhatt.Don’t give up on us .YOU are who lakonand me unite like that .cheer up what you do is we clearly can see.Im neko fan from 2014 .PLs don’t give up on us.5ting you are the best.PLSSSSS…..

  7. Hi, Neko!

    I just read this post about how you were being treated over subs for this drama. You did the right thing; you’re doing us all a huge favor, and people need to appreciate that — and you — and not be selfish and demanding.

    Honestly, the thing that really caught my attention in your post is that you said you started subbing “to improve and learn Thai faster”. I want to tell you how impressed I am because I’ve watched so many of your subbed dramas, and I thought you were a native Thai speaker. Congratulations on your progress!! I’ve also studied and learned many languages, so I know that getting to the level you’re at is not easy and requires a lot of work, so I want to commend you.

    Great job & keep up the excellent work. Su su!!

  8. i realy thank you for your subs i fell in love with thai lakorn thanks to your subs , I am greek and i really want to thank you again for what you ae doing for me because i really , really iam glad that i started whatching thai lakorn . Don’t pay attention to what people say i khow from first hand that it’s hard but be sure that there are more people that what to thank you!!! i am one of them too… su su na !!!!

  9. Holy shit. I’ll be back after several months to see this ad!!! all this causes dishonest, vulgar and rude people who do not know how to be patient and recognize!!!

    SU SU NEKO !

  10. Whoever ruin it for us. Please turn on your location. I just wanna talk.

    Ps love your work! Su su

  11. We honor your decision. We feel it. Bad comments ruined the day. It’s not even your obligation doing these things. Always highly appreciate your work, i think you are the hero that made these actors being famous and globally known. Hobby is a hobby, doing what makes you happy, will make your day worthy and priceless. Luv ya!!!!!

  12. It’s so this really bad who some bad people destroy our pleasure in enjoying this lakorn with your wonderful sub , i totally understand your decision but please reconsider the your fans who were waiting for you and appreciate you hardwork .. please don’t let them ruin it for us

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  14. Sorry for the errors. Hit submit in error while checking for errors 😊. Blame it on ages😉🌹

  15. I support you also. Thank so much for all your hard work. Whatever you sub, or long it take you, I will always support your. 🌹🌹🥰

  16. shitty demanding disrespectful viewers and trolls led to this! anyway, neko your work has been appreciated by us (who were patiently waiting for ur subs)… but some viewers and trolls are disgusting fffffff! thank u neko… we’ll always be grateful for ur works… fighting!

  17. Hai Neko i think u have cyber bullying and as well as support. Everything has it’s negativity and positivity.
    Every coin has two sides. What matters is which side we are seeing. I think maybe who is bullying you are thinking of this only as you are growing famous day by day which they don’t want that.
    I’m not telling you to come again but think once more. I know maybe you have gone through very annoying comments. Don’t bother please
    And i also know that it’s very easy for me to tell like this because you are the one going through it.
    But please don’t bother. You have my support. Cheer up. Best of luck whatever may be your decision.
    All the best.

  18. Drop whatever it is you want to drop for whatever reason. I support you 110%. Thank you for all your hard work!

  19. Can u please reconsider ur decision to stop subbing mon gaan bandaan rak becos i am a big fan of mik & bon. I like their chemistry. Thanx for ur other completed projects.

  20. Thank you so much for all the subs. I can not thank you enough for lakorns you make to us. Please, do not be demotivated, your fans support you. Sincerely from France

  21. tell them haters! lol, i can’t believe some people would try and bully you when you do all this for free. no one has the right to demand anything from you. i’m sorry you have to encounter those types of comments, and thank you for all of your hard work! the majority of us greatly appreciate everything you do, are willing to wait patiently, and completely respect your decisions 🙂

  22. thank you for ur hardwork for this drama i really have enjoyed it i hope when u feel like it u can work on it again. sorry for the hate comment ur getting.
    ps do u know where i can wafch this drama.

  23. thankyou for this drama and your hardwork im sorry that people being rude to i really really love this drama i hope when u feel it u can do it again😁
    ps do u know any place i can watch this drama

  24. Neko I am sooo very sorry that these things have been happening to you.i want to leran thai so i can help you and to all aother subs/ if you have any way to leran thai I’ll be happy to know

  25. We support you with whatever decision and whatever Lakorn you want to sub. As you said this is your hobby and is not an obligation. As for the hateful comments we know there are lots of those all around the world. I am glad you have a strong personality since recently our dear Sulli from S. Korea did something terrible since she could not stand for herself regarding hateful comments and cyber bulling. Yo go Neko Meow Meow Proud of you!!

  26. Hello,

    I get so angry when I hear how people can behave!
    I am so grateful that you, Neko, translate these lakorn for us who do not understand the language. I really appreciate all your hard work and I know I’m not alone in thinking so. I both understand and support you for your decision regarding this project. I have been following you since I started to watch lakorn. With love from Sweden!

  27. Goodness, those trolls can be so nasty!! I will support whatever decision you make.

  28. Don’t do that Pleaseee…. Hiks… Hiks… Hiks… I really love this lakorn and always waiting update every episode that you subbing… Whatever they said just let be… There are more your FANS than your haters…

  29. Hey Neko
    sorry for all the hate and negativity that you have received. Thank you for your hard work and because of you i can watch and enjoy Thai dramas.
    Do whats best for your peace of mind and keeping doing your thing.
    love from morocco.

  30. So, where are all of the cyber buillies now, and those who were fretting about how long it was taking her to sub this lakorn? You buillies have harrassed her to her point of NO return! Now, this Lakorn will not be subbed at all thanks to you all. I hope you are happy and that all of your bulling was worst it. Kudos to you Necko for all of your hard work

  31. Dear Neko,
    Its unfortunate that you are dropping this project because I too have been waiting forever and check on a daily basis! But its totally understandable and I love all of you other subbing projects and look forward to many other projects you will tackle so it’s okay. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into subbing as a hobby! Thank you so very much! And i’m so sorry there are nasty people out there that will leave nasty comments despite enjoying your work. Thank you girl! Good luck!

  32. Dear Neko, I feel so terrible for what happened with you! these bullies are insane, who the hell do they think they are?! they should be grateful for every minute you put into your work. You call the shots and if they don’t like it they should go learn thai and leave you alone.
    Please just know you have many other people all around the world appreciating your dedication and loving you no matter what 😀

  33. I gotten to watch some my favorite Thai Lakorns because of you. I can believe that subbers do this for free, So I have no right to complain about something I am getting for free. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it well

  34. I’m so sorry your going thru this I sincerely hope you can sub later on. And ignore and block those pple. I’m so upset that you ate having a hard timr because I do enjoy watching your work and appreciate all the work you do for free even if you don’t get paid. You are such an amazing person that was willing to share these dramas subbed. I really hope you don’t give up all together subbing. You are appreciated!!!

  35. Neko,

    Thank you for putting all the time and hard work subbing theses lakorns for us! Much appreciate!! Ignore the bullies and continue doing what you love doing. I would love to read a review on this lakorn if you have time to write one.


  36. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your subbing. You and the others do a fantastic job. To all of the netizens who complain to ANY subber – stop it! These people do it out of the goodness of their heart-if you want it subbed that bad, pay someone to do it. Learn to appreciate what you have – isn’t that one of the main precepts of any Lakorn? Stop being a nang’rai!

  37. Firstly I really like to thank you for all your efforts for subbing all these nice lakorns.Please do whatever you like snd dont listen to any of these bad comments.. Thank you so much again and hope to see from you all the best lakorns.please take care of yourself!
    All the best wishes from Greece!!

  38. do not get bothered by comments!!
    Although there are haters…. bt there are lots of supporters for u !! Choose project that you wish for!!

    Frankly i was surprised when u took this… was nt your choice of genre!!

  39. As someone who has been able to enjoy watching lakorns thanks to your (and the timing team’s) hard work, I support your decision Neko! I don’t know why people get a sense of entitlement when they’re not the ones putting in the time and effort to sub. While I’m sad that we don’t get to see the progression of Diaw and Ajan Oie’s relationship, that’s nothing compared to experiencing cyberbullying on a daily basis. Even though our voices may not be as loud as others, please know that there are people here who support and love you! <3 <3 <3

  40. Totally understand and support you Neko! Your house, your rules. I always enjoy your subs, reviews…you’re so nice and give us so much joy. Don’t let the haters ruin your day. Thanks for everything.

  41. Dear Neko, I am really sorry to hear that you encounted such unthankfulness!! I am grateful for all the time, heart and effort you put into your projects. So, do not burn yourself out. I fully support your decision. Please, only do what feels right for you and makes you happy!!!

  42. saw your notification last night but I was already in bed so I couldn’t comment here but just sending my support and love. It’s just funny how some ppl have the time in their day to do come in and bully other people with negativity. You do what you do girl! Fighting!

    • So cool to see fellow subbers supporting each other.

  43. I’m sorry that you had to(and unfortunately, will probably experience this again) experience this. I thank you for your time and all the hard that you and the team put in so that the fans can enjoy lakorns. THANK YOU.

  44. The trolls have done it again, lol. Exactly the response they’d get from me too. No one has time for the negativity.

  45. Huhu…Why do people like this exist…Neko, thanks for the subs and I really appreciate all your hardwork…Those people, ignore them, they are ungrateful…Guys, where else can we watch this series? Is there anybody else that will sub it? I just got to episode 2…

  46. Dear Neko..

    Thank you so much for all the subs that you’ve given us.. I have enjoyed them and could not say thank you enough for all the fun/crazy/teary and dramatic hours lakorns.. Thank you thank you and thank you… I visited your site so often that I have pinned it on my tab so that i wont forget to visit..

    I hope that you know i will continue to support you just as your other loyal fans so that you will continue to bring us this pleasurable treats… THANK YOU!!! :p

  47. Dear Neko,

    You are entitled to do whatever makes you happy and if by dropping this project will make you feel so, we support you all the way. We shouldn’t let the cat be trapped in her own home. You should have your own freedom and know this, that you don’t owe anyone anything. In fact you make the cat in us feel contended and satisfied with each project that you subbed and completed. Making us want to continue nesting in nekoland. You will always have our gratitude for providing a comfy shelter for the stray cats like us. <3

  48. I’m sad that this was dropped, but I totally support your decision. People should be more patient! They are getting free, subbed shows. The fansubbers do not owe us anything. We owe them our patience and gratitude!

  49. Hi Neko, first of all well done… you should put yourself first… well let those people die in misery… second keep on going and follow your heart and what makes you happy. lastly, thank you for your hard work in subbing the lakorn…

  50. Really??? People still doing that… they need to be grateful that you subbed the drama so they can watch it and understand it…. just wait and say Thank You … it’s not that hard🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ But Thank you Neko and just block and ignore them💪🥰🥰🥰

  51. Really sad to know that you are being cyber bullied. Super sad that some people are not matured enough to appreciate your efforts . I will stand by your decision. I rather not watch if subbers are getting bullied and depress by comments of ungrateful ‘fans’. Please take care of yourself and it is good that you put up the notice here to clear up what’s in your mind and do know that there are people out there (like me ✌️) that are very thankful for your efforts to bring us joy in watching subbed lakorn . Su su na ka. Sending hugs your way now 💕

  52. Hai dear…I started watching lakorn because of your subs…can’t believe how people can be ungrateful to someone who subs for free….carry on doing what you love dear…will always support you…

  53. Dear Neko,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful subs! I have enjoyed all the lakorns that you have subbed and applaud you for taking a stand against the cyber bullies. For every mean comment out there, there are lots more that support you and thank you for your selfless efforts. Those people are ungrateful, selfish and self centred. I want you to know that I appreciate your work and thank you for not subbing too quickly as it teaches me patience and also keeps me interested in improving my Thai by watching the raw version and then enjoying it more when I watch with your subs!
    Ignore the horrible comments and I fully support your decision.
    Su su Neko!

  54. I can’t believe there are people who have the gall to send nasty comments to someone who’s devoted her time, for FREE, to sub lakorns for strangers to watch. I mean, I read about that happening and even saw a few pushy comments on Muse’s site to sub faster. But sending mean comments? I just don’t get it, who do these people think they are?? In my language we say “som mok” to you dropping the subbing. 😜

    Is there a way for you block them from nekoland? Like send them a message saying “laters!” And then block. 😂

  55. I’m sorry peoples are so mean. I really enjoy watching lakron because of your sub. Take your time and don’t let no one disrespect you.

  56. So sad to hear that you have had to deal with such selfish and inconsiderate people. You have been an angel that is very much appreciated and loved by all your true fans. Thank you! I understand your decision and fully support it.

  57. Thank you for the announcement neko… I am sorry to hear that you had to go through such stupid comments please don’t pay attention to them because they themselves don’t do anything to comment on others….. I just love your subbing keep it up thank you so much su su su ka

  58. This came as quite a shock to me, I mean the fact that you dropped a project, not because you didn’t like it but because selfish people who doesn’t know patience made you reach the point where you got to stop to rid yourself of this mess.

    I for one, was really looking forward and really can’t wait for Mon Gaan Bandaan Rak to get subbed and I was happy to see you took it up because I really am a fan of your translation and subbing When the page was empty for many weeks, I still waited to the day you might start on it When you posted the first episode, honestly I was very happy and over the moon, since I waited quite a while. Hearing this saddens me but it’s better for you to stop rather than continue subbing for others who are sincerely waiting for you while being attacked by irresponsible viewers.

    Looking forward to your next project! I am currently enjoying See Mai Karn as well since I like one of the main actors from King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng. Su su na!! Pom Ror Dai! Koi Koi Tam Na Khrap!

  59. NEKO. I’ve been following you for years. I love you. Do not let these cyber bullies win. Let’s kick them to the curb. You be you. We all appreciate everything that you do and completely understand as I would have done the same thing and said the same thing. Be happy, and well. See you on your next project. Remember to always take time for yourself. Hugs. Love you.

    -Michigan, USA🙌🙌💋💋

  60. I appreciate your efforts so much. It’s very disheartening to hear people be rude, pushy to someone who’s devoted a lot of her time to subbing for us. It’s so ungreatful. Supporting you in your next endeavor of subbing whenever that may be. Thank-you for all your subbing work!

  61. Really looking forward to this lakorn but ido respect yr decision. TQ for all yr subbing works.

  62. first i want to say thanks alot for your sub, and ‘Congratulations for taking a stand’

  63. Totally understandable…. I enjoy your (and others subber) work, thank you for that. Please don’t mind those annoying people and enjoy yourself. No matter what you do they aren’t happy so let them be.
    Be strong…. I ‘m waiting patiently your new project.
    ❤️ From Germany 🇩🇪

  64. Oh neko, totaly understand you. I’ve been your fan sinds i first started to watch lakorns. I don’t know who is so stupid to send you those nasty comments, to bad you can’t block her. Please know that i and alot of other lakorn lovers respect and love you for subbing al these projects. (and there are alot) please don’t mind idiots that live in their one stupid narrow little world, and think that they have a right to complain.

    with lost of love from Holland


  65. Totally respect your decision! It’s your time and effort, you don’t need to be putting up with those annoying/ungrateful “fans”. Do whatever you want to feel happy, that also bring us happiness. Su su, Aunt! Lol

  66. Viewers who think they have the right to push, do not deserve to be here. I understand how you feel, Neko. They are so selfish and inconsiderate. Just block them if you can. Many of us really love and appreciate what you do. Sending Neko and team loads and loads of love, positivity and encouragement…always 😍😍😍😍😍

  67. Sorry that this happen to you too. Lately there’s so much news about cyber bullying especially with the demise of Sulli. People should treat this more seriously and learn that words do have consequences. I just wish there’s something that can be done about these kind of people!
    Su su na Neko! Thank you for all the work that you have shared with us! Will always support you no matter what decision you make!

  68. Su su dear, so sorry to know that you received those comments. I’ll cheering here!

  69. My very dear Neko I am sooo very sorry that these things have been happening to you. I want you to know that for me you are a treasure. I enjoy not only your work but your writing, reviews . news etc. I enjoy coming to your website which I do almost daily. I’ve not watched all your work yet but I’m working on it.

    Please ignore impatient and ungrateful commenters. I read a lot of the comments about each drama and your efforts are valued and respected. I’m sending you BIG HUG. I wish for you to have as much happiness throughout your day as your work gives others.

    THANK YOU. PS Your work has also got me planning a visit to Thailand and not simply the very well known spots but places I’ve “visited” in your dramas. Maybe the Tourism industry should thank you too? Keep smiling girl !!

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